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Mewtwo's Shrine

Mewtwo teleports into room: Greetings, humans. Welcome to my shrine. I now present your guide, Kayka.

I enter room: Thank you, Mewtwo. You may leave. Mewtwo leaves. I turn to you. As Mewtwo said earlier, welcome to the shrine. Here, I will worship Mewtwo as it should be, so let's cut to the chase and get on with it.

When Mewtwo was created, many people probably hated the pokémon clone. At first, so did I. But then, I softened when I watched the movie the second time. Mewtwo's not bad or evil, just misunderstood.

Are some of you thinking, "She's crazy."? If you are, get out of this shrine, now. I know there are people out there that understand what I'm saying. Mewtwo isn't evil, it just happened to come into contact with the wrong people. For example Giovanni. Well, being with Giovanni was a mixed blessing, in my opinion. Think about it. If not for Giovanni, Mewtwo's powers would not be as developed as they are now.

Those of you are agree with my opinion on Mewtwo, I say good for you. Mewtwo deserves to be given a chance to prove it's goodness. To quote Ash: "There can't be an evil Pokémon." I believe this is true. No pokémon is evil. It was given the wrong ideas on how to go about living its life. I'd probably would too if I found out that I was a clone and all the scientists planned to do with me is run tests on me like a laboratory specimen. I think that's how I sympathize with Mewtwo. I put myself in its place. Either that or I'm just sensitive. So everyone out there: LONG LIVE MEWTWO!