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Mewtwo's Pokemon Center

Me: Hi, welcome to Mewtwo's pokémon center. I am pleased that Mewtwo allowed me to host this page dedicated to it. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't post other pokémon here.

**Mewtwo teleports into the room**: What was that about posting other pokémon here? I'm the only pokémon that's going to be posted here!

Me: Think again. I throw a pokéball and a Pikachu appears.


**Pikachu shocks Mewtwo**

Me: You were saying...

Mewtwo: Fine. You can post other pokémon here.

Me: Good. Because Pikachu here is going to be one of the most posted pokémon on the page. Along with you and some of my other favorites. **Mewtwo exits room, grumbling slightly**

Me: (turns to you)Sorry about that. Like most pages that are dedicated to Mewtwo, this one will have it popping in and out of the various sections of this page. So choose a room and have fun!

Here's a treat for the holidays! Meiou Setsuna and I hate the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" so much that we decided to rewrite the words with a Pokémon twist! Here's our version called "The Twelve Days of Pokémon".

Other rooms in this Pokémon Center:


Mewtwo's Shrine

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