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Pokemon Fanfiction Room

Pikachu: Welcome to our webmistress's fanfic room. This is where she'll present her collection of Pokemon fanfiction. It is in first-person narration and I'm the starring Pokemon!

*Mewtwo teleports in and looks around. Spots Pikachu*: It looks like I'm in the right room this time.

Pikachu (angry): What are you doing here? I'm in charge of this room!

Mewtwo: Kayka said that you and I would both run this room. Ask her yourself.

Pikachu: KAYKA!

*I run into the room*: Pikachu, what's wrong?

Pikachu: Who's in charge of this room?

Me: Well, you and Mewtwo are. Both of you are my favorite Pokemon and I wanted the fanfic room run by I feel are the best pokemon for the job. So, I want cooperation from you two. That means split the job equally. Take turns presenting the fanfics, for example.

Pikachu: Okay.

Mewtwo: Sure.

Me: Good. *I leave room*

Pikachu: Just stay out of my way, Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: And you better stay out of my way.

Me: Watch it you two! I have a camera on in the room. You can't see it, but I can moniter your actions.

Both: Okay, we'll behave.

Me: Good, because I was afraid I was going to have to recall you both back into your balls. *I close comlink off*

Pikachu: Anyway, enjoy Kayka's stories.

Mewtwo: And watch for my appearance later on in the plotline.

*Both gesture to the stories on the table and leave.*

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