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New Friends and Enemies

Mewtwo saunters in. Looks at you and bows: Welcome to the second story in this plotline. Read about how Kim knows Jackie and how they came to be in their present situation. Mewtwo leaves.


“I was thinking,” Ash began.

“I didn’t know boys did that,” Misty cracked.

Ash shot her a look before saying, “I was thinking that it’s strange that James messed up in the introduction.”

“I know,” Misty added. “It’s like there was just two of them before.”

“There was two of them before,” I said.

“How do you know?” my best friend asked.

“It started two years ago,” I began.

Two Years Ago

“I want to be the trainer!” I shouted.

“Younger people learn quicker,” my sister, Melissa, argued. “I’ll be the trainer!”

“I’m only two years older than you. Face it. We both have an equal shot at being Pokemon trainers.”

“Yeah. But I still say that I’m going to be the trainer.”

The jingle of a key in the lock caught our attention. We ran to the front door and saw our mother walk into the house. She had been at the recreation center to sign one of us up for a Pokemon class so that one of us would be ready to train in a couple of years. We looked expectantly at her for her answer.

Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer. “Come on, mom. Who’s the lucky daughter?”

Smiling, Mom said, “You’re the lucky one, Kim. You’re going to be a Pokemon trainer.”

“Alright!” I cheered. I was going to be a Pokemon trainer! Maybe even a Master! “When do I start?”


“Cool.” Tomorrow was the day.

I turned to my sister to accept her congratulations, but she scowled at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“The oldest always gets what they want,” she muttered before heading to her room. I turned to my mother helplessly.

“She’ll get over it,” mom said.

“I’m going to bed so I’ll be ready for tomorrow.”

“Alright. Good night sweetheart.”

“Night mom.” I went to my room and went to sleep.


“Why could only one of you be a Pokemon trainer?” Misty asked.

“Because Mom wanted one of us around so she could pass all her cooking tips on to someone. Anyway, back to the story.”


I woke up the next morning, all excited. Today I take my Pokemon class! They started at nine and it was a quarter to eight already. I got up, got dressed, and ate my breakfast. I then started brushing up on the Pokemon knowledge I knew in the last 5 years. There wasn’t much. But, the class will help.

At eight-thirty, I left for the recreation center for my class. I found the room and plopped into a seat. A few minutes later, a young boy of eight sat next to me on my left. I glanced at him. Wild, spiky black hair stuck out of a red and white hat (that I recognized as an official Pokemon Expo Hat) that sat atop his head. His eyes were huge and brown. He looked at me and smiled warmly at me. I did the same and decided to make friends.

“Hi. My name’s Kim. Kim Foster.”

“I’m Ash Ketchum.”


“So the two you meet at the Pokemon class.”

“Yes, we did.”


At eleven-thirty Ash and I bid good-bye and exchanged phone numbers. I walked home, feeling good. I had made a new friend. True, he was younger than me, but we shared a common interest. We both loved pokemon. Or we wouldn’t have met at the class. Speaking of the class. It was awesome. It was taught by a former Pokemon trainer. He gave us a lecture about a trainer’s journey. They start with their first pokemon from their local pokemon expert (in our case, Prof. Oak) and using that pokemon, we catch new pokemon that will, in turn, help catch other pokemon. He also answered any questions the class had. I noticed that several kids kept glancing my way. Probably because I’m so much older than them. I pretended that I didn’t notice. Besides, there’s no rule saying that once you’re over ten, you can’t be a pokemon trainer. I walked into my house, into the living room…

And saw my mom crying on the couch. A pair of policemen were seated on the recliners across from her. My dad stood in the doorway. The whole scene alarmed me. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“My little girl’s gone!” she wailed.

“Gone?” I shot a questioning look at my dad, due to the fact that Mom was crying too hard to say anything more.

“She ran away,” Dad stated. He looked pretty upset himself.

“Ran away? Just because I was chosen to be a trainer and she wasn’t?”

“Seems that way.”


“I never saw my sister again,” I finished up. “Until today.”

Ash whistled. “I never had any clue when we talked on the phone. We talked only about Pokemon.”

“Which brings us to our journey.”

“And our search for Pokemon.”

“And I see one!” I grabbed an empty ball.


“You’ll see it,” I pointed to an Ekans slithering through the grass.

“You sure it’s not Jessie’s Ekans?”

Positive. Pikachu?”

“Pika.” I watched my friend scamper ahead of me and wait for my rders.

“Pikachu! Thundershock!” I called.

“Pika…CHU!” shouted the yellow pokemon, hurling a charge at the wild Ekans. The snake fell unconscious and I snagged it in the ball, which resisted, then gave up. My second captured Pokemon!

“Alright!” I snatched up the ball and placed it on my belt with Pidgeotto.

“Way to go,” Ash commented. “You and Pikachu make a great team.”

"I’m sure that you and Charmander will be great together.”

Misty shuddered. “Why did you capture that…that reptile!”

“Because it’s a pokemon.”

“I don’t care. I don’t like snakes.”

“I don’t like snakes, either, but this one is different. I can train it.”

“And she can have it battle with Team Rocket’s pokemon. Especially with Jessie’s Ekans.”

“Just so long as she keeps it away from me.”

Ash and I looked at each other. Then, Ash grabbed a Poke ball and threw it. “Caterpie, come on out!” The ball opened near Misty and Caterpie appeared at her feet. There was the briefest of pauses before Misty gave the shrillest scream I had ever heard.

“Get that slimy thing away from me!” the redheaded girl said. I was shocked. She was afraid of a harmless bug like Caterpie? Amazing.

Caterpie looked at Misty, questioningly.

Misty screamed again (not as shrill this time) and backed away against a tree. “Get away! Don’t come any closer!” She got up and hid behind the tree.

Ash approached his bug Pokemon. He knelt down and held an arm out. “Climb onto my shoulder, Caterpie.”

The bug looked at it’s trainer, then to the girl behind the tree. Caterpie took off past Ash, past Pikachu, past me, and went right to Misty where it proceeded to rub against one of Misty’s legs.

Misty fell to her knees, screaming for Ash to get his Pokemon back into it’s poke ball. “Bugs are one of the three most disgusting things!”

Ash approached her. “Aside from you, what are the other most disgusting things?”

She shot him a look. “Very funny. I hat carrots, peppers,” she hit Caterpie with a mallet. “and bugs,” she finished.

“Yeah?” Ash said. “Well I like carrots and peppers and bugs.”

“So do I,” I replied.

“You do?” Ash asked.


“Misty, you should apologize to Caterpie. Pokemon have feelings, too.”

“I know that. I just don’t like bugs.”

“We know that, Misty.”

“Let her be for now, Ash. We should get some sleep.”


The three of us built a fire, ate a little of the food portions we had, then rolled out our bags and crawled into them.

“Goodnight Kim. Goodnight Caterpie,” Ash called sleepily.

“Night Ash. Night Pikachu,” I answered.

“Pikachu,” my Pokemon said. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was awakened the next morning by a scream. I jumped in my bag and sat up, looking around wildly. Beside me, Ash and Pikachu did the same.

“What is this bug doing sleeping next to me?” It was Misty. Getting out of my bag, I looked over at her and saw Caterpie lying next to her. It was such a sweet scene.

“I think it likes you Misty,” I told her.

“Well, I don’t like it,” Misty screamed at Caterpie. Caterpie’s eyes shone with unshed tears as it crawled to it’s poke ball and let itself inside. Ash scolded Misty for hurting Caterpie’s feelings. Misty argued with Ash about bug pokemon and whether they had feelings or not.

Shrugging, I went back to my bag, rolled it up, and attached it on top of my pack. Ash stopped arguing and put his bag away, too. With the fire already out, we could continue our journey out of the forest. On the way, Ash captured a Pidgeotto of his own.

As we approached a clearing, I looked at it, feeling happy. It was green and open. The perfect spot for finding pokemon and even Pokemon battles. ‘I just know Melissa would agree.’

My smile faded at the thought of my sister. She had run away and become part of Team Rocket. Maybe she should have asked my mom to let her be a trainer too. To make an exception. It didn’t seem fair for only one of us to be the first Pokemon trainer of our family. I shook my head mentally. What’s past is past. No point in dwelling on it.

“We’re almost out. We’ll soon be in Pewter City,” Ash exclaimed.

“Not if we can help it,” said a new voice that came from the bushes in front of us. Slowly Team Rocket appeared and began to speak.

“To protect the world from devastation.”

“To unite all peoples within our nation.”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love.”

“To extend our reach to the stars above.”



“Jackie. Team Rocket!”

“Blast off at the speed of light!”

“Surrender now-“

“or prepare to fight!”

“Meowth! That’s right!”

“Not you again!” Ash exclaimed.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Hand over your Pikachu!” Jessie demanded.

“Why do you want Pikachu? There’s nothing special about it.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Meowth said. “Your Pikachu’s Thundershock was quite powerful. I really got a charge out of it. It’s power level exceeded it’s evolutionary level.”

Meowth’s announcement stunned me. My Pikachu was special? It was just the type of Pokemon they were after. “You’re not getting Pikachu!”

“Come on. Give up that Pokemon. You’ll find another on elsewhere,” Jackie said.

“I’ll never give Pikachu up. Never!”

“Then, we’ll take it from you,” James said. He threw a poke ball. “Koffing, go!”

“Ekans, go,” Jessie chimed in.

The two pokemon appeared and looked ready for battle. Ash and I looked at each other and nodded.

“Pidgeotto, go!”

“Charmander, I choose you!”

Our pokemon appeared and faced off the other two.”

“Koffing, smokescreen!”

“Pidgeotto, whirlwind attack.”

“Charmander, flamethrower!”

Pidgeotto flapped it’s wings at the enemies, sending the smoke back at them. Charmander exhaled fire at them. It mixed with the smoke and exploded. When the smoke cleared, two smoked pokemon appeared.

“Koffing, return!”

“Ekans, return!”

Jackie stepped forward and threw a ball. “Persian, go!” The ball opened and her Pokemon appeared.

“Persian, attack!”

The Persian pounced toward Pidgeotto! I couldn’t let it get my Pokemon! Holding out it’s ball, I cried, “Pidgeotto, return!” The flying Pokemon was beamed back to my ball. Now, it was up to Charmander.

“Charmander, fire spin attack!”

Charmander fired off it’s fire spin, sending it toward Persian. It singed it’s fur, causing it to cry out in pain.

“Persian, return!” Persian did so and Team Rocket glared at us.

“You can’t stop us!” James said.

“Think again,” I retorted. “Pikachu, thunderbolt attack!”

“Pik…A…Chu!” Pikachu’s thunderbolt struck Team Rocket sending them high into the air.

“Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!” the villains called as they disappeared from view.

“All right! We won our first pokemon battle!” Ash cheered.

“Yes, but I think we haven’t seen the last of Team Rocket.”

Suddenly, one of the balls on Ash’s belt opened and Caterpie appeared. Then, it continued to spray it’s string shot all over itself. “Hey, Kim! Look at Caterpie!”

“I see! It’s evolving,” I gasped. “And you didn’t even have it battle.”

“Yeah. Looks like I have a rare pokemon, too.” Ash brought out his Pokedex once Caterpie’s evolution was complete.

“Metapod is the evolved form of Caterpie. This is the fastest evolution of any pokemon of this variety,” Dexter explained. Ash closed it.

“Well, Misty. You can’t be scare anymore. It’s not a bug anymore,” Ash said holding Metapod close to her. Misty shrieked.

“Keep it away. It’s creepy-looking.”

“It’s not going to hurt you. See?”

“I don’t care. I don’t want it anywhere near me.”

I sighed to myself. ‘Oh well. Misty may not like bugs, but they like her. I’m certainly learning a lot about my friends. My new one and my old one.’

‘And,’ I thought. ‘We’ve got a long way to go in our journey. Hopefully, Misty and Ash will learn to be good friends.’

“You’re a real scaredy-cat, Misty.”

“And you’re such a boy!”

‘Or maybe not.’

"The End"

Next time: The Battle for the Boulder Badge.