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Cerulean City Splash

Mewtwo walks in: Welcome to the fourth installment of Ash's and Kim's pokemon journey. The authoress does not own pokemon or it's characters. Only Kim and Jackie are her own creations.Bows and walks out.


With our new friend Brock and one trainer badge earned, we were on our way to Cerulean City. I could hardly wait. I heard that Cerulean City was a must see for any tourist. Or for a pokémon trainer, even.

“Hey, guys!” Misty called from behind us.

“Pika,” Pikachu said. We stopped walking and turned around as Misty caught up to us.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked.

“What does it look like? We’re going to Cerulean City,” Ash answered.

“Why do you want to go there?”

“Well, it’s none of your business, but we’re going for more badges.”

“You don’t want pokémon from there.”

“Why not?”

“Well, because Cerulean City is full of mean ghost pokémon. That look like this.” Misty made a face that was, to me, very funny.

Ash and I laughed. “Nice face Misty,” Ash chortled. “Come on Brock, Kim.” We started walking again.

“Hey!” Misty jumped in front of us. “Why don’t we go to Vermilion City? It’s right by the ocean and we can watch the boats pull into the harbor and see the most beautiful sunset. It’s a lot better than that old Cerulean City, so let’s get going!” Misty sounded really excited about Vermilion City, but Cerulean had a trainer badge and I wanted to earn it.

“Okay. Let’s go,” Ash said. What? Ash was agreeing with Misty? The world must be flat.

“Really?” Misty said.

“To Cerulean City,” Ash continued, much to my relief. Misty fell over, allowing us to continue walking. “We’ve got to get more trainer badges, Brock. And since there’s a gym in Cerulean City.”

“Good idea,” Brock said. In no time, we arrived in Cerulean City. It was so beautiful. The plants and trees were green and healthy. Even the houses were pretty.

“This place is beautiful, “ Ash commented, voicing my thoughts.

“It sure is,” Brock said.

Ash glanced over his shoulder. “Hey, Misty’s not following us.” I glanced behind me as well and saw that Ash was right. Misty was nowhere in sight.

“She didn’t really want to come here, anyway,” Brock told Ash.

“Yeah, I wonder why she hates this place so much.”

“Well, while you two are talking, I’m going to find the gym.” Pikachu and I started to walk off.

“We’ll never figure out girls,” I heard Ash say.

“I heard that,” I called back.

“Except for you, Kim.”

“That’s better.” Pikachu and I rounded a corner, I pulled out a map, and we began our search. “According to this, the gym should be around the next corner.” We turned the corner and there was a building with the big figure of the pokemon, Dewgong above the words “Cerulean Gym”. Below the words was a set of double doors. We walked through the doors and wandered around until we came upon an area that had bleachers on two sides. In the middle of the area was a pool with a diving platform on one side.

“I thought this was a pokémon gym,” I said to Pikachu.

“It is,” a female voice said. Turning to my left, I saw a trio of girls standing there. And they were so beautiful. I felt pretty ordinary with my brown hair and ocean blue eyes. Nevertheless, I approached them. “Are you the gym leaders?”

“Like, for sure.”

“I’m Kim Foster from Pallet Town and I’m here to earn your gym badge.”

“You’re the fourth person from Pallet Town to compete for our Cascade badge.”

The fourth? That meant Gary and the others had gotten here already. “Well, let’s battle. How many pokémon?”

“Two each.” The girls stood on a platform that was set in the pool. Pikachu and I stood on a platform, too on the other side of the pool. One leader, Daisy, as she’s called, threw the first ball. “Go, Cloyster.”

“Cloyster?” I aimed my pokédex at it.

“Cloyster, the bi-valve pokémon. The evolved form of Shellder. It uses it’s shell to clamp onto it’s opponent. Cloyster has a soft inner body that no one has ever seen.”

“It’s also a water pokémon,” I noted to myself. Then, a little louder, I said, “Pikachu, go for it, buddy.”


“Cloyster, supersonic.”

“Pikachu agility.”

Pikachu sped around in a circle from side-to-side on the platform in front of me, avoiding the supersonic rings that came at it.

“Cloyster, clamp.” Cloyster lunged forward and clamped itself on Pikachu’s tail. Big mistake. The clamp hurt Pikachu and it let off it’s Thundershock, shocking Cloyster good, causing it to let go. It landed in the water, knocked out.

“Cloyster return. Seadra, go.”

Once again, I aimed my Pokédex. “Seadra- the dragon pokémon. The evolved form of Horsea. The spikes on Seadra’s back allows it to swim backwards. Seadra can also use the spikes to sting an opponent.”

“Seadra, bubble attack.” Seadra blew it’s bubbles at Pikachu, who wasn’t hurt one bit. “Seadra, water gun.” Seadra let fly a stream of water that hit Pikachu with terrific force. The electric pokémon landed in the water with a splash. But that was okay. We had Seadra right were we wanted it.

“Pikachu, Thundershock!”

“Pik…a…Chu!” A charge of electricity spread through the water, hitting the dragon pokémon. It landed in the water on it’s back. We won!

“Congratulations. You’ve earned our Cascade badge.” Daisy said once we were on solid ground. She handed it to me. It was a beautiful shade of sky blue, shaped like a raindrop. “Thanks,” I said as I turned to leave.

“Good luck,” the leaders called.

I waved back and left the gym. As I exited, I saw Misty coming my way. I was surprised.

“Misty! What are you doing here? I thought you hated Cerulean City.”

“I don’t hate it.”


“Of course not. I was born here. In fact, I’m a gym leader.”

“You mean those girls in there are your sisters?”

“You met them, huh?”

“And I got the badge.”

“With a pokémon like Pikachu, it’s no wonder. Well, I’m going in to see my sisters.”

“See you later.” I took Pikachu to the Pokémon center to had it and my other pokémon revitalized.

As I rounded the corner, I came across Ash. “Hi, Ash. Heading for the gym?”

“As soon as I find it.”

“Just round the first two left corners and you’ll find it.”

“Great. Can you tell me anything about the gym? Brock wouldn’t tell me a thing.”

“Well, the specialty is water pokémon.”

“Don’t use Charmander, right?”


“Okay. Here’s goes.” Ash began to walk off.

“Hey, Ash!”


“Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Ash rounded the corner and was gone. I stood there, considering if I should wait around the gym entrance for Ash to finish the match and come out. I figured that was the best course since I didn’t know where Brock was. “Come on Pikachu. We’ll going back to the gym to wait for Ash.”


The two of us waited outside for almost half an hour before Ash, along with Misty and her sisters, came out.

“Misty, you just go on and continue being a pokémon trainer. You might as well be good at something since you’ll never be as beautiful as us,” Daisy said. Misty fumed. Just then, Brock showed up. “Hey, Ash! Kim!”

“Yo, Brock-o!” Ash answered.

'Where do boys come up with these weird nicknames?' I wondered.

“How’d it go?”

“See for yourself.” Ash and I showed our badges. Brock nodded. “Well, let’s go.” The four of us left Cerulean City with Misty and Ash arguing about his winning the match. Apparently, Ash battled Misty. They argued the entire way out of the city. Ah, it must be a lover’s quarrel. Or maybe not.

"The End"

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