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I Wonder

Disclaimer: I don't own Cardcaptors. I intend for this to be a one-shot, but after reading it over during upload preparation, I might write a sequel. Keyword: might. I'm already writing some Ranma 1/2 one-shots, but I'll sleep on it.

“Pudding! My favorite!”

‘Why me?’ Sakura thought as she quickly covered the two bowls of pudding to protect them from Kero’s mouth.

“Kero! Those puddings are for Li and me.”

“The Kid’s coming over? And you didn’t make any dessert for me!?”

“Don’t be silly, Kero. Your dessert’s in your little room.” Sakura pointed to the desk drawer where Kero slept.

“Oh, you’re the best, Sakura!” Kero cheered as he flew into the drawer with enough force to close it. But Sakura heard him exclaim, “Chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling! My absolute favorite!” Sakura shook her head as she took the tray downstairs.


Kero stuffed the last bit of cake in his mouth and chewed happily before swallowing. “Oh, yeah. That hit the spot.” Kero sighed as he leaned back against the pillow. His thoughts drifted to Eli Moon, the English transfer student and Clow Reed’s reincarnation. Eli, like Sakura, also had two guardians. There was Ruby Moon, the red and black butterfly-winged woman and Spinner Sun, the butterfly-winged panther.

Spinner Sun. When Kero first met him, both of them had been in their borrowed forms (Spinning Out of Control ep). Kero believed Spinner was a goblin. He soon learned that Spinner couldn’t eat sweets or he’ll go on a sugar high rush and go looking for more.

Nevertheless, Kero felt that he made a friend that day. When he found out why Spinner was here and saw him in his true form, he felt hurt and betrayed. Things were tense when they met again after Sakura passed Eli’s final test. True, they weren’t really enemies during the last meeting, but Kero still felt betrayed.

Now, as Kero replayed these events, he felt strong emotions toward the panther. Emotions that seemed akin to…love? Did he love Spinner Sun? It’s not out of the question. But, considering their past, his love would be unrequited.

‘I wonder what Spinner’s doing right now.’


Spinner sighed softly as he closed his book. He couldn’t seem to concentrate, even though it was his favorite book. His thoughts kept drifting to a certain golden guardian beast that he left in Japan.

When he first laid eyes on Kero, a feeling of rivalry welled up inside him. That rivalry soon grew into what some would call hatred. Eventually, Spinner came to enjoy this dislike towards Kero as a type of game. It had been all a game to him. It used to be that he took life and his mission seriously. But, in the latter part of his mission, his perceptive changed. He regarded it as a game. His favorite part was aggravating Kero.

When the final test ended and he saw Kero again, he felt overwhelmed by a sense of friendship toward the gold lion. Perhaps his intentions had been a little too friendly. Spinner was certain that Kero hadn’t noticed.

‘Should I write to Kero? Confess how I feel toward him? Perhaps a telephone call would be more intimate.’ Spinner nearly smacked himself for his last thought.

‘Scratch the telephone. Scratch the letter, too. At least right now. I’m not sure I really love him.’

Spinner watched the sun make it’s way to the western horizon. ‘What is Kero doing right now? I wonder.’

The End