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Of Sorcerers and Surprises

Disclaimer: I don't own Aladdin.

Author's Note: This is the first companion piece to Of Sorcerers and Mischief (ending number two that is). This one is short, but the following pieces get progressively longer. Enjoy.

“Jasmine, where are you going?” a voice called from behind her.

The princess stopped, smiling. She recognized the voice as her ward, Mozenrath. She turned around. “I was looking for you, actually.”

“For me? Why?” Mozenrath walked down the stairs.

“We have a surprise for you.”

“We? Who else is involved in this surprise?”

“Aladdin, Genie, and Carpet.” Jasmine grabbed his hand and gently pulled him along. They reached the courtyard, and Jasmine called out, “I found him.”

Aladdin and Genie looked up when they heard Jasmine call out. Aladdin smiled. “Good. We can go then.” He whistled, and Carpet zoomed over from where it was laying. Carpet formed its front half into stairs, allowing the princess and the young sorcerer to climb on. Aladdin jumped on, and they took off, the Genie flying beside them.

Mozenrath turned to look at Jasmine. “Where are we going?”

“It's a surprise.”

Mozenrath sighed and laid down on Carpet. Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.


Jasmine looked down at the little boy laying on Carpet and giggled. Aladdin looked over at his girlfriend. “What's so funny, Jas?”

“He fell asleep.”

“It's just as well. We don't want to ruin his surprise. Speaking of, Genie-”

“Say no more, Al.”


Mozenrath felt someone gently shaking his shoulder. “Mozenrath, wake up. We're here.”

Mozenrath slowly opened his eyes and sat up. His eyes landed on the white landscape in front of them. “The Frozen North? Why did we stop here?”

“This is your surprise. We're all here for some fun and relaxation. I thought we could all use some after the recent events,” Jasmine explained.

“Fun?” Mozenrath repeated.

“That's right, kiddo.” Genie ruffled the little sorcerer's hair. “Look.” He made a snowball and threw it at Aladdin. It landed with a soft splat against his red winter coat. It was then that Mozenrath noticed that he, Jasmine, and Aladdin were wearing winter coats. His was a dark blue, and Jasmine's was a purple color.

“As long as you don't hit someone in the face, it's fun.” Aladdin made a snowball and threw it at Genie, who dodged.

“You could gang up on someone,” Jasmine added as she and Genie made snowballs and threw them at Aladdin.

“Hey! Why are you picking on me?” Aladdin exclaimed.

Jasmine and Genie ignored him and proceeded to throw snowballs at each other, all the while ducking or moving out of the way. A few seconds later, Aladdin joined in. All of a sudden, an errant snowball hit Mozenrath on his head. He used his left hand to brush the snow out of his hair, while he used the Gauntlet to secretly make a snowball.

“Mozenrath, I'm sorry. I wasn't aiming for you,” Jasmine apologized.

'So, it was Jasmine,' Mozenrath thought as the flicked his wrist, sending the snowball flying in the air. It found its mark, hitting Jasmine's shoulder. Mozenrath smirked, 'It is a little fun. Jasmine's right.' So, Mozenrath decided to join in, using his magic to make and throw snowballs. Genie grinned at the use of magic and ...poof. In a puff of smoke, Genie was dressed in camoflauge and using a machine-gun that fired snowballs at dizzying speeds. Aladdin, Jasmine, and Mozenrath laughed as they were pelted with a barrage of snowballs.


The group was headed back to Agrabah. Mozenrath smiled. “Thank you, Jasmine. You were right. We did need some fun.”

“I'm glad you enjoyed yourself,” Jasmine said.

“Next time, we should go to the beach,” Aladdin suggested.

“NO!” Genie and Jasmine chorused.

Aladdin's shocked expression caused Mozenrath to start laughing, which caught on until all of them were laughing.