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Ending #1

Allura gaped at the kneeling prince, not believing her ears. This had been a plot to marry her. What should she say? 'Follow your heart Allura,' she told herself. That one phrase made the situation clearer.

Pulling her hand away from Lotor, she said, "Never. Not in a million years." She fled The Galaxy Star, hopped into Blue Lion, and took off for Arus.

Parking her lion in the lake, Allura entered the castle quietly, certain that everyone else was asleep although it was only ten. Keith was waiting for her in the hallway.


"Hello princess. How was your date? Did you find out who this phantom was?"

"Oh, I found out alright." Her voice was bitter.

"Who was it?"



"This date was a plot to marry me. I told him no."

"Good for you, princess."

"Yes. But, right now, I want to get some sleep."

"Alright. Good night Allura."

"Good night Keith." Allura walked into her chamber, brushed her teeth, and climbed into bed. Her head hit the pillow and was fast asleep in minutes.

Lotor sat dejectedly in The Galaxy Star. 'I will possess you Allura,' he vowed. 'No matter what it takes.'

The End