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Malik and the Motorcycle

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Malik – Yami Marik

Marik – Good Marik

Malik looked around his hikari's room. Where was he? He left the room, deciding to look in other rooms for his other half. No one was in their rooms, so Malik continued his search. In the study, he saw Odion, but did not ask him where Marik was. He didn't care for his light half's adopted brother/bodyguard. He was the one who had impeded his progress of taking over Marik's body when they were younger. Malik knew that Odion didn't approve of him having his own body, but wouldn't say or do anything to displease Marik. He was content to ignore him and vice versa.

Marik continued on his search for his hikari. He eventually found his way to the library, where Ishizu was. He rather liked his light's sister. She was the one who suggested that Marik experiment with the powers of the Millennium Rod. Marik was the one who thought giving his yami a body of his own, though if Malik wanted, he could still tag along with Marik via the Millennium Rod. Also, Ishizu never ignored him.

“May I help you with something?”

“I was looking for Marik. Do you know where he is?”

“I believe my brother said he was going for a ride on his motorcycle.”

“Oh....What's a motorcycle?”


Marik pulled into the driveway of his house. He sighed and got off his motorcycle. It was a good ride, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself and was glad he purchased the motorcycle when he was old enough. He started walking to the front door, pulling off his helmet as he went. Before he got to the door, it was flung open, and there stood his yami. Marik was glad he gave his yami his own body, but he did still tag along when he went to school. He even was still able to appear in his “ghostly” form and take over his body at times. He didn't take over much, but he mostly did when the Tomb Robber was around.

“Hello, Yami,” Marik greeted cautiously. He didn't know what mood Malik was in. Seeing that he didn't receive a response, he assumed that he was in a bad mood.

Malik made a beeline for his hikari and his motorcycle. Marik kept an eye on his yami as the psychotic version of the Tomb Keeper circled the motorcycle before turning to him and demanding, “Take me on a ride, Hikari-pretty.”

Marik was startled. “What?”

“Take me on a ride on your motorcycle. Ishizu told me about your motorcycle, and I want to go on a ride.”

“Sure. I guess. You'll need a helmet to protect your head so you don't damage...” Marik trailed off, remembering who he was talking to. “Nevermind.” Marik put on his helmet and got back on his motorcycle. “Get on behind me.”

Malik climbed on behind his light half, who started the bike. The ride wasn't that long, but it was exhilarating. The wind whipping through Malik's hair felt wonderful. He had to admit it (but would deny it); his hikari had masterful control over the motorcycle. There was one time that proved that without a doubt. Malik didn't exactly know what his other half did, but the front wheel of the motorcycle was up in the air, and he instinctively grabbed his hikari, He didn't fall or even slide off! The next thing he knew both wheels were back on the ground, and he could tell they were headed back to the house.

Marik could tell his dark half was thrilled with the ride. This much was obvious though the yami/hikari bond they shared. Marik vowed to take his yami on more motorcycle rides from then on.