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Longing for the Thorns

Disclaimer: I donít own Yu Yu Hakusho. This story (even though the story states it) takes place the night before the Dark Tournament Finals. It is also written from Hieiís point of view. Hiei is my favorite character and I felt like writing a fluffy, romantic, and short one-shot.

I knew you before you knew me. Iíll never forget that moment. You stood there, powerful and confident. Your silver hair shimmered in the moonlight and your golden eyes seemed to glow while a light breeze ruffled your tail and caused your ears to twitch. I was spellbound by your looks, but I kept my distance for your reputation was notorious.

You were Yoko Kurama, legendary bandit of the Makai. It was those skills that earned you that title and made you the most feared and respected demon in the land. You were known for taking valuable and precious possessions, though you never boasted about it. Not to your victims, anyway.

You were also known to bed many demons. These flings only lasted one night, seeing as thatís how long it would take for you to swipe their prized possessions, whether it was a rare jewel or their heart.

My heart, the icy core of a fire demon, longed to be stolen by you. My mind, as well as my pride, refused to be another notch on your belt. I knew that if I went to bed with you, I would wake up in the morning alone and without my heart.

Many years went by before I saw you again and this time you saw me. Only, you saw me through green eyes because you had taken a human form. Your skills however had not diminished one bit. A good thing as I would need them later on. Along with Goki, we successfully robbed the Spirit World kingís vault.

We were caught for our crime, but you were released on good behavior. You surrendered your item and yourself willingly and that worked in your favor when you were brought before the Spirit World Committee Board.

The next time we met was when Prince Koenma offered us a chance to ďclean our slatesĒ, as you put it. I took the chance because it meant that I would be working with you.

Despite your human appearance, my heart still longed for you. This longing grew when I saw how gracefully you moved when battling Genbu. A period of six months had passed since our theft and this mission proved that your skills were still as sharp as ever, even improved actually.

I hope you were looking at me in a similar way when I got my chance to fight. I may have moved too fast for you to track, but you seemed appreciative at the flawlessness of my moves.

From there on, I vowed to make sure no one harmed you, as ridiculous as it sounds. However, I had an opportunity to fulfill that promise. It was during the Dark Tournament when you fought the buffoon from Team Masho. Or should I say when the idiot was pounding on you while you slept. Even thought I was behind a forcefield. I was ready to blast it apart to avenge you for your mistreatment. Fortunately, for everyone in the stadium, Yusuke stepped it and did the job admirably.

The re-appearance of your demon form in the semifinals was quite a treat. You were even more breathtaking then when I first saw you. After this glimpse, I couldnít stop thinking about you.

I want to tell you all of this as we enter the finals of the tournament. I hope we survive this so I can talk to you about our adventures together. Maybe Iíll be able to catch hints in your voice when recalling the past. I want you to hear the hints in my voice when I bring up your tactics. I want you to realize how I feel about you. I want you to have my heart, Kurama, because I love you.

The End