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Light and Dark

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho. Well, here's another Hiei tells Yukina the truth fic. This is a fluff fic, so those who don't like those, have the chance to back out now.

Hiei's POV

Forbidden Child. Cursed Child. Both names apply, for they are what I am. I am also a shadow, hiding in the darkness and observing all that goes on around me.

At the moment, I am watching over my sister who is in Genkai's garden. She has been searching for her brother, not knowing that the one she seeks has been near her all this time.

"Why don't you tell her?" the voice of the kitsune asked from below.

I shot him an annoyed glare as he smiled serenely at me. "You know perfectly well why," I answered.

"She deserves to know her brother."

Baka kitsune. Every now and again he persists in trying to get me to tell Yukina that I am her brother. She does not deserve a brother like me. She is gentle, kind, and caring. I am cold, ruthless, and a killer. She is light and I am dark.

"Hiei, please tell her. She will not reject you. I know that's what you are afraid of."

I frowned as I mulled over this. I want Yukina to be happy. I believed that not telling her about my relation to her would achieve that. But now, she is looking for her twin and my silence is making her unhappy. Yet, I could not bring myself to tell her. Kurama's right. I'm afraid she would reject me. I was rejected by our people because I was male. The bandits that took me in rejected me because of my murderous ways.

"Fine," I told him, my mind made up. "I'll tell her." Jumping out of the tree, I walked over to her. "Yukina?"

Yukina' s POV

Where are you brother? I have been searching for you in Human World, but...what if you are in Demon World? No, that can not be. I sense that you are in this world. Yet, it is a large world. You could be anywhere. What are you doing right now? Are you alright? Surely, you are. I know that you are a skilled martial artist. Very few people can seriously harm you. But I can not help wondering if you're safe. I wish I could meet you, finally know you.


I turned at the deep voice and saw Hiei's face. I don't know what to make of him. He's usually quiet, always in a window or a dark corner of the room the group is in. What does he think about, sitting there all alone?

I look into his eyes, the same red color as my own. Odd that we share the same shade of eye color. How is that possible? If he was my brother, that would explain it.

All these thoughts ran through my mind in a few seconds before answering, "Hai, Hiei-san?"

Normal POV

Hiei shifted on his feet, getting a case of what humans call "cold feet". What if Kurama was wrong? What if she did reject him? After all, he was her brother and he didn't say anything. He could have ended her search for him a long while ago.

"Yukina, you are still looking for your brother, correct?"

"Yes. Do you know where he is? Please tell me if you know."

Hiei took a deep breath to steel himself for the next thing he was going to say. "H-he's right here."

Yukina's eyes went wide and a hand flew to her mouth. She couldn't believe it, even though she had hoped for this outcome. Hiei looked down at the ground, afraid of what she would say.

"Why didn't you tell me, Hiei?" The ice maiden's tone was soft as usual.

Hiei swallowed hard and dared to look at her. "Because I am the complete opposite of you. I thought you would reject me because of what I am."

Yukina smiled as she went up and embraced the fire demon, causing his body to stiffen. "I couldn't be prouder to have you as my brother."

Hiei's body relaxed as his arms wrapped themselves around his sister, unaware of a pair of emerald eyes watching them in satisfaction.