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Miscellaneous Story Archive

Other Fanfiction by Kayka and Meiou Setsuna.

Welcome to my miscellaneous fanfic archive. These are stories written by Kayka and my friend Meiou Setsuna (That's Trista Meiou to all American Sailor Moon fans). If I misspelled Meiou, my friend will let me know. Anyway, these stories either don't fit the Gargoyles or Pokemon sections; have been submitted to other sites and haven't been added or been denied; or are just so darn good that they just had to be shared. Here are the sections, the stories, and the authors who wrote them. Enjoy!


A Tainted Seed by Kayka- Mirage exacts revenge on Aladdin in an unexpected way.

An Unlikely Pair by Kayka- WARNING! Slash pairing. Mozenrath wants Aladdin as his own. Will he succeed?

An Unusual Family by Kayka

Conquests by Kayka- Mirage has found Aladdin? Will she win his love or will Aladdin reject her advances?

Dark Fangs by Kayka- Time away from family and friends results in a shocking life change for Princess Jasmine.

Extinguished Light by Kayka

Howl of the Night by Kayka-Mozenrath has a plan to conquer Agrabah and he's using Jasmine to do so. Will he succeed?

Moonlit Fate by Kayka- Mozenrath believes he found a new servant to help him conquer Agrabah, but he gets a huge surprise. WARNING: character deaths.

Of Sorcerers and Mischief by Meiou Setsuna- Mozenrath lands himself in some hot water and he forced to live with Aladdin and company.

Of Sorcerers and Surprises by Meiou Setsuna- Part one of three. Follows the second ending of "Of Sorcerers and Mischief" storyline.

Of Sorcerers and Horses by Meiou Setsuna-Part two of five.

Of Sorcerers and Magic by Meiou Setsuan-Part three of five

Of Sorcerers and Chaos by Meiou Setsuna- Part four of five

Of Sorcerers and Meetings by Meiou Setsuna- Part five of five

Waves of Desire by Kayka


A Star's Shining Light by Kayka-A musing on Yue told from Sakura's POV. Companion piece to Master, Friend, and Love. Please read the first story or this may not make much sense.

I Wonder by Kayka- Kero and Spinner wonder about one another. WARNING: Slash pairing.

Master, Friend, and Love by Kayka- A musing on Sakura Avalon told from Yue's POV.

The Two Moon Guardians by Meiou Setsuna- When the two moon guardians were children, they played games.

Case Closed

Reflections by Meiou Setsuna- Conan takes a little time out of his day to reflect on his life and the people in it.

Harry Potter

A Secret Snape by Meiou Setsuna- A typical Severus is Harry's father fic. When Dumbledore orders Severus to go check on Harry Potter, a secret that's been buried for fourteen years come to light.

A Summer Break by Meiou Setsuna- See what Severus and Lily do over summer vacation. Not a pairing fic.

Ashes of Problem Students by Meiou Setsuna- An innocuous jar is sitting on Snape's desk. Is anyone brave enough to discover its contents?

Below the Surface by Meiou Setsuna- Severus Snape decides to go for a swim in the Black Lake. Someone spies on him. Contains a tiny bit of slash.

Castle Intervention by Meiou Setsuna- When Hogwarts gets fed up with the fued between Gryffindors and Slytherins, she traps eight students in the Room of Requirement in order to get them to get along. Marauder's era.

Dark Desires by Kayka

Dark Shadows by Kayka- Harry has been turned into a vampire! How will he cope?

Family Ties by Meiou Setsuna- Severus's brother and sister come to visit when a time-delayed curse cast on Severus takes effect.

Fang and Claw by Kayka- The continuation of Introperspective. Harry learns a startling secret about his parents while Draco learns the truth about one of the teachers.

Fang and Claw by Meiou Setsuna- A companion piece to Kayka's story by the same name. Must read Kayka's story or you will be confused.

Flames of Silver and Crimson by Kayka- Set during OotP. Harry discovers a shocking secret about himself and only one who can guide him is…Severus Snape! WARNING: slash, Harry/Severus.

Fleet of Foot and Heart by Kayka

Hogwarts Online by Meiou Setsuna- Join our favorite students and teachers as they learn about chat rooms.

Harry Potter and the Darkness Within by Kayka- AU for OotP, HBP, and DH. Harry learns that he is on the wrong side of the coming war and joins Voldemort who wants Harry to murder Dumbledore. Will he do it? WARNING: Dark Harry and character deaths.

I Dare You by Meiou Setsuna- An innocent game turns hilarious for a group of Slytherins.

If You Go Away by Meiou Setsuna- A song fic...sort of. When Lily Evans doesn't accept Severus's apology, he is overcome with emotions.

Introperspective by Kayka- Harry broods on an incident that changes his life.

Of Quidditch and Fouls by Meiou Setsuna- An accident on the Quidditch Pitch has long-lasting repercussions for one Slytherin Seeker.

Phases of the Moon by Kayka- AU of HBP. Another Draco is a werewolf story. Will Draco by able to hide his condition from his housemates and the rest of the school?

Potter's Floating Head: The Aftermath by Meiou Setsuna- In their third year, during a Hogsmeade visit, Draco spied Harry's head floating in mid-air. What happens next? A very short one-shot starring everyone's two favorite Slytherins.

Rules for Professor Snape's Classroom-by Meiou Setsuna- a humorous fic about what kind of rules Snape's would have for his classroom.

Second Chances by Meiou Setsuna- A singing contest at Hogwarts and a timed delayed curse are just two of the things that happen to the Potions Master.

Shades of Grey by Meiou Setsuna- AU after book 5. Harry learns that the prophecy was faked to cover up the real prophecy. Together with Severus, he fulfills the prophecy by becoming Tom's mates. Grey Harry. Manipulative Dumbledore. Deaging. Character death. Harry/Severus/Tom.

Shadowfang by Meiou Setsuna- Everyone knows that Sirus tricked Severus into following Remus in their sixth year, right? What if Sirus's trick caused Severus to be bitten?

Silver Wildfire by Meiou Setsuna- Severus isn't completely human but uses a glamour charm to appear otherwise. What happens when the glamour charm is no longer effective?

Slytherin Secrecy by Meiou Setsuna- Severus knows a secret about Draco. What could it be?

Soul Stones by Meiou Setsuna- Lily Evans is on a mission. What is it, and how does it involve James, Sirus, and Remus?

Snape's Tale by Kayka- Snape receives a gift from a student over summer break. Takes place before, during, and after sixth year.

The Necklace by Meiou Setsuna- In every picture up until her engagement to James Potter, Lily Evans can be seen wearing a unique necklace. Where did it go?

The Price of a Slytherin Spy by Meiou Setsuna-Severus comes back from a Death Eater meeting, but not as he was when he left Hogwarts. Warning: Slash.

The Potion Master's Present by Meiou Setsuna- Severus Snape receives a Christmas present. What is it and who sent it?

The Raven in the Snake Pit by Meiou Setsuna- The Ravenclaw heir has been found... and sorted into Slytherin? Follow her as she makes friends in the snake pit.

The Ties That Bind Us by Meiou Setsuna- Harry wishes that Snape understood how he's treated at the Dursley's. Ron and Harry brew up a plan, but it backfires in an unexpected way.

The Yule Ball by Meiou Setsuna- A Yule Ball is coming and dates are required. Who will ask Lily first? Severus Snape or James Potter?

Two Fangs by Meiou Setsuna- A Daywalker walks the halls of Hogwarts. Who is it?

Volley of Languages by Meiou Setsuna- A companion piece to Family Ties, but can be read alone. A trio of friends have some fun with languages.

Walking in Another's Shoes by Kayka

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Moon of Evil by Kayka- Skeletor has a new plan that involves turning someone from good to evil and he sets his sights on Prince Adam. WARNING: Character deaths and Dark characters.

The Successor by Kayka- Skeletor has a new plan to conquer Grayskull that the Sorceress cannot fight alone. She requires the help of Teela who will finally learn of her mother and her special destiny.

What Do You See? by Kayka- Adam thinks back on some things his mother said to him and decided to ask her about them. Takes place after episode, “The Rainbow Warrior.”


A Child's Musings by Meiou Setsuna- Rin reflects on Sesshomaru.

A Demon Slayer's Vow by Meiou Setsuna- Kohaku and Kagura come up with a plan to kill Naraku. Will the plan suceed? If it does, what becomes of the Shikon Jewel?

A Hanyou Experience by Kayka-Sesshomaru gets a curse placed on him. What kind of curse will it be and why was it placed on him?

Human Blood by Meiou Setsuna- When Run inexplicably starts bleeding, Sesshomaru must seek help from the only human who isn't afraid of him. No pairings.

Identity Dual by Kayka- Inuyasha and company find a jewel shard, but something's wrong with it and it affects Inuyasha!

Mother Knows Best by Meiou Setsuna- A Sesshomaru/Rin story. Sesshomaru's mother can see that her son loves Rin, but is concerned about the age difference, so she fixes it.

Ookami Youkai by Kayka- After a fight with Inuyasha, Kagome runs off to the well and meets up Koga.

Raindrops by Meiou Setsuna- a fluffy fic featuring everyone's favorite little human girl, Rin.

Silver and Gold by Kayka-Naraku is dead and Rin has romantic feelings for Sesshomaru.

The Mermaid Princess by Kayka- My version of Disney's The Little Mermaid with an Inuyasha twist.

Youkai and Ningen by Meiou Setsuna- A battle with Naraku yields a surprise for Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and their friends.

Jackie Chan Adventures

Everything's Not Black and White by Meiou Setsuna- Jade is now an agent of Section 13 though she is in high school. One day, a letter arrives and changes her life forever.

Valerie by Meiou Setsuna- Valmont finds himself under a curse. What is this curse and what happens while he is under its influence?

Original Misc stories

Mischief of the Kitsune by Kayka- My own original story about a boy who dreams about a fox. Why is he having this dream and what does it mean?


Cursed by Kayka

Ranma 1/2

A Whole New Set of Problems by Kayka- Ranma's revelation of his curse to Kuno goes horribly wrong.

Akane's Curse by Kayka-Akane has an accident when she visits Jusenkyo

Mousse's Ploy by Kayka- Mousse has a plan to win Shampoo's heart. Will he succeed?

Secret Revealed by Kayka- For a long time, Ryoga didn't tell Akane that he was P-chan. Will Akane eventually learn his secret and how will she react?

The Houseguests by Kayka- While the Kuno estate is getting fumigated, where will the siblings stay? How about at the Tendos? Sequel to Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang by Kayka- A training trip at Jusenkyo goes awry for Kuno.

Sailor Moon

A Cat's Life by Kayka- The Negaverse schemes to put Sailor Moon out of the picture. Will they succeed?

Allegiance by Kayka- What if Nephlite didn't die and joined the Sailor Scouts to fight Queen Beryl?

Beneath the Waves by Meiou Setsuna- As a siren, Zoicite loved luring men to their deaths. That all changed when she met a human, Lord Malachite. When Malachite is promised to Princess Mina, what lengths will he go to get out of the engagement?

Dark Side of the Moon by Kayka- A thousand years ago, Queen Beryl laid a curse on Princess Serenity. The curse resurfaces and Serena has to learn to battle it or it will consume her and change her future. WARNING: Character deaths.

Full Circle: Resurrection by Meiou Setsuna- They were his friends, his confidantes, his bodyguards, his court. When Darien wants to resurrect his court, will Serena and the scouts agree to help him? The story follows the NA dub and contains ideas from the classic anime and the manga as well as fanon and from my own head.

Full Circle: Seasons by Meiou Setsuna- Part two to Full Circle: Resurrection. This is only a series of scenes, not a complete story. Pairings: Darien/Serena, Raye/Jedite, Lita/Nephlite, Malachite/Zoicite. This story follows the American Dub so Zoicite is a woman.

Gender Bender by Kayka- Zoycite feels frustrated that the other generals don't sympathize with her women difficulties and Beryl decides teach them a lesson.

In Mind & Body by Meiou Setsuna- Usagi and Setsuna experience an unforgettable adventure.

Of Land and Waves by Kayka- Crystal Cove has two kingdoms: One of land and one of sea; both exist harmoniously side-by-side. An annual summer ceremony brings some special humans and merpeople together. Malachite/Mina, Jedite/Raye.

Rebirth by Meiou Setsuna- The four generals were reborn as ordinary humans and Queen Beryl wants them back to help release the Negaverse.

Rejuvenation by Meiou Setsuna- When Queen Beryl has no more use for the four generals, she doesn't kill them, but does something much worse to three of the four and causes heartache for the last one.

Revelations by Meiou Setsuna- It's 30th century Earth, Crystal Tokyo to be exact. King Enkymion has decided to revive the generals, one at a time. How do they react when one revelation after another is revealed? Zoi/Mal.

Sailor Pluto's Surprise by Meiou Setsuna- What surprise is in store for Sailor Pluto?

Scout of Blood and Ice by Kayka-A Sailor Scout becomes a vampire! Which one is it and what will become of her?

Sea and Sky by Kayka- Amara is a human princess who is saved by Michelle, a mermaid princess. The two fall in love and are willing to do what it takes to be together. WARNING: fem slash. Amara/Michelle, Trista/Rubeus.

Siren Songs by Kayka- Zoycite is a mermaid who loves sinking ships. One day, the queen forbids her from her favorite activity until she does the other thing mermaids do: Luring men into the sea.

The Ally by Kayka- A longer and better version of Allegiance. Nephlite decides to help the Sailor Scouts fight Beryl and in the process, he discovers a past that has long been repressed. Contains some fanon and a shout-out to those who see their ideas in the story.

Timeline Switch by Meiou Setsuna-Setsuna has been having strange dreams. What could they mean? Are they just dreams or are they something more?

Sofia the First

Magic Spells and Tiaras by Meiou Setsuna- After coming across a certain mirror in the attic of the castle, Cedric inadvertently wishes to be a child again. What happens when Sofia finds out Cedric's past schemes to steal her amulet? Set after "Cedric Be Good."

Workshops and Ravens by Meiou Setsuna- When Cedric accompanies Sofia to Mystic Meadows, Wormwood takes this time to reflect on his sorcerer's actions. Very brief one-shot.

Special Unit Two

Undercover Feelings by Meiou Setsuna- A short glimpse into Kate Benson's life as she tries to finish some reports. Briefly mentions Kate/Nick.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Voyager

24th Century Halloween by Meiou Setsuna- Neelix wants to boost morale and gets an idea from Tom and Harry: A Halloween party!

Holidays by Meiou Setsuna- Different rooms are decorated to represent different Terran holidays. Who's behind this and what's going to happen next?

The Forced Shore Leave by Meiou Setsuna- It's time for shore leave and Beverly Crusher has a unique solution to ensure Jean-Luc Picard goes n shore leave.

Star Wars

Afterlife by Meiou Setsuna- What is the Jedi afterlife like? Anakin is about to find out.

Dancing by Kayka- Qui-Gon catches Obi-Wan doing something embarrassing.

Disobedience by Meiou Setsuna- We all know Qui-Gon Jinn: Respectful, patient, kind, and with a bit of defiance. What if it wasn't always so?

Laryngitis by Meiou Setsuna- When ObiWan gets laryngitus, what can the poor Padawan do?

The Avengers

Little Mischief by Meiou Setsuna-Takes place between the first Avengers movie and Thor: The Dark World. Loki is punished by Rodin for his actions on Midgard, and Thor decides to take Loki back to The Avengers Tower. How will the team react to Loki's punishment? Deaging.

The Last Unicorn

Love's Journey by Kayka- Prince Lir is still in love with Almathea and plans to be with her forever. Will he suceeded?


Thundercats Episode Guide- View all four seasons of Thundercats episodes


Phantom of the Blue Lion by Kayka- Allura receives mysterious letters from an admirer. Who could they be from?

Scavenger Hunt by Meiou Setsuna- Allura goes on a scavenger hunt set up by persons unknown. What she finds at the end is the best find of all.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

A Tale of Two Keiths by Meiou Setsuna- After inadvertently encountering a temporal fissure, Commander Keith and Paladin Keith switch places. They have to switch back quickly before the Galra attack the Paladins and before Lotor attacks Arus. Contains Alpha/Omega dynamics (nothing graphic). Shklance(LD) and Kallura (DotU).

Blade or Paladin by Meiou Setsuna- Seto after season four. Keith is conflicted about where he belongs. Is he a Blade of Marmora or a Paladin of Voltron?

Chili and Family by Meiou Setsuna- When Hunk gets sick, who cooks for the Paladins? Also, Lance learns some things about his rival.

Dads of Mamora by Meiou Setsuna-Keith trains too hard and passes out on the training deck. Antok finds and brings him to the Blade's room and Thace and Ulaz decide to make Keith their kit.

Emperor Keith by Meious Setsuna- An AU where Keith accidentally lights the Kral Zera and becomes the new Galra Emperor.

Fallen Soldiers by Meiou Setsuna- An AU where two Glara don't die and are reunited with their fellow Blades.

Geste by Meiou Setsuna- Shiro returns from a routine survey mission to find Keith unconscious. What happened to the Red Paladin? Shallura and Klance and brotherly Sheith.

Happy Birthday, Keith by Meiou Setsuna- It's Keith's birthday, but he doesn't want to acknowledge it. Will his friends comply with his wishes or is he getting a surprise party? Brotherly Sheith/Broganes and Klance with a little bit of Dads of Marmora

Heat by Kayka

Heat II by Kayka

Hidden Heritage by Kayka

Kazoku by Meiou Setsuna- After a nightmare, Keith seeks out his brother and someone spies them together and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Keith and Shiro are adoptive brothers.

Keith of Mamora by Meiou Setsuna- After getting injured on a mission for the Blade, Keith is confined to the base with a broken arm. He goes exploring and discovers something surprising about the base and himself.

Kit by Meiou Setsuna- Keith sneezes, but Thace mistakes it for a serious illness. It turns out Keith is getting sick and he was just going to ignore it. Thace, Ulaz, Antok, and Kolivan learn a little bit about their new member's past and determine that Keith needs a family. Family fluff.

Klance by Meiou Setsuna- When Keith misses dinner, Lance has to find him. He finds him sick in bed, and both decide to tell their teammates about their relationship. Fluffy one shot. Established Klance.

Memoirs of a Family by Meiou Setsuna- When Lance gets homesick looking at his pictures, he comes up with a way to share pictures with everyone. The Paladins are supposed to share their pictures, but one Paladin doesn't have any to share. When it's revealed he doesn't have a family, he finds that you don't have to share blood to be family.

Monster by Meiou Setsuna- After a permanent physical shift to a half-galra appearance, Keith starts to sink into depression. Can a visit from Shiro and Lance bring him out of it? Shklance. Inspired by "Monster" by SkitsoFanActs.

Pictures and a Tickle Fight by Meiou Setsuna- Lance is intent on finding out what Keith was like as a kid but Keith doesn't have any pictures. It's Shiro who does, and later on, there's a tickle fight between Paladins.

Preferences by Kayka

Puzzles by Meiou Setsuna- A three chapter story involving jigsaw puzzles.

Song and Dance by Meiou Setsuna- While the other Paladins are on a mission, Keith decided to indulge in a little guilty pleasure. When the Paladins return early, they catch him in the act of...dancing? Slight Klance.

The Missing Jacket by Meiou Setsuna- Keith's jacket goes missing while he's training. Who took his jacket and why? A bit of Klance fluff at the end.

XIV Years by Meiou Setsuna- Shiro and Keith are sparring on the training deck and accidentally miss breakfast. Lance, Pidge, and Hunk find out their teammates are black belts in two martial arts. Very short one shot.

Wolf's Rain

Of Wolves and Flowers by Kayka-A rewrite of the last four episodes of the series, with a little twist.


A Conscious Decision by Meiou Setsuna- What if Operation: Rebirth had an unforseen side effect for mutants?

Somewhere Out There by Meiou Setsuna- When seprating twins, sometimes distance doesn't matter. A song fic...sort of.


A Newfound Friend? by Kayka- A continuation of Two Souls, Two Hearts, but this focuses on Ryou and Bakura. The tomb robber thinks about his new life while Ryou wants an end to the hostilities between Bakura and his friends. No slash, just friendship.

A Special Kind of Love by Kayka-Yugi wants to tell Yami something. Will he have the courage to do so?

April Fool’s Day by Meiou Setsuna- The sequel to "Sick Days."

Beneath the Surface by Kayka- Seto's thoughts on a certain blonde duelist.

Dark Inheritance by Kayka

Dual Attraction by Kayka

Dueling For Fun by Meiou Setsuna- Oneshot. Just a fun little duel against one's sibling turns out to be full of hysterics.

Gender Identity by Kayka

Gender Identity II by Kayka

Josephine by Kayka

Life Contract by Kayka

Life Contract II: Seto's Day Out by Kayka

Love of the Nile by Kayka

Lost at Sea by Kayka

Lunar Cycle: Waning and Waxing by Kayka- Kaiba comes to the realization that he’s fallen for Joey and decides to tell him. How will Joey react and will a relationship between them actually happen? WARNING: slash

Malik and the Motorcycle by Meiou Setsuna- Malik discovers his hikari's motorcycle and wants a ride.

New Lease on Life by Kayka- Bakura finds a spell to give himself a body of his own, but something unexpected happens. Later, Bakura tries to trick Atem into using it. Ryou/Bakura, Atem/Yugi.

Pit of Shadows by Kayka

Princes of Land and Sea

Puzzle Tag by Kayka- Yami and Yugi enjoy an innocent game together.

Sea of Rage by Kayka- A merman prince falls for a human prince. Can these two find a way to be together?

Sea of Rage II: Changing Tides by Kayka- Seto and Jou meet and fall in love. How will these two stay together?

Sick Days by Meiou Setsuna- Ryou falls ill and Bakura has to take his place at school. What chaos will ensue?

Summertime Romance by Kayka

The Power of Love by Kayka

The Ray of Light and Hope by Kayka

Two Souls, Two Hearts by Kayka- Atem is ready to depart for the afterlife but first, he and Yugi have something to tell each other. Atem/Yugi.

Vampire Hierarchy by Kayka- Yugi, Atem, Ryou, and Bakura discover an underground vampire circle in Domino and learn how it operates. Yugi/Atem, Ryou/Bakura.

Vampire Stalker by Kayka-Joey is stalked by a vampire. WARNING: shounen ai and male pregnancy.

Vampire Stalker II: Second Blood by Kayka-The sequel to Vampire Stalker. It's summertime and romance just might find Yami and Bakura.

Vows of the Sea by Kayka- Yugi, a human prince is betrothed to Atem, a merman prince. When the queen has other plans for Yugi, will Atem be able to stop them?

Werewolf Lives by Kayka- Ryou is a werewolf and he develop strong feelings for his darker half. WARNING: sex, male pregnancy, and gender switch. Ryou/Bakura.

Wolves of Darkness by Kayka

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

A Brotherly New Year’s Eve by Kayka- Syrus and Zane have a heart-to-heart while waiting for the new year.

A Tail From the Sea by Kayka- Jaden has fallen in love. Who does he love? WARNING: Slash pairing.

Alchemy Gone Awry! by Meiou Setsuna- An alchemy class accident affects Zane and Atticus.

Blood Desires by Kayka- Alexis discovers a pretty trinket near the abandoned dorm and puts it on. She soon learns that it wasn’t just a pretty piece of jewelry. Alexis/Jaden.

Crossing Boundaries by Kayka

Love Triangle by Meiou Setsuna- Alexis has a crush on Zane Truesdale AND Jaden Yuki. A very short one-shot on their views of each other.

Lunar Connection by Kayka- One of the GX characters gets bitten by a werewolf. Find out who.

My Little Dragon by Kayka- Atticus has something to tell Jaden. WARNING: Slash pairing.

Obelisk Queen by Kayka

Sea Escape by Kayka

The Alchemy of Love by Kayka

The Curse of the Truesdale Family by Kayka

Under the Moon's Gaze by Kayka

Zane and Syrus...or Syrus and Zane? by Meiou Setsuna- A dueling mishap leaves the two brothers with a huge shock.

Zane's Attraction by Kayka

Zane's Sick Day by Meiou Setsuna- Zane gets sick and misses class. Atticus and Alexis try to help their friend get back on his feet. One-shot.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Bloody Hell I by Kayka-A vampire attacks Kurama and turns him. Slash KxH.

Bloody Hell II: Lust for Blood by Kayka- The underground demon vampires are still after Kurama and Hiei.

Bloody Roses by Meiou Setsuna- Yoko has tasted freedom and wants more. He is willing to do anything to return to his old life of thievery and bloodshed. WARNING: Dark Yoko. Multiple character deaths.

Blooming Love by Kayka

Cold by Kayka

Confessions by Kayka-Trilogy to Flames of the Dragon and Longing for the Thorns. Kurama and Hiei contemplate confessing their love. Later on, Kurama wants to make another his mother.

Currents of Change by Kayka- Hiei is a merman and Kurama is a human prince. Will they fall in love or is Hiei only interested in the prince's power?

Delve Into the Flames by Meiou Setsuna- A very short glimpse into the mind of Hiei.

Depths of Darkness by Kayka- Koenma taps Yusuke for a solo mission to arrest a dangerous demon. There’s just one catch: Yusuke has to go in disguise as a female demon. WARNING: Rape, torture. Don’t read if under twenty-one. Rated MA for content and language.

Fire and Ice Storm by Kayka

Flames of the Dragon by Kayka- Companion piece to Longing for the Thorns. Kurama dwells upon Hiei on the eve of the Dark Tournament Finals.

Foxy Love by Kayka

Full Moon Attraction by Kayka- Kuwabara is kidnapped and brought before a man who wants to make Kuwabara his mate. WARNING: Slash. Yusuke/Kuwabara

Full Moon Rising by Kayka- Hiei dreams of a wolf attack. What does it mean for the group? WARNING: Slash (male x male) pairing.

Gender Shift by Kayka

Humanity by Kayka

Light and Dark by Kayka-Hiei tells Yukina that he's her brother.

Longing for the Thorns by Kayka- Hiei reflects about Kurama on the eve of the Dark Tournament Finals.

Lusting Desires by Kayka- It is fox demon mating season and Yoko knows exactly who he wants for his mate. Yoko/Hiei.

Neko by Kayka- One member of the Spirit Detectives makes an innocent wish. What will happen to him?

Nokosu by Meiou Setsuna-Kurama reunites with his long-lost kitsune sister.

Proposals and Siblings by Kayka- Yukina wonders if Hiei is her brother and Kuwabara and Hiei both have questions to pose…to Yukina and Kurama. Kuwabara/Yukina, Hiei/Kurama.

Rain by Kayka

Soulmates by Kayka

The Mating Path by Kayka

The Path of Darkness by Kayka

The Return of Yoko Kurama by Kayka

Yoko's Hell by Kayka

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