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Thundercats Season Four

111Return to Thundera-Part 1Mumm-ra & Ma-mutt relocate to New Thundera. Mumm-ra steals the Gyroscope that will destroy the planet within two hours if it is not restore to it's position. First episode of Jaguara.. .
112Return to Thundera-Part 2Mumm-ra resurrects Grune when Lion-O goes to help Thunderian refugees.. .
113Return to Thundera-Part 3Thundercats captured by Two-Time who has also captured the Thunderian refugees.. .
114Return to Thundera-Part 4Mutants freed by Ma-mutt disguised as Mandora & sent to Third Earth to destroy Tygra & Pumyra. Mumm-ra destroys Gyroscope's regulator.. .
115Return to Thundera-Part 5Mumm-ra throws Gyroscope into a bottomless pit. Lion-O uses the sword to create a new Gyroscope, saving the planet.. .
116LeahAncient Spirits give Mumm-ra the Mirror Rape, who disguises it as a doll & gives it to a Thunderian chile (Leah). Leah is brought to New Thundera & the Cat's Lair. Mirror Rape begins to destroy Cat's Lair.. .
117FrogmanWily-Kit & Kat accidentally unleash Frogman whom Jaga trapped in an underground lake centuries ago.. .
118The HeritageWily-Kit & Kat get greedy when they find the Orb of Gold, believing it is part of their heritage.. .
119Screw LooseMumm-ra replaces a robot's brain system with a bad system & instead of helping Jaguara run the Gyroscope, Screw Loose tries to destroy it.. .
120MalcarMumm-ra summons Malcar, an alchemist & he turns all Thundrillium on the planet into Thundrainium.. .
121Helpless LaughterPanthro & Snarf fall into the Swamp of Laughing Lilypads & start laughing uncontrollable when they go searching for water during a drought.. .
122Cracker's RevengeCracker frees Lunataks from Capt. Bragg & go to attack Cat's Lair on Third Earth.. .
123The Mossland MonsterTygra crashs in the Moss-land on New Thundera & is captured by the Mossland Monster.. .
124Ma-mutt's ConfusionMumm-ra uses the Babylonian Barbarian Boiler to melt Cat's Lair. Ma-mutt, through a communicating device tells Thundercats about the boiler since Mumm-ra banished him from the pyramid. Thundercats save the lair & Mumm-ra welcomes Ma-mutt back, obviously forgiving him.. .
125The ShadowmasterThe Shadowmaster has Lion-O's father & challenges Lion-O to a fight.. .
126Swan SongTwo-Time uses holograms to capture the Ecology Inspector & the Thundercats. Takes Cat's Lair on New Thundera & puts it inside his ship. Lion-O defeats Two-Time & restores Cat's Lair.. .
127The Touch of AmortusAmortus touches Lynx-O's face making him feel like an outcast.. .
128The Zaxx FactorVulture-Man learns of the medallion that holds Mumm-ra's enemy Zaxx inside it & decides to use it against Mumm-ra & rule the universe.. .
129Well of DoubtBaron Tass & Mr. Gubber, a pair of devious Thunderians are brought to New Thundera. Baron drinks some water from the Well of Doubt & brings some to Cat's Lair. The water causes a person to doubt his abilities & Lion-O drinks some.. .
130The Book of OmensLion-O must present the Key of Thundera to the guardian of the Book of Omens at the 24th hour or the Thundercats will be frozen in time & New Thundera will be destroyed. Mumm-ra steals the book to save New Thundera, but freeze the Thundercats.. .

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