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Thundercats Season Three

91Thundercubs!-Part 1Mumm-ra & Ma-mutt go back in time to get the Treasure of Thundera & the Sword of Plun-darr; causes Thundera to reform;Thundercats, minus Lynx-O & the kids, prepare Feliner to stop Mumm-ra. Lynx-O & kids captured by Lunataks.. .
92Thundercubs!-Part 2Thundercats save Lynx-O & the kids; learn about dangers on New Thundera affected by the moons of Plun-darr; make new weapons & clothes for this; Vulture-man takes to the Rat-star which ambushes Thundercats. Sword of Omens frees them & Lynx-O says that Mumm-ra already has the sword of Plun-darr.. .
93Thundercubs!-Part 3Thundercats arrive on New Thundera; Snarf & Snarfer want to free their enslaved fellow Snarfs while the others want to retreive the treasure; Snarfs captured by Mumm-ra, who disguises himself as Snarfer, leads Thundercats to the treasure. Lion-O frees it with the Sword of Omens. Mumm-ra reveals himself, defeats them with the Sword of Plun-darr. Mumm-ra now has the sword of Plun-darr & the treasure.. .
94Thundercubs!-Part 4Mumm-ra tries to escape, but Sword of Omens opens casket & scatters the treasure all over the planet; Snarf, Snarfer, & one other Snarf escape; false Book of Omens given the Slithe, Vulture-man, & Rataro who arrive on New Thundera, until Mumm-ra deciphers the real book. Thundercats chase mutants through the Caverns of Cold then through the Canyons of Youth. Due to that Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Snarf, & Snarfer are changed into Thundercubs. Lion-O uses sword to give Thundercubs Thundercat understanding. Bengali & Kit captured on Third Earth; Lion-O sends Thundercubs there while he tries to get book from Mumm-ra. Mumm-ra attacks Thundercubs.. .
95Thundercubs!-Part 5Lion-O frees Thundercubs from Mumm-ra's spell; Thundercubs safely leave New Thundera. Lion-O & Snarf retreive book &, using a magic flute, ask Ma-mutt to use the device Mumm-ra has to send them back to Third Earth. Thundercubs go to Sky Tomb to rescue the Thundercats & now some Berbils. They free them but are conered. Lion-O & Snarf save them; Thundercubs go to Cave of Time to become Thundercats again; Anicent Spirits bring Mumm-ra back to Third Earth..
96The Totem of DeraMumm-ra finds the totem (part of T-cat tresure, has healing powers & brings inanimate objects to life). Totem given to mutants, brings a swamp creature to life. .
97The Chain of LoyaltyThundercats go to find the Chain of Loyalty, before someone finds it & breaks which will cause Thundercats to fight each other. Mumm-ra hears of this, kidnaps & disguises himself as Snarf. T-cats split into groups; Lion-O & Snarf find the necklace, Snarf breaks it & return to his true form. Lion-O repairs necklace with sword.. .
98Crystal CanyonThundercats tricked by Lunataks & confused with their reflections. Tygra gets a hold of Keystone & becomes addicted to it. Aluro steals Keystone & is addicted too. .
99Telepathy BeamVulture-man creates a device that plays with Cheetara's sixth sense.. .
100Exile IsleThe Thundercats exile the Lunataks an island in space called Exile Isle.. .
101Key of ThunderaLion-O & Snarf get sucked into the Book of Omens; Mumm-ra steals the book in an attempt to destroy Lion-O.. .
102Return of the ThundercubsCheetara, Panthro, & Tygra end up in the Canyons of Youth when they go to New Thundera to retreive more of the Treasure of Thundera.. .
103The FormulaAluro invents a potion to make the Sky Tomb fly, but it only makes things grow huge. Mutants use it to make the bugs in the forest near Cat's Lair grow big.. .
104Locket of LiesMumm-ra creates the Locket of Lies & tells Ma-mutt to plant it in the Valley of the Snarfs.. .
105Bracelet of PowerSnarf finds that the bracelet, a piece of Thundera treasure, has the Thundercats obey his every command when he has it. Mumm-ra steals the bracelet & uses it.. .
106The Wild WorkoutThe Lunataks capture Cheetara, Tygra, & the kids to work the exercise machines to power the Sky Tomb.. .
107The ThunderscopeLion-O & Snarf find the Thunderscope while visiting the wreckage site of their spaceship.. .
108The Jade DragonMumm-ra discovers the power of the Jade Dragon (another Thundera Treasure).. .
109The Circus TrainCaptain Bragg offers to capture the Mutants & the Lunataks, getting rid of them for the Thundercats.. .
110The Last DayWith the Mutants & Lunataks gone, the Ancient Spirits give Mumm-ra until sunset to destroy the Thundercats.. .

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