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Thundercats Season Two

#TitleDescriptionXTape (Label)
66Thundercats,Ho! Part 1Three Thunderians survived the destruction of Thundera & are on Third Earth. Thundercats set out to find them, but Mumm-ra finds them first & hires the Berserkers to capture them & bring them to him. Lion-O is almost boliled alive by Berserkers.. .
67Thundercats, Ho! Part 2Panthro saves Lion-O using one of their new vehicles, The Thunderclaw. Mumm-ra hires Capt. Shiner to take the Thunderians to Fire Rock Mountain (also known as Thundranium). Ratar-O captures Snarf, Lion-O tries to rescue him, but lands on Hook Mountain, where he meets up with the Mutant Fist Pounder.. .
68Thundercats, Ho! Part 3The Thunderians are delievered to Fire Rock Mountain. Lion-O, then Panthro face off the Fist Pounder. Ratar-O interferes in Panthro's battle & seemingly blows the Thundertank up. Lion-O goes to Mumm-ra's pyramid to find out where the Thunderians are, but gets mummified by ancient bandages.. .
69Thundercats, Ho! Part 4Lion-O escapes Mumm-ra's pyramid & heads for Fire Rock Mountain (how did he know they were there?), Cheetara & Tygra save Panthro who was pinned under the Thundertank when Ratar-O shot at it. Snarf escapes Ratar-O & ends up in Tuska country. In the end, all the Thundercats head for Fire Rock Mountain when Lion-O calls them. Lion-O is confronted by Hachiman who thinks he's evil again. Lion-O slips & looks like he's about to fall into the Thundranium pits.... .
70Thundercats, Ho! Part 5...Hachiman saves him. Unable to get past the Thundranium to save the Thunderians, Lion-O uses the power of the Star of Thundera to cancel the Thundrainium's effects. Jaga faces Grune while trying to get the star's power for Lion-O. Grune fails to stop him & Lion-O rescues the Thunderians. Mumm-ra takes the tailsman, which contains the star's power, from Lion-O & foolishly opens it, thus destroying the mountian & himself (for now). Lion-O anoints the Thunderians as Thundercats, Pumyra, a puma; Bengali the white tiger; & Lynx-O, a blind lynx.. .
71Mumm-ra Lives! Part 1Mumm-ra survives, but is weak. Mumm-ra turns Ma-mutt into an image of himself & tells him to free the Lunataks, creatures from the moons of Plun-darr, imprisoned in molten lava in Darkside. Snarf overhears this (don't know how he did it) & warns the Thundercats. The Thundercats must figure out how to get to Darkside without crossing the Fire Rock pits.. .
72Mumm-ra Lives! Part 2Mutants free Lunataks & agree to help Mumm-ra destroy the Thundercats. They build the Sky Tomb by enslaving the Brute-men, Wollos, & Balkans.. .
73Mumm-ra Lives! Part 3Thundercats & Berbils build the Tower of Omens to defend Third Earth from the Sky Tomb.. .
74Mumm-ra Lives! Part 4Mumm-ra back to full power, Snarfer arrives on Third Earth, captured by Lunataks, Thundercats go to rescue him.. .
75Mumm-ra Lives! Part 5Mumm-ra no longer fears his reflection, Thundercats captured by Lunataks, Lynx-O defeats Mumm-ra with a tailsman he found earlier, Lunataks want the tailsman & fight among themselves allowing Thundercats to leave safely.. .
76CatfightMumm-ra plays deception with the Thundercats causing them to fight one another.. .
77Psych OutAluro uses the Egora Tailsman to take away the Thundercats self-confidence.. .
78The Mask of the GorgonMumm-ra plans to use the Mask of the Gorgon to awaken a sleeping child & that he needs the Eye of Thundera in order to do so.. .
79The Mad BubblerPanthro, Cheetara, & Tygra go to stop the Lunataks from mining the Thundrillium in a mine on Hook Mountain, they meet the Mad Bubbler who encases them in his bubbles & causes them to fight each other.. .
80Together We StandMumm-ra summons the Berserkers & coats their armor with Thundrainium.. .
81Ravage IslandMumm-ra uses the Beacon of Ravage to make the Thundercats his slaves. Lynx-O, Snarf, & Snarfer go to the rescue.. .
82Time SwitchLion-O gets caught in the gases of a smashed time capsule, making him younger by the minute.. .
83Sound StonesVulture-Man creates a sound device to destroy the Thundercats, is captured by the Lunataks. Vulture-Man uses the legendary sound stones to power the device..
84Day of the EclipseMumm-ra uses an eclipse to cause the Cat's Lair & everything in it to malfunction.. .
85Side SwipeSnarfer captured by Chilla, who is sideswiped by Mandora..
86Mumm-rana's BeltLuna & Amok steal Mumm-rana's magic belt; Thundercats must recover it.. .
87Hachiman's HonorHachiman tricked & imprisoned by Luna. The Thunderkittens rescue him.. .
88RunawaysWily-Kit & Wily-Kat run away, feeling like they were not needed.. .
89Hair of the DogMumm-ra switches Snarf's & Mumm-mutt's bodies.. .
90Vultureman's RevengeVultureman creates a weapon that shoots out pure Thundranium in order to destroy the Thundercats.. .

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