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Thundercats Season One

This episode guide is for the Thundercats collector. You can print it out & check off the eps you have.

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#TitleDescription (if I can get it)"X"Tape(Label)
01ExodusThundercats escape destruction of Thundera,Lion-O grows up. .
02The Unholy AllianceMutants join forces with Mumm-ra. .
03BerbilsThundercats become allies with the Berbils. .
04The Slaves of Castle Plunn-DarrMutants enslave Brute-Men. .
05Trouble with TimeThundrillium supply running out, Tygra grows old in the Cave of Time, allies with the Warrior Maidens. .
06Pumm-raMumm-ra diguised as a Thunderian. .
07The Terror of HammerhandThundercats meet Berserkers, allies with the Unicorn Keepers & their Unicorns. .
08The Tower of TrapsThe Thunderkittens & Lion-O overcome the tower's traps in order to retreive a wedding present. .
09The Garden of DelightsTygra tricked by Mumm-ra into eating a drugged fruit, ordered to steal Sword of Omens, Mumm-ra gives the sword to Willa. .
10Mandora: Evil ChaserLion-O & Snarf help Mandora recapture three of the universe's worst villains. .
11The Ghost WarriorThundercats meet the ghost of Grune the Destroyer.. .
12The Doom-GazeMumm-ra attempts to free Ta-She who holds the power of the Doom-Gaze. .
13Lord of the SnowsMeteor of Thundera crashes on Hook Mountain, Lion-O makes friends with Snowman.. .
14The Spaceship Beneath the SandsMumm-ra is persuaded to raise mutant's spaceship, 2 skycutters & 1 nosediver recovered.. .
15The Time CapsuleThundercats search for a time capsule that was brought with them to Third Earth.. .
16The Fireballs of Castle Plun-darrWarrior Maidens attacked by mutant's fireball machine, Thundercats destroy it.. .
17All that GlittersSword of Omens broken in two, Enflamer called on to reforge it, he turns on them, but Lion-O get the reforged sword from Enflamer.. .
18Spitting ImageMumm-ra creates a Panthro clone. .
19Trial of StrengthLion-O faces Panthro in the first anniontment trial. .
20Trial of SpeedLion-O races Cheetara through the second trial. .
21Trial of CunningLion-O & the kids trick each other in the third trial. .
22Trial of Mind PowerLion resists Tygra's mind power tricks in the fourth trial.. .
23Trial of EvilLion-O faces & defeats Mumm-ra in the fifth & final trial, Lion-O officially becomes the Lord of the Thundercats.. .
24MongorThe Thunderkittens accidentally release the source of fear, Mongor. Lion-O defeats Mongor with the kids' help. .
25Return to ThunderaLion-O gets sent back in time to Thundera by the time capsule. Returns to Third Earth with plans of a Warbot that is attacking Cat's Lair, Warbot is defeated.. .
26Snarf Takes Up The ChallengeSnarf goes to rescue the Thundercats imprisoned in Mumm-ra's pyramid. .
27Mandora and the PiratesLion-O goes to help Mandora against Captain Cracker. .
28The Crystal QueenLion-O must battle Queen Tatara to save the Arrietta bird. .
29Safari JoeIntergalatic hunter Safari Joe hunts the Thundercats.. .
30Return of the DrillerMumm-ra hires Driller to drill an underground tunnel from Acid Lake to Cat's Lair. .
31Turmagar the Tuska The Thundercats come to the aid of a new friend & his people, the Tuskas.. .
32Sixth SenseAn alien spaceship is communicating through Cheetara's sixth sense; first obvious sign of a possible love realtion between Lion-O & Cheetara.. .
33Dr. DometomeThundercats help Dr. Dometome repair a plug to save Third Earth from destruction. .
34The Astral PrisonJaga is a prisoner in the Astral world until Lion-O comes to the rescue. .
35Queen of 8 Legs[Spidera]Mumm-ra lures Lion-O into Spidera's kingdom, the Kingdom of Webs. .
36Dimension DoomMummm-ra steals his enemy, Wiz-Ra's helmet which controls minds in order to control the Thundercats.. .
37The Rock GiantMumm-ra summons the Rock Giant to destroy the Thundercats.. .
38The Thunder-CutterMumm-ra sends a Samuri, Hachiman, to destroy Lion-O. Became friends instead because their swords refuse to draw on each other.. .
39Mechanical PlagueMumm-ra brings back some of the Thundercats robot enemies: The Warbot, The Techno-Pede (Turmagar the Tuska), The Giant Insect (Return of the Driller), & the Driller. .
40The DemolisherThe Demolisher, a wandering fighter, fights & defeats Mumm-ra. Then accepts the challenge of fighting Lion-O & the Thundercats. .
41Feliner Part 1Vulture-man & Ratar-O go to the planet of Snarfs & capture Snarf's nephew Snarfer. The Thundercats go to the rescue. .
42Feliner Part 2Panthro invents the first Thundercat airship, The Feliner. They take the mega-condenser from the wreckage of Ratar-O's ship. .
43ExcaliburMumm-ra disguises himself as King Arthur in order to retrieve Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake & use it to defeat the Thundercats. .
44The Secret of the Ice KingThe Ice King attempts to get a jeweled egg under the Snowman's kingdom. The Thundercat help him get the egg. .
45Sword in the HoleMumm-ra hires Captain Shiner to send the Thundercats a fake distress call.. .
46The WolfratVulture-Man creates The Wolfrat to penatrate the Cat's Lair & get inside to use a minaturization gas on the Thundercats.. .
47Good and UglyLion-O & Snarf encounter two kinds of aliens. One is peaceful-looking & one is hostile-looking. Whom do they trust?. .
48Divide and ConquerVulture-Man creates a voice-imatation to conquer the Thundercats individually.. .
49MicritsThe Thundercats meet a tiny race (they're about the size of toys) called the Micrits.. .
50The Super Power PotionVulture-Man develops a Super-Power potion to defeat the Thundercats. .
51The Evil Harp of Char-NinThe genie of the harp, Char-Nin obeys Mumm-ra, his new master, & captures the Thundercats betraying the Thunderkittens who were his masters first.. .
52Tight SqueezeVulture-Man destroys all the mutants weapons & the mutants ask Mumm-ra to send an energy creature to destroy Cat's Lair's equipment.. .
53Monkian's BargainMonkian agrees to give Mumm-ra anything if Mumm-ra gives him the power to defeat the Thundercats.. .
54Out of SightMutants capture Willa, Tygra & Nayda become invisible in order to rescue her.. .
55Jackalman's RebellionJackalman separates from the other mutants & starts his own army so he can conquer Third Earth himself. .
56The MountainJackalman steals the sword from Lion-O; Lion-O tries to get it back; Panthro, Tygra, Slithe, & Monkian trapped in a cave-in. .
57Eye of the BeholderThe Thundercats make a fake sword as a joke on the mutants. .
58The Mumm-ra BerbilMumm-ra disguises himself as a Robear Berbil in order to put the Thundercats under his power. .
59Trouble with ThunderkittensThe kids take the Thundercats' weapons to prove they can handle, then the mutants take the weapons from the kids. .
60Mumm-ranaThe Mutants meet Mumm-rana, a being who is the exact opposite of Mumm-ra. .
61TrappedKit & Kat get trapped in a space capsule when a storm hits Third Earth. .
62The TransferAn alien ship carries a radioactive reactor crashes on Third Earth. Jackalman sneaks onto the Feliner & steals the reactor. Mumm-ra takes from him, then the Thundercats get it from him & neutralize it. .
63The ShifterVulture-man creates a device that shifts minds & bodies; shift Panthro & Snarf, then Lion-O & Wily-Kat. .
64Dream MasterMumm-ra transforms himself into the Dream Master & gains control of the Thundercats' dream selves except Lion-O. .
65Fond MemoriesMumm-ra creates living portraits of Lion-O's most difficults enemies: Slithe with warp gas, Spidera, Safari Joe, & Ratar-O. .