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Delve Into the Flames

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Hn. Kitsune no baka. I don't know how that foolish fox puts up with that ningen mother of his. I guess that's due to his human nature. He went from cold-hearted Yoko Kurama to kind, quiet Minamino Shuichi. Not that Yoko is gone. On the contrary, he still exists inside Kurama. Kurama's powers over plants and his determination to win were a great asset to my own during the recent tournament.

Speaking of the tournament, my sister has resurfaced. This time, though, she's on a find me. She doesn't know I'm her brother, and she won't know if I can help it. She deserves someone who is pure, not tainted by darkness like me.

However, it may not be up to me. Yusuke and Botan seem determined to undermine my goal. At least, Kurama knows how to keep a secret. He makes subtle hints, so subtle I doubt anyone else picks up on them. He does openly talk about telling her, but only when we're alone. He knows I'll tell her in my own time.