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A Cat's Life

This is my first Sailor Moon story, so be patient. First of all, I want it know that I don't even like Sailor Moon, but Meiou Setsuna issued a writer's challenge to me because I didn't like how a certain story of hers turned out so she challenged me to write one similar to it & I did. This is that story. This takes place after "A Reluctant Princess."


“We must get the Imperium Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon if we are to rule supreme,” Queen Beryl told Malachite as she moved her hands above her crystal ball.

“Yes, my queen. I will get the crystal & destroy Sailor Moon.”

“Ha! You couldn’t destroy a paper bag,” a voice scoffed behind him. Malachite glanced over his shoulder & saw Prince Darien standing there, a smirk on his face.

“You’re wrong. I’ll prove I can destroy Sailor Moon & get the crystal.”

“Not if I do it first. In fact, Queen Beryl has already give me the job.”

Malachite looked at the queen. “Your Majesty, is that true?”

“Yes, Malachite. Prince Darien is to go to Earth & put the sailor scout out of action by any means necessary.”

“I won’t fail you, my queen.” Darien bowed, then left through a portal that opened up behind him.


Serena dashed down the sidewalk, leaving a cloud of dust in her wake. There was a scout meeting at Raye’s temple & she was late, naturally.

‘Oh, I shouldn’t have stopped at the arcade to play that “Sailor V” game. But, I scored the highest score ever done on that game,’ she thought.

Serena ran so fast, she sped past the temple. It took her ten minutes to realized that she ran by the temple before she turned around to head back.


‘Here she comes,’ he thought as he watched Serena head back toward the temple. ‘Just a little closer, Sailor Moon. A little closer & you’re finished.’ He held up a black rose. This rose was the key & he couldn’t afford to miss. He had one chance. If he missed, he might have to wait a week before trying again.

Darien’s eyes glittered in anticipation. Serena was getting closer. As soon as she had reached the entrance, Darien threw the rose. It sliced through the air & embedded itself in the back of Serena’s left hand. Serena gave a scream of pain as the stem pierced the skin & she passed out. The plan was in motion & it couldn’t be stopped. Satisfied, the evil prince returned to the Negaverse.


Raye drummed her fingers on the table & checked her watch for the dozenth time. ‘She’s really late. Oh! She’s going to hear from me!’ Getting up, Raye stepped outside so she could really let loose when Serena showed up.

From her position, next to one of the pillars that supported the overhead roof of the porch, Raye scanned the road & the sidewalk. No Serena. Where was she? True, she’s usually late, but not this late. She scanned the sidewalk again & there, at the temple’s entrance, was Serena on the ground. Her eyes were closed & Raye thought she was sleeping until she saw the black rose in her hand.

“Lita! Amy! Get out here! Serena’s hurt!”

Lita & Amy responded to Raye’s screams & rushed outside. They saw Serena’s prone form as well as the rose & went into action. Lita picked up Serena & Amy plucked out the rose. Amy brought the rose with her as she & Raye followed Lita into the temple.


“Is it done?”

Darien kneeled. “It is, my queen. Sailor Moon is out of the picture.”

Beryl smiled evilly. “Excellent. We will choose our strongest warrior to destroy the rest of the scouts & retrieve the silver crystal.”

Darien shot a smug look at Malachite, who scowled back. He should have been the one to get rid of Sailor Moon. Darien was obviously the queen’s favorite, which made him jealous. He wanted to be the queen’s favorite.


“Oh,” Serena groaned as she regained consciousness. “my head.” She opened her eyes & saw her friends staring down at her. It didn’t take her long to realize that she was lying on Raye’s bed.

“Serena, what happened?” Lita asked.

“I don’t know. I remember heading for the entrance & a black rose pierced my hand.” She brought her hand up & saw that the rose was gone.

“Where did it go?” she exclaimed.

“You mean this?” Amy held it up.

“Yes. That’s the rose that hit me.”

Suddenly, the rose bursted into black, painless flames. It’s purpose was completed & it was no longer needed. Amy gasped & whispered, “The Negaverse!”

“Do you think the Negaverse meant to hit Serena with the rose so that she would fall into an eternal sleep?” Mina asked.

“It wouldn’t work,” Raye stated. “The way Serena sleeps, it might as well be an eternal sleep.”

Serena glared at Raye & was about to retort when she began to sweat like crazy. “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

“It is a little warm in here,” Amy agreed.

“No. It’s really hot in here,” Serena insisted.

“Serena, you’re crazy,” Raye exclaimed. “It feels fine in here.”

Serena suddenly a gave a sharp gasp. “My hands! What’s happening?” She held out her hands, so everyone could see. A layer of blond fur covered them. Her nails becoming sharp claws.

“That rose must have done this. It’s turning you into a cat. Like Luna & Artemis,” Amy declared.

“A cat! But why?” The fur spread up her arms. A set of whiskers sprouted on either side of her nose.

“Prince Darien is the only one who knows your true identity. It’s obvious that he wanted to get you out of the way, but not necessarily kill you. I don’t know why he chose a cat, though.”

“How do we reverse this?” Lita said.

“I think the cure was in the rose. But, it destroyed itself so we can’t reverse it.”

The four scouts watched helplessly as the fur spread down Serena’s body. Her fingers & toes became stubs forming paws with her hands & feet. Her ears became pointed cat ears & traveled up her head, coming to a stop at the top of her now furry head. Serena’s face was covered in fur, her eyes became cat-like as did her nose. A furry blond tail grew out of her back as she became smaller & a crescent moon appeared on her forehead. Serena had completely turned into a cat & her school uniform had swallowed her up. Amy lifted it off her.

“Girls, I couldn’t find Serena anywhere,” a voice said. All four turned around & saw Serena’s guardian, Luna there alone with Artemis, Mina’s guardian.

“She wasn’t in detention,” she continued. “or the arcade or even at home.” Luna glanced at the bed & saw another cat like herself except for the blond fur & blue eyes.

Luna gasped & jumped onto the bed, excitement & caution in her eyes. “Are you another guardian? Which scout do you protect?”

Serena didn’t answer. Instead, she averted her eyes onto the bed & laid down. Luna blinked with curiosity & turned to the others.

“Where did you find her?” she asked.

“We didn’t,” Lita answered. “The Negaverse turned Serena into a cat.”

Luna’s eyes widened as she looked back at the blond cat. She could see the bummed look that Serena usually get in her eyes reflected in the cat’s. “Serena?” Serena still didn’t answer, just kept her eyes focused on the bed.

“Serena! Answer me! At least say something.”

Suddenly, Serena lifts her head & wails, “I don’t want to be a cat!” Then she buries her face in Raye’s sheets & begins to cry. Luna, Artemis, & the other scouts exchanged glances.

“Well, at least, she can still talk,” Artemis remarked.

“Yes, but she’s very upset,” Luna added.

One Week Later

The Negaverse was ready to attack the remaining scouts. They selected their best warrior, Sandy, who was skilled in controlling nature. Prince Darien & Sandy arrived at the Cherry Hill Temple minutes after the scouts arrived there for a meeting.

“It’s the Negaverse again!” Lita exclaimed.

“They might want to try the same plan on us this time,” Amy reasoned.

“Well,” said Raye. “we won’t let them.”

“Jupiter Power!”

“Mercury Power!”

“Mars Power!”

“Venus Power!”

In a brilliant flash, four normal-looking girls transformed into the four sailor scouts. They all rushed outside & confronted the Negaverse warrior. Sandy use the branches of the trees to rope Sailor Venus, but Mars freed her with her fire. Sandy then roped Mars, then, for good measure, Mercury as well.

“Mars!” Jupiter said.

“Mercury!” Venus added.

“Ha, ha, ha,” a voice chuckled from above. Venus & Jupiter looked up & saw Tuxedo Mask standing above them on a tree branch.

He jumped down & stood between the two trapped scouts. “Don’t try anything Jupiter & Venus. If you do, you’ll have two more sailor cats to take care of.” With a flourish, Tuxedo Mask pulled two black roses out of his cape & held each one over one of his captives’ hands. Suddenly, a voice rang out, “Hold it right there!” Everyone looked in the direction of the voice. It was Sailor Moon!

Serena had been relaxing in the temple’s main room. Luna & her were living with Lita, after much discussion last week. Amy had to lie to Serena’s parents that their daughter had drowned & the body couldn’t be recovered.

Even though she was a cat, Serena still had her sailor locket, the crescent moon wand with the crystal on it, & the star locket. The sailor locket was being worn around her neck like a necklace.

Sounds of a battle reached her ears & she looked up. Curious, she got up & looked through the tiny opening of the sliding screen doors. A Negaverse monster was attacking the sailor scouts & it looked like it was winning!

“My friends! I have to help! Moon Prism Power!”

“Serena wait!” Luna & Artemis cried, trying to remind her that she was a cat. But, none of this mattered, when Serena became Sailor Moon, human! Sailor Moon saw that she was back to normal & squealed.

“I’m back to normal! Now, to save my friends.” Sailor Moon flung open the doors. “Hold it right there!”


The caped man gasped. “It’s not possible! There was no way you could break the spell.”

“It takes more than a Negaverse spell to stop me. I am Sailor Moon, champion of love & justice. I will right wrongs & triumph over evil.”

While Sailor Moon was reciting her speech, Jupiter used her thunder to free Mercury & Mars. Their freedom did not go unnoticed by Tuxedo Mask. He threw the roses at the scouts, but they avoided them.

“Mars, fire…ignite!” Mars released a shot of fire at Sandy, burning the monster slightly.

“Moon tiara…magic!” Sailor Moon threw her tiara at the monster & turned it to moon dust.

The five scouts turned toward Tuxedo Mask, prepared to fight. Their leader produced the Crescent Moon Wand & stepped forward, so that she could heal him.

“Tuxedo Mask! Return at once!” Queen Beryl’s voice thundered over the battlefield. He cringed. Beryl sounded furious & he was going to get it. He knew it. A portal opened up beyond him. He took a step backwards, heading for the exit.

“No!” Sailor Moon cried. “Moon Healing…” She didn’t get to use the want as Tuxedo Mask stepped into the portal & disappeared.


“I thought you said Sailor Moon was out of the picture!”

“So did I. I’m not sure how she broke the spell, though.”

Malachite listened in satisfaction. Maybe Beryl will kill Darien & he would be left to deal with Sailor Moon & avenge Zoycite’s death. And he would not fail as Darien had.

“Well, we will just have to try harder next time.”

Malachite’s jaw dropped. Next time? She was giving him another chance? He could hear Zoycite’s angry scream in his head upon hearing this pronouncement. Darien shouldn’t be given another shot. He should be dead for failing her. Malachite grinded his teeth & clenched his fist. He will get the next mission & do his best to get rid of the scouts. When he did, he would be known as the Negaverse’s greatest general & he would rule the universe at Queen Beryl’s side.


“You broke the spell! This is great,” Sailor Venus cheered as they stepped inside Raye’s room.

“I know. It feels wonderful to be human again.”

“We better de-transform before my grandpa sees us.”

“Good point,” Mercury said.

As the scouts de-transformed, they heard Sailor Moon scream. When they had completely changed, they looked at Serena & saw that she was a cat again.

“What happened?” Serena whined. “I thought the spell was broken.”

“Maybe the spell affects the person you are when the rose hits,” Amy theorized.

“So, if Tuxedo Mask had hit us, we’d be down two scouts,” Raye said.

“That’s what I’m saying.

Serena sighed. She was stuck. No more playing games at the arcade, no more shopping, or any of that fun stuff. There was a plus side, though. She didn’t have to go to school. She could sleep as long as she liked. Apparently, being a cat is not as bad as she first thought.

"The End"

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