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Beneath the Surface

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!

I smirked as I watched you stalk away. No doubt you were calling me every name you can think of that pertains to only me, none of which are particularly original. I suppose I should be flattered that you would go out of your way to personally insult me.

Moneybags and Rich Boy are two of the kinder names you have for me. Of course, any time you use those names, I respond by calling you either a mutt or a monkey.

I also get some kind of pleasure out of mocking your skills as a duelist. The way you get angry over my comments is very amusing. Itís very easy to get you agitated and you end up letting your big mouth land you in trouble.

In fact, my insults to your dueling skills had been the start of our recent argument. The result was my smirking behind your back. Truthfully, your skills arenít bad at all. Yes, some of that skill is pure luck, but you do come up with impressive strategies from time to time. Of course, you could never reach my level.

Youíve challenged me twice in the past and each time I crushed you. I had to admit your dueling had improved in the second duel. I figured I would defeat you faster than I had the first time due to my Crush Card. You surprised me by using your magic and trap cards to boost your pathetic monsters. Still, you lost.

After that duel, I told you to give up dueling me. You replied that you would never give up. You said you would keep coming back until you won. It reminded me of how I am with Yugi. I kept challenging him after losing to him again and again. I was determined to defeat Yugi and thus I kept coming back to duel him.

Even though you had no chance of beating me, I found that I like having you constantly challenging me. Iím always devising strategies to use on Yugi, but I could use someone to test them on. Thatís where you come in, Wheeler. I admit youíre a good duelist and I could consider you something of a practice duel. Perhaps, my using you as a guinea pig might make you a great duelistÖor perhaps not.

The End