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One Way or Another

Disclaimer: All the characters of the story are not mine and belong to Telepictures communications except for Milliscent and Delaray. They belong to me. This takes place between "Fond Memories" and "Thundercats- The Movie." This is my first attempt at writing a Thundercat fanfic, so please don't flame me too badly.


Far away, across light-years of space, there existed a planet called Tailsma. The planet was so named because of its' populists. Every person, male and female, was in the practice of the art of sorcerey. The ancestors of the people believed that no sorcerer or sorceress could ever be evil. But, no one is immune to the lure of evil. One such person was a sorcerer named Milliscent.

Milliscent had been lured to the dark magics by the promise of immortality. When he was consumed by the dark magics, no one could turn him away from it. One sorceress who wouldn't give up on him was his sister, Delaray. She tried everything that didn't involve magic to bring her brother back to her family. All attempts failed.

One day, Delaray knocked on her brother's front door of his house. No answer. She knocked again. Still no answer. Teleporting inside the house, she saw that it was empty, save for her brother's belongings. Something happened to her brother. She sensed that magic had been recently used. Dark magic unlike anything the people of Tailsma had ever felt.

Delaray stretched an arm out in front of her, eyes closed. Her hand closed on seemingly empty air and pulled. Black strings materialized out of nowhere. Fingering the strings, she read the signals it gave off. She opened her eyes, the green irises widening in surprise. Her brother had been summoned by a magic being. She needed to get to the planet Milliscent was on and defend the people of that planet from the havoc he might cause.

Milliscent stood before his summoner. He had been in his home when he heard a voice, summoning for him to appear. The voice had a sense of powerful authority. So, Milliscent called out to the voice, telling it that he will come to do it's bidding. In a crackle of lighting and magic, Milliscent disappeared and reappeared in a dark room, save for a square of light in the roof and a cauldron of purple liquid. Across from the pool stood a horrible being in male Eypgtian-style clothing. But, he looked as if he were a living corpse.

"So, Milliscent, we meet," the corpse said.

"Who are you?" the sorcerer demanded.

"I am Mumm-ra, ever living source of evil."

"And how could you possibly know my name?"

"This is how." Mumm-ra began to change shape before the sorcerer until he was a beautiful goddess.

Milliscent's dark eyes widened in recognition. He had seen this goddess before. She was the one who helped him on his journey to the dark magics:

Not very long ago:

"You can't do that, brother! No one of our kind can turn to evil." Delaray shook her head firmly, her dark hair swinging from side to side as she shook her head.

"I can and I will. The ancestors aren't always right you know." Milliscent stormed out of his sister's house and toward his own. The front door flew open and hit the wall beside it with a loud BAM! Stompig across the floor, fists clenched, he flung himself on the couch and sat there staring moodily into space.

"You wish to be immortal?" a disembodied voice suddenly spoke. Milliscent jerked his head up, brown eyes flashing.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

A flash of light appeared and when it passed, a beautiful goddess stood before him.

"I am a goddess of evil. I can help you achieve the immortality you desire."

"Then tell me. What must I do?"

"Study the dark magics. Study them and trust in them. That is the only way." The goddess faded out of existence leaving Milliscent alone with his thoughts. He trusted the goddess. He didn't know why he did, he just did. He wanted to be immortal and learning the dark magics was the only way to get it. He knew that, it just slipped his mind at the time of his argument with Delaray. So, he studied and trusted this new form of magic. In time, his studying and trusting rewarded him with immortality. And he felt powerful.

Milliscent's mind return to the present. Mumm-ra, as he called himself, was back in his true form. He thought about how this person introduced himself and realized that since Mumm-ra was immortal due to evil, it was Mumm-ra who had guided him toward immortality in more ways than his disguise as the goddess.( Author's note: This guy's pretty dense, huh? Good. He needs to be like that until he gets his mission.)

"Why have you summoned me anyhow?"

"I have a mission for you. Look." Mumm-ra pointed at the pool. The sorcerer looked into it. There was an image in the liquid. It showed a fortress that looked like a cat.

"There is a group of aliens that arrived on the planet awhile ago. They are called the Thundercats." The image changed to show a group of seven strange-looking creatures. They looked human, but had cat-like features in place of some human ones.

"Your mission is to destroy the Thundercats and bring me their Sword of Omens." The image once again changed to show a sword.

Milliscent nodded, fully understanding what he had to do. He teleported himself out of the temple and into a forest. There, he stood and began to try to make sense of the mission. Apparently these...Thundercats as Mumm-ra called them, had hurt Mumm-ra in some way and was powerless to stop them from hurting the planet. Milliscent set out to find these Thundercats and find a way to destroy them and get their sword.

Delaray arrived in a flash of white light. Looking around, she stamped a foot in frustration. She could never get the teleport spell right. She could teleport from one place to another on the same planet, but teleporting from one place to another on two different planets was another matter. However, she was on the same planet her brother was on. At least that part of the spell worked. Now, she could track him down using a Tracker Spell and learn about this world and it's residents quickly in order to help them.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on her brother's whereabouts. A map appeared in front of her, floating. A red dot popped up on the map. It moved about the map, beeping on each location it showe up on. Finally, the dot stopped on a gove of trees. The beep turned into a ding, ding sound. Opening her eyes, she looked at the map and smiled. The search was on.

Delaray was about to start searching when she saw seven cat-like people coming in her direction. Hiding in a bush, she watched them. They didn't seem hostile, just plain friendly. Conjuring a Learing spell, she focused it on the cats. The spell's work returned as sheets of paper. Delaray read the sheets quickly. It identified the cats as Thundercats. Following that, it gave a brief history of their kind plus things she should know about these particular Thundercats, such as name, looks, strengths, and weaknesses.

'They might be the ones who could use my help,' the sorceress thought. 'But, I would feel awakward helping them as myself. Besides, Milliscent may be watching. Maybe if I were to look like them, I would feel more at ease.' Thinking hard, she murmured a spell to change herself into a Thunderian.

Lion-O glanced at his friends and sidekick before looking at the scenery around them. He was surprised by how easily he had gotten the Thundercats to agree to explore the area around Cat's Lair, though the exploration was more of a leisure walk than anything else.

A rustle in a bush to his right attracted the lord's attention. Stopping, he looked in that general direction. The others also stopped.

"Lion-O, what is it?" Tygra asked.

"That bush. Someone is hiding in it." Lion-O pointed to the bush. Walking over to the bush, he parted the foliage.

There, behind the bushe, was a Thunderian female. Her skin was spotted like a leopard as was her blond hair. The female looked up in alarm when Lion-O saw her. She backed away cautiously and obviously scared. "It's all right. We're not going to hurt you," Liom-O said gently.

Delaray smiled inwardly on her act. She wasn't really scared of them , but she was cautious. However, when Lion-O offerd his help and reassurance that she was safe, she believed him. Taking his hand, she stood up and followed the Thundercat to the others. There, the introductions began.

"I am Lion-O, lord of the Thundercats. These are my friends Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Wily-Kit, Wily-Kat, and Snarf. Who are you?"

"My name's Delaray."

"Did you come from Thundera alone?"


"Well, Delaray, I invite you to stay us in Cat's Lair."

"I would like that." Delaray followed the Thundercats, ready for her role as protector and Thunderian.

Milliscent watched the Thundercats and the Thunderian. He didn't hear their conversation. He was too busy planning the Thundercats' destruction. The best way to destroy them was to turn them against each other. And the first one to turn should be the weak link, which he had to watch for.

From his hiding place he focused on each Thundercat in turn. First, he focused on Lion-O. He didn't find anything that would be useful to him. Then, he focused Cheetara, Panthro, Wily-Kit and Kat, and Snarf. The same result: nothing. Then he focused Tygra and hit paydirt almost immediately. This Thundercat was a loner. He didn't confide in anyone for campanionship. He was the one for phase one of the plan. "Delaray, is something wrong?" Lion-O questioned.

"Someone's watching us." Delaray's voice was firm, but quiet.

"How do you know?"

Delaray paused. How could she answer that? 'Oh of course,' she thought. 'Why didn't I think of it before?'

"I have this feeling," she replied.

"I'll go investigate it," Tygra volunteered.

"Tygra, you shouldn't go alone," Lion-O said. But, it was too late. Tygra had already left.

Milliscent grinned maliciously. Tygra was headed in his direction. A few more steps and he would be in range of his trap. Tygra came two steps closer.

'Come on. Come on. Just two more steps,' Milliscent thought. As if he hear him, Tygra come closer. The second he came into range, magic net rays shot out and wrapped themselves around Tygra pinning his arms at sides and tying his feet altogether. The Thundercat fell to his knees. Feeling triumphant, the captor stepped out of his hiding place.

Tygra looked up at the person who had captured him. Struggling against the rays, he demanded, "Who are you? What do you want?" The human smiled evilly. "I'm Milliscent and you'll find out soon enought." The villain quickly sized up Tygra by looking at him up and down with his eyes. Then, he hit the Thundercat with a burst of magic. The burst left an afterimage in Tygra's eyes. When he managed to clear his eyes, he saw a clone of himself next to him to the right. The clone smiled evilly at him.

"All right, clone. Come here and I'll give you your objective," Milliscent commanded. The Tygra double, who was not bounded, came up to the sinister sorcerer and waited.

"Here's what you have to do: Turn the Thundercats against each other and bring their sword to me. Do what you must to complete the task. Now, go."

"Tygra" nodded and walked off in the direction that the Thundercats were, waiting for their friend to return.

Delaray waited with the others. She knew her brother was nearby and she worried for the Tygra's safety. Her worries were relieved when she saw him coming up to them, unharmed.

"Did you find anything, Tygra?" Delaray asked.


"Are you sure?"

"I made a complete check. I found nothing."

"Come on. Let's get back to Cat's Lair," Lion-O asked. The group continued their walk back to the lair. No one noticed "Tygra's" eyes flash a dull red.

All was quiet in Cat's Lair. Everyone was asleep, except for the clone. He was exploring Cat's Lair. Just because he was a clone, didn't mean he knew everything the original knew. The duplicate made mental notes on where the Thundercats slept and what havoc he could cause among them. The first Thundercats he could turn were the kids.

Silently entering the room they shared, he took Wily-Kat's lariat and used it to set up a trick- that Kat might have done himself- for Wily-Kit. If all went as planned, this would be enough to get the kids to fight. "Tygra" left the room.

First light pierced the sky and into the rooms of the Thundercats. Wily-Kit opened her eyes and climbed out of bed. As she padded across the room to wake up her brother, she was suddenly snapped upward and upside down. Kit gave a surprised cry as she was pulled up toward the ceiling.

Kat was sleeping blissfully when a cry woke him from it. Tumbling ungracefully from his bed, he looked up and saw his sister hanging from the ceiling. Kat started to laugh.

"It's not funny Wily-Kat," Kit said indignantly.

"It is to me."

"Is this your idea of a joke?"

Kat stopped laughing. "What are you talking about?"

"Your lariat is what's holding me up." Kit worked herself free of the trap and somersaulted to the floor gracefully.

"I didn't do it."

"Oh, sure you didn't." Sarcasm was evident in Kit's voice.

"But I didn't!"

"It's your lariat! You did it!"

"No, I didn't!"

The kids turned their backs on each other and refused to look or speak to each other. The clone, who had watched the proceedings, grinned in triumph. All that was left was to turn the adults against one another and get the sword.

Delaray was walking in the halls, feeling unsettled. Something was wrong. She hoped that whatever it was, that it would pass.

Cheetara approached the clearing between Cat's Lair and the forest. Panthro had put some new surprises in her staff and she wanted to test them. Taking her staff from its place, she opened the hatch in it and looked at the dozens of buttons that allowed her staff to do various moves. Before Panthro upgraded her staff, there weren't so many buttons. Now, she could do so much more.

Pushing one of the new buttons, she wondered what it would do. She got her answer when her hand got a slight electric shock. Cheetara let out a cry of pain as she dropped her stick. The stick hit the grass, smoking and electricity jumping across its electronic surface. Seconds later, the stick was safe to handle again.

Cheetara's eyes flashed with anger. What did Panthro do? Grabbing her stick, she ran toward Cat's Lair and reached Panthro's workshop in thirty seconds. Panthro was there working on repairs to the Feliner, but turned to Cheetara when he saw her arrive.

"Panthro, why did you play such a childish prank?"

"What are you talking about?"

"My staff. You said you upgraded it."

"And I did."

"Then, how come it backfired?"

"Nothing I make or upgrade backfires."

"It did this time."

"Let me see." Cheetara handed the staff to Panthro who tested it. It worked perfectly.

"See? Nothing's wrong." He handed her staff back to her.

"Maybe it's because you programmed it to not backfire on you."

"That's ridiculous."

Cheetara, too mad to say anything more, left the workshop. Panthro returned to the Feliner. Neither of them realized that someone had been watching them, pleased with their fight.

At the same time of this incident, the feeling Delaray felt this morning returned, stronger than ever. This feeling was also mixed with the feeling that something was wrong with one of the Thundercats. Tygra, to be exact. Unable to keep these thoughts to herself, she decided to tell Lion-O. The sorceress found the young lord in the sword chamber.

"Lion-O, we must talk," Delaray requested.

"What is it?"

"I feel that something's wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"I think something's wrong with Tygra. I don't think he's exactly himself. And I think the others might be fighting with one another."

"I think I know who's responsible for this. Our enemy, Mumm-ra."

"Why would he do this?"

"Because, he's been trying to get a hold of the Sword of Omens." Lion-O held up the sword when he mentioned it. "Especially the Eye of Thundera."

"Is there a way to stop him this time?"

"Sure. There was this one time we made a duplicate of the sword except for the eye. We'll place the fake sword here in the chamber and let Tygra take it. Then we'll follow him and try to free him from whatever spell he's under."

"That's a wonderful idea."

So, Lion-O got out the fake and placed it on the sword rack. He left the real sword in the claw shield, which he placed, on the floor under the control panel. Then, he called the other Thundercats to the control room. All the Thundercats, save the clone, refused to speak to whom they were fighting with.

"It has been brought to my attention that you're fighting with each other. I want to know why so we can settle it."

"Well, I haven't been fighting with anyone, Lion-O," the clone said.

"All right then. Kit, Kat, why are you two fighting?"

"Kit's blaming me for a joke I didn't pull," Kat said

"It was his lariat, Lion-O," Kit protested.

"Why don't you just forgive and forget?" Lion-O pleaded.

"Well, I suppose he didn't set the trick," said Kit slowly.

"I forgive you for being mad at me," Kat answered.

"Good. Now, Cheetara, Panthro. Why are you fighting?"

"Panthro said he updated my staff, but it backfired," Cheetara explained.

"I did update it. But, somehow it was tampered with," Panthro added.

"Tampered with? Why didn't you tell me?"

"It didn't occur to me until just now. I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner."

"I'm sorry I accused you of not updating it. But who could have tampered with it?"

"I don't know Cheetara."

"We'll figure it out later. Delaray told me that she thinks something's wrong with…" Lion-O trailed off, seeing that someone was missing.

"Tygra! He left," Cheetara said.

"He's gone for the fake sword," Lion-O guessed.

"What's going on, Lion-O?" Panthro asked.

"Tygra's under a spell and we need to find a way to free him. Mumm-ra is behind this."

The Thundercats and Delaray rush out the lair's doors in time to see "Tygra" heading for the forest, fake sword in hand.

"Come on. We need to follow him." The seven of them silently and secretly followed the Thundercat clone. They follow him to a clump of bushes and watch him as he hands the sword to a human male. Behind the human was another Tygra, bound.

"Very good clone," the human complimented. "You have done your word. Now, begone." With a wave of his hand, the clone disappeared.

Holding the sword in front of him, Milliscent said, "Mumm-ra will be pleased to see you."

Stepping out from their hiding place, Lion-O demanded, "Release Tygra!" Milliscent looked at the Thundercat calmly. "And you plan to make me? All by yourself?"

"He's not alone. We will help him," Panthro put in. The others stepped out of the hiding place. When Delaray appeared, Milliscent's eyes glittered mischievously. He knew who it was.

"Why, hello Delaray. Didn't think I would see you on this planet."

"How do you know Delaray? She's a Thunderian."

"No, she's not. Behold." Milliscent waved his hand at his sister. Magic engulfed Delaray and her disguise shimmered into nothingness, revealing her true self. The magic ball shimmered away also. Lion-O rushed to Delaray.

"What has he done to you?" he asked.

"He's done nothing," the sorceress said as she stood up. "I am sorry to have deceived you. I did it to defend you from my evil brother." She gestured to Milliscent.

Lion-O looked from the sorcerer, then to Delaray. "Your brother?!" Delaray nodded. She turned to her brother, determined to make him see the light.

A flash of light did appear (not what Delaray actually meant.) and when it faded, Mumm-ra stood there. Milliscent walked over to him.

"I failed to destroy the Thundercats, but I have their sword." While Milliscent was saying this, Panthro and Cheetara managed freed Tygra.

"You've done your mission well." Mumm-ra took the sword as two things happened. One, Delaray had crept up behind her brother and tackled him. Two, as Mumm-ra looked at the so-called "eye", his reflection appeared in it. Unable to stand his hideous image, he flew back to his pyramid. The fake sword had been dropped in Mumm-ra's hasty retreat.

Delaray tied up her unconscious brother (apparently, Delaray tackled him harder than she meant to), and then turned to the Thundercats.

"I apologize for not telling you the truth."

"If you had told the truth, things wouldn't have happened the way they did," Lion-O said.

Delaray thought about that. She recalled how she had sensed Milliscent's presence nearby the other day. If she had been herself, the Thundercats might have been destroyed. Nodding, she said, "I should take Milliscent and myself back to our planet before he wakes up."

"All right. Thank you for helping."

"It was an honor to help you." Delaray concentrated hard in order to teleport both of them, sorcerer and sorceress, back to Talisma. The two of them disappeared in a flash of white light…

And reappeared in Milliscent's home. Placing her brother on the couch, the sorceress said, "One day I'll bring you back to the white magics and my struggle will be over. Your struggle to resist the white magics will be over as well."

The End