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Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles (Season Three)

01The JourneyQuarrymen formed and chase Goliath and Elisa.. .
02RansomA corrupt politician kidnaps Alex and offers to exchange him for a gargoyle.. .
03RunawaysBrooklyn befriends some runaway kids.. .
04Broadway Goes to HollywoodFox wants to improve human/gargoyle relations and Broadway agrees to help.. .
05A Bronx TailBronx befriends a boy in Pennsylvania.. .
06The Dying of the LightP.I.T. attacked by Quarrymen; Hudson going blind.. .
07And Justice for AllGoliath wrongly accused of a crime.. .
08Genesis UndoneAiling clones turn to Servarius for help.. .
09GenerationsInvisible human a ploy by Demona to get to Angela.. .
10For It May Come TrueWhat would Goliath's life be like if he had never been a gargoyle?.. .
11To Serve MankindThe Illumanti captures the gargoyles and brainwashes Goliath.. .
12Seeing Isn't BelievingProteus escapes and swears vengence on Elisa and Goliath.. .
13Angels in the NightThe final battle against the Quarrymen. Will Manhattan ever accept the clan?. .

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