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Gargoyles Season One

This episode guide is for the Gargoyles collector. You can print it out and check off the eps you have.

01Awakening pt.1Scotland 994; Gargoyles defend Castle Wyvern unaware that there was a traitor living within its walls.. .
02Awakening pt.2Gargoyles placed in enchanted sleep; 1994: Xanatos breaks the spell.. .
03Awakening pt.3Goliath and Elisa meet. Gargoyles learn about the modern era. Hudson gets his name.. .
04Awakening pt.4The trio and Bronx get their names, Goliath and Demona reunite. Clan goes to retrieve "stolen" discs.. .
05Awakening pt.5Clan betrayed by Demona and Xanatos who unleashes the Steel Clan; Elisa proves a true friend.. .
06The Thrill of the HuntLexington befriends The Pack, beiieving them to be heroes. The Pack desire to hunt Lexington and Goliath. The clan learns to be believe everything on TV.. .
07TemptationDemona convinces Brooklyn that humans are evil and he steals the Grimorum.. .
08Deadly ForceDracon steals a shipment of weapons the Elisa wants to get back; Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa.. .
09Enter MacbethXanatos hires Macbeth to get rid of the gargoyles; clan moves to Clocktower; Xanatos released from prison.. .
10The EdgeXanatos hatches a plan to find the gargoyles' new home; Elisa meets her partner, Matt.. .
11Long Way to MorningHudson remembers hunting down the Archmage to save Wyvern's poisoned king; Demona poisons Elisa.. .
12Her Brother's KeeperElisa's brother, Derek accepts a job offer from Xanatos despite Elisa insisting that Xanatos can't be trusted; the clan take down Hyena and Jackal.. .
13ReawakeningDemona and Xanatos resurrect Coldstone who is half gargoyle and half cyborg; Goliath vows that the clan will protect Manhattan.. .

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