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Disney's Gargoyles

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"Who says cartoons are just for kids?"

Gargoyles was created by Disney in 1994 and was considered the greatest show by many fans. The show lived for three seasons, but was discontinued after 1997. Then, in the 1997-98 school year, USA bought the show, but they cut unnecessary parts from the show (*growl*). Then in late 1998, USA took the show off the air! Toon Disney airs the series (with the exception of "Deadly Force"), but Gargoyles still lives on the Internet. I would like to announce that I found a website that sells the entire Gargoyles series on six DVD's. Granted, the shows are taken off Toon Disney and the credits weren't added, but it's a great product. The product cost around eighty dollars not counting shipping tax. The website is if you're interested in having all three seasons on DVD. And now I reveal my tribute to the greatest show ever created by Disney.

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