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Gargoyles Fanfiction Vault

Below are my fanfiction for Gargoyles. Enjoy and please feel free to review.

Clan Destine- Demona forms her own clan to defeat Goliath and his clan. Post "The Reckoning", pre "Hunter's Moon"

With Love and Life- A girl meets a clan of vampires and turns to the gargoyles for safety.

A Different Point of View- Xanatos is targeted by a deadly spell. Can anyone or anything save him?

A Tale of Two Gargoyles- Takes place shortly before and during The Goliath Chronicles. Elisa lives a life between her police work and her love for Goliath. Meanwhile, Castaway works to form a group to eliminate the gargoyles. How will these two react when their lives are thrown out of whack?

Day and Night

Part of Two Worlds

Claws and Teeth