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Welcome to Algiers, Algeria!

Welcome to Algiers, Algeria!

Home of the Algerian gargoyles!

The airplane has put you outside a cave that is almost completely covered with bushes. You push the bushes aside, knowing by now that the plane puts you outside of the clan's home. You enter the cave, following the glow of a fire in the back. You also hear a voice, reading something. The scene at the fire unfolds before you. Eight gargoyles and four humans are crowded around the fire. An olive green skinned female is holding a book. She closes the book and walks over to you. "Hello, my name is Anya. I am the clan leader. Feel free to look at the clan's stories and the descriptions of my clan members. Just watch out for the exiled member, Vasta when you are ready to leave. She has a grudge against humanity." You nod and turn once more to the selection of stories before you..

Clan Descriptions

A New Beginning

Reality and Fiction-Part 1

Reality and Fiction-Part 2

Reality and Fiction-Part 3

Reality and Fiction-Part 4

First Time

Day of Humanity

As always Disney's Gargoyles belongs to Buena Vista.

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