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The Nighttime Protector

It was July fifth, 1994, nighttime. A gargoyle stood atop of the Seville Cathedral in Seville, Spain. Her name was Claudia. She was six feet tall with black hair and blue-green eyes. She was flesh-colored with long, wide wings. She was eighteen years old, born in 1976.

Claudia was gazing out at the city that has been her protectorate ever since she stopped her first crime, when she was fourteen. She, then glided off the cathedral and started toward Seville in search of criminals to stop

. While she glided over Seville, she was spotted by two humans, Roberto who was fifteen with blond hair and blue-gray eyes and Isabel who is thirteen with brown hair and hazel eyes. They first spotted Claudia July first and wanted to meet her. So they followed her with their eyes until she started to leave the city and head for the cathedral. Roberto and Isabel followed her.

When Roberto and Isabel saw Claudia land on the cathedral, they raced inside and started climbing the stairs that led to the top. They could hardly wait to meet the gargoyle.

They finally reached the top and pushed the door open. There, right in front of them, was Claudia. Claudia, shocked that she was discovered, stood there, frozen. She didn't know what to do and neither did Roberto and Isabel.

Roberto spoke first. "Hola. My name's Roberto and this is my friend, Isabel." "I'm Claudia," replied the gargoyle. She moved towards the two teens. Soon they had only a foot between them.

"Roberto and I saw you four nights ago," Isabel said shyly. Isabel couldn't believe that she and Roberto were talking to a gargoyle, but the realization was starting to sink in.

Roberto, Isabel, and Claudia spent the rest of the night talking about their lives, the city, Roberto's and Isabel's families, and about Claudia's first crime she stopped.

Dawn soon came and Roberto and Isabel left the cathedral. Then they each went home. But when Roberto arrived home, he found his whole family awake and in an uproar. They stopped when Roberto entered.

"Hi everybody. What's up?" Roberto asked.

"We want to discuss some things with you," Roberto's father said. "First of all, where were you last night?"

"I was with Isabel," Roberto replied, which wasn't too far from the truth.

"Second of all," his father continued. "The whole city lately has been claiming that they've seen a gargoyle flying (he didn't know gargoyles glide) above the city. We don't know what it wants, but it can't be good. The city has decided that they want to eliminate this gargoyle before it hurts someone." All Roberto could do was stand there in shock.

Meanwhile, Isabel carried a similar conversation with her family. Isabel couldn't believe it, either. They only spent one night with Claudia and now the whole city wanted to kill her. She and Roberto were going to put a stop to that before any real fighting begins.

That afternoon, all the villagers in Seville gathered in the town square. Roberto's father led the group in a pep rally speech, saying that gargoyles made the city impure. Killing the gargoyle would make the city pure again. The others shouted in agreement.

Isabel and Roberto, on the other hand, listened to the rally, then immediately headed over to the cathedral, so they could warn Claudia when she woke up. Sunset arrived and Claudia awoke. When she turned around, she saw Roberto and Isabel. looking very scared.

"Roberto, Isabel, what's the matter?" Claudia asked.

"Claudia, the city is out to kill you. You need to get away. Roberto and I will hold them off while you get away," Isabel explained.

"No. I will not abandon the city, not after all the years I helped protect it," Claudia replied firmly. Roberto and Isabel knew there was no changing her mind. But they went to the cathedral's front entrance to protect their friend.

The villagers were heading toward the cathedral with lit torches in their hands, shouting, "Kill the gargoyle! Kill the gargoyle!" When they reached the entrance, they saw Roberto and Isabel standing there.

"Roberto, what are you doing here? You and Isabel better run along," his father demanded.

"No Father. We will not run along. What you're doing is not right. The gargoyle has done anything wrong. The only people she would attack are people who break the law. She's an all night patrol. Do you want to kill an all night patroller?" Roberto preached.

The crowd murmured to one another. They didn't know what to say or think. Should they trust Roberto or continue with their cause?

"How do you know all this?" one villager called out.

"She's our friend. We met her last night. And her name's Claudia. Please, believe us. Claudia will help the police protect our city better. Don't kill her," Roberto answered.

Once again, the crowd discussed this. The crowd then dosed their torches with water. Roberto's father declared that from now on, Claudia will be the main protector of the city. The villagers turned and headed back to the village.

Roberto and Isabel went inside and told Claudia the good news. Claudia was very glad to hear that no one was going to kill. She thanked her two friends for standing beside her through this battle. Then Claudia glided off to do her nightly patrol.

The End

Solo to Duo