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Welcome to Moscow, Russia!

Home of the Russian gargoyles.

The Gargoyles International Airport airplane deposits you in front of a beautiful castle. You walk inside thinking, 'Is this where the Russia clan lives?' You wander into a room filled with books, obviously the library. As you round the corner of a bookshelf, you are face to face with a purple skinned gargoyle, reading a book. The gargoyle looks up and smiles. "Hello, guest. My name is Kaameeleah. I'm a Child of Oberon and I've spent my time in the outside world posing as a gargoyle in this clan. Oberon gave me special permission to stay with the clan. Read my clan's adventures and enjoy!" You thank her and examine the clan stories which are stored on a special shelf.

Clan Descriptions

The Beginning of a New Friendship?

Friends and Foes

Size Isn't Everything

A Cute But Odd Couple

Rite of Leadership

The Circle Widens

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