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Clan Descriptions

The Gargoyles of Moscow, Russia

Leader:: Kayka(female), possibly in love with Chris, turquoise skin, dark brown hair, 6 ft. 9 in, 24 yr. old.

Second-in-command: Baska(male), mate to Wisca, blue-gray skin, black hair, 6 1/2 ft., 21 yrs. old

Third-in-command: Wisca(female), mate to Baska, blue-green skin, red hair, 6 ft., 20 yrs. old

Other clan members (6):

1. Strom(male):no mate, stormy gray skin, blond hair, 5 ft. 5 in., 19 yrs. old

2. Kaameeleah(female): no mate, child of Oberon, purple skin, gray eyes, white hair, 6 ft. 2 in., age unknown

3. Junip(female): mate to Zackary, green skin, auburn hair, 6 ft., 17 yrs. old

4. Zackary(male): mate to Junip, gold skin, jet black hair, 6 1/2 ft., 17 yrs. old

5. Paseacha(female): no mate, red skin, brown hair, 7 ft., 22 yrs. old

6. Katsuhiro(male): no mate, light lavender skin, gray hair, 6 ft., 62 yrs. old

Human friends(5):

1. Amelia: green eyes, black hair, 5 ft. 2 in., 22 yrs. old

2. Chris: black eyes, blond hair, 6 ft., 23 yrs. old, possibly in love with Kayka.

3. Todd: blue eyes, brown hair, 5 1/2 ft., 20 yrs. old

4. Noel: green eyes, red hair, 5 ft. 10 in., 21 yrs. old

5. Kurt: brown eyes, brown hair, 6 ft., 19 yrs. old


Jeff Erickson: blue eyes, black hair, 32 yrs. old. Business man, many departments in technology, chemicals, genetics...; gargoyles thought him to be an ally.

Background Information:

1. Gargoyles and their human friends live in a castle called Angel Castle.

2. First story takes place in September of 1996.

List of Stories

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