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The Circle Widens

Kurt watched Todd and Paseacha head for the city. Todd had shown Paseacha everything about the city, but every time they go, they find something new to discover. Kurt shrugged and walked into Moscow by himself. Once in the city, Kurt looked around. Kayka had given him, Amelia, Noel, Todd, and Paseacha permission to show the clan to a few more humans. Kurt knew that to find the humans that would keep the gargoyles' secret would be hard. Still, it would be challenging to find some. And furthermore, Kurt loved a challenge.

Evans took a deep breath of the pleasant summer air. He was a high school graduate and couldn't wait for college. Running through his red hair with his hand, his blue eyes sparkling, he looked at his friend, James with his blond hair and brown eyes, and his girlfriend Jennifer with her long brown hair and green eyes. All three of them were graduates of high school, but James was seventeen, while the other two were eighteen.

Kurt stopped at a few stores and purchased a few items for the gargoyles and his other friends. Afterwards, he strolled down the sidewalk. Not paying attention to where he was going, Kurt bumped into Jennifer. All his bags and Jennifer's purse fell to the ground.

"Oh, I'm so very sorry," Kurt apologized, helping Jennifer up and handing her purse back.

"It's okay. I'm not hurt," the young girl replied, stooping down to help Kurt with his bags.

As she was putting items back into one of the bags, she noticed that the items did not seem normal for people. They were rather...odd to be owned by people. Like, a magic book?

She showed the book to Evans and James secretly. The boys also agreed that a magic book was odd. Jennifer turned to Kurt and was about to ask him about the book when Kurt spoke.

"You know, we've spoken to each other, but we haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Kurt."

"I'm Jennifer. This is my boyfriend Evans and our friend James."

"By the way," she continued. "who is this book for?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Well, I noticed it was a magic book. Who is it for?"

"A friend of mine. She can read Latin."

"Who is she?"

Kurt hesitated. Were these humans worthy of knowing about the gargoyles? Could they be trusted? Well, he could find out.

"Are you good at keeping secrets?"

"Of course we are," replied Jennifer, apparently caught off guard.

"How big a secret can you keep?"

"We can keep a secret as big as the world.

Kurt was amazed. If they could keep a secret that big, then they could be trusted.

"Well, my friend you were asking about is a-gargoyle-named-Kaameeleah," Kurt rushed.

"A WHAT!" exclaimed all three friends.

"A gargoyle," Kurt said softly. Suddenly, this didn't seem like a good idea to Kurt. It was too late now.

"Did you say a gargoyle?" James said. "But gargoyles are just rainspouts."

"Not so," replied Kurt. "They are stone statues during the day, but at night they become flesh and blood beings. I'm friends with eleven of them."

"Eleven," breathed Jennifer. "Wow. That's a lot."

"Would you like to meet them?" Kurt asked.

"Sure. But, after dark, right?" Evans questioned.

"Right. I'll meet you at the gates of that castle over there." Kurt pointed to Angel Castle.

"It's a deal," James replied, with a friendly grin.

Jennifer returned the book, and the three humans and Kurt went their separate ways. Kurt had done it! He found three humans who would, hopefully, be the gargoyles' friends and keep their secret.

Hours later, the four humans met at the gate of Angel Castle. Kurt explained to them, how in January of 1996, he and four other humans, stumbled upon the castle and discovered nine gargoyles. He went on to explain about Chris, Todd, Paseacha, and Kaameeleah. (Read "Friends and Foes" and "A Cute But Odd Couple"). The three of them seemed to take it well. It was time to show the gargoyles to them.

Kurt led them inside and introduced them to Amelia and Noel. Hello's and how do you do's were exchanged between them. Kurt then showed them the library, kitchen, rec. room and the main hall.

"This is a very impressive castle," Evans complimented.

"I'm glad you think so," a voice said. Jennifer, Evans, and James looked in shock at the turquoise skinned female gargoyle in front of them. Beside her was a blue-gray skinned male gargoyle.

"Kayka, I want you to meet Jennifer, Evans, and James. Guys, this is Kayka, the clan leader, and this is Baska, her second-in-command."

Evans stepped up to the leader and shook hand with her, albeit, a bit awkward. James shook hands with Baska. Kayka told them that she was pleased to meet more humans and said that she trusted that they would keep the clan secret. Evans assured Kayka that they would.

After that, Kurt introduced them to Wisca, and Strom who were talking together. Then they met Junip and Zackary, followed by Kaameeleah and Katsuhiro. At last, Kurt came to the three gargoyles who considered themselves "misfits".

"Guys, this is Chris, Todd, and Paseacha. This is Jennifer, James, and Evans."

Chris extended his five talon hand and shook hands with all three of them. Todd and Paseacha exchanged nods and hellos with them.

Once they stepped outside into the courtyard, Evans shook his head in amazement. "I can't believe how...human the gargoyles seem. Except for their claws, wings, tail, and fangs," he commented.

"I know. That's how I felt when I first met them."

"Are females gargoyles supposed to look the way Wisca is when they're pregnant?" asked Jennifer (Read "Rite of Leadership").

"I don't know. I never saw any pregnant gargoyles before Wisca."

"Can gargoyles really fly with their wings?"

"No, they can only glide.

The three of them bombarded Kurt with what seemed like a million questions. Kurt did his best to answer them. Finally, Kurt told them one suggestion that was absolutely brilliant, yet obvious.

"You know, maybe you should ask the gargoyles these questions. After all, they would most likely know the answers."

"Oh my gosh, you're right!" exclaimed Jennifer.

All three of them dashed into the castle, their minds storing their questions. Kurt laughed as he followed them into the castle.

The End

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