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A Cute But Odd Couple

Todd sighed as he waited for the gargoyles to awaken. He was near the gargoyle he had spent most of his time with lately: Paseacha.

Ever since Valentine's Day, he and Paseacha had began to depend on one another for companionship. None of their friends had noticed their constant togetherness. This surprised Todd. They were together four times a week from sunset to sunrise for the past two months when Paseacha had nothing to do.

The sun dipped below the horizon. Stone skin started to crack and the roar of gargoyles filled the air. Todd stepped back to give them room. A tall, red-skinned gargoyle turned to see Todd standing behind her. She smiled at him.

"Good evening, Todd. It's good to see you," the female greeted.

"It's good to see you too, Paseacha," the twenty-year-old answered back.

Junip watched Paseacha jump off her place and walk inside the castle with Todd. The two of them made a cute, but odd couple. Their height was one obvious point. Todd was five and a half feet tall, while Paseacha was seven feet tall. But both of them had brown hair, which was interesting.

The human, gargoyle couple walked down the hall looking into each other's eyes. Todd wondered what Paseacha saw in him that drew her to him. Was it his eyes? His hair? His personality?

Paseacha thought, 'What does Todd see in me? Why did he choose to love me instead of one the human girls? Gee, Todd is cute for a human. What if Todd and I were...Paseacha mentally shook her head. No, it was impossible. Well, not impossible. After all, it happened to Chris. But Todd would never want that. Would he?

Chris was also walking through the halls, unaware that Todd and Paseacha were heading toward him. When the three of them saw one another, Chris gave a sharp-toothed grin.

"Ooo. In love with Paseacha, Todd?" the flesh-colored gargoyle teased.

"Back off Chris," the young man warned.

"Okay, okay," Chris said. Then he went off softly singing, "Todd and Paseacha, Todd and Paseacha."

Paseacha whispered, "Don't let him get to you."

"I'm not."

"You know, Todd, I've been wondering..."

"About what?"

"If we were the same...species."

"We can't."

"Kaameeleah could."

"Even if we did, who would do the transformation?"

"Both of us could."


"Just follow me." Paseacha led Todd down the hall to the study where Kaameeleah was at a desk, writing a new spell.

"Kaameeleah, can you do Todd and me a favor?" Paseacha asked.

"Of course. Name it," Kaameeleah answered.

"Can you, possibly, make me human during the day and Todd a gargoyle at night?" Paseacha requested.

"What?!" Todd and Kaameeleah exclaimed together.

"Todd, think of the possibilities," Paseacha pleaded.

Todd thought about it. Gliding with his love at night. Showing her the town in daylight. It sounded too good to be true. He gave a slight shiver of excitement. It could happen, though.

"All right Let's do it," Todd declared.

"These two beings who are in love,
found one another in a castle, not a cove.
Todd Granite, his desire I will grant,
to have wings claws, and tail during nighttime, pan it.
His love, Paseacha, grant her wish
so in daylight, she and Todd may kiss,"
chanted Kaameeleah.

Magic swirled around the two lovers, blocking them from sight. When it was done, Todd was a gargoyle. For Todd, it felt somewhat awkward. He wasn't standing flat on his feet, and his ankles were off the ground. This gave his balance a little trouble.

"Thanks, Kaameeleah, this means so much to us," Paseacha thanked. She and Todd walked out into the hall, Todd teetering on his clawed feet.

Paseacha taught Todd the basics of gliding. The two of them spent the rest of the night gliding together. The two of them landed on the tower, just as the others gathered for dawn.

"Todd, you're a gargoyle!" Zackary exclaimed.

"Only at night," Todd reassured.

Dawn arrive. The gargoyles turned to stone, while Todd and Paseacha changed into humans. Looking into her eyes, Todd saw they had turned into a lovely shade of brown.

"What do you want to do?" Paseacha asked.

"I would like to take you to breakfast at a cafe," Todd smiled, pleased with his decision.

"What's a cafe?" Paseacha asked.

"You'll see," Todd replied and the two of them headed inside to get ready to go into town for a cozy breakfast for two.

The End

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