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Size Isn't Everything

This story is dedicated to Lexington.

Valentine's Day was approaching. Noel and Amelia were decorating the Main Hall along with Paseacha and Kaameeleah. After awhile, Strom came into the Main Hall.

"Hi girls. Is there anything I can do?"

"No, Strom. Noel, Amelia, Kaameeleah, and I have everything under control. Besides, you'll just get in the way," Paseacha answered.

Strom left, feeling hurt. It never failed. He wanted to help his fellow gargoyles and friends out and they always dismissed him saying or implying that he was too small. And that wasn't true. Amelia was a bit shorter than him, if only by three inches.

Strom was so busy moping about his size that he didn't notice that he passed Kayka and Chris.

"Is something wrong?" Kayka asked, startling him.

Strom turned around, "Nothing's wrong."

"Come on. That's not true. What is it?" Chris prodded.

Strom looked at Chris. Chris's height was perfect. Six feet tall.

"Wait a minute. Don't tell me. You're hurt that the others say you're too small," Chris guessed.

"Yes, that's right. I'm no help to this clan," Strom complained, finally glad to let it out.

"But you're an excellent warrior," Kayka protested.

"What good is it when you're the smallest warrior?" Strom inquired.

"Think about what you can do that the rest of us can't," Kayka said.

"Like what?"

"Well, you're the fastest gargoyle of the clan. The rest of us can never glide fast enough to catch up to you," Kayka said.

"What else?"

"What do you know better than the rest of us do?"

"I know every single secret passage in this castle. Most of them only I can get into," Strom answered proudly.

"See? Size isn't everything. One day, the clan will turn to you for something that they can't do that you can do," Kayka explained.

"You're right Kayka. But sometimes I do wish I was a little taller," Strom said sadly.

"Well who knows? Someday, you might just get a little taller," Kayka smiled.

Strom smiled back and ran off to see if any hidden passages remained, just waiting to be discovered.

The End

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