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Friends and Foes

Snow was falling to join the snow that had already collected on the ground a week ago. A beautiful Christmas tree stood in the corner of the Main Hall of Angel Castle. The time is December 1997.

Angel Castle is home to nine gargoyles and five humans who live in Moscow, Russia. The leader is a turquoise-colored, dark brown haired, six feet nine inces., female gargoyle named Kayka. Kayka is twenty-four and had just assumed the role of leader a month ago, in November.

The rest of Kayka's clan consists of her second-in-command Baska, her third-in-command Wisca, Strom, Kaameeleah, Junip, Zackary, Paseacha, and Katsuhiro.

Baska is twenty-one with blue-gray skin, black hair, and six and a half feet tall. He is also the mate of Wisca. Wisca has blue-green skin, red hair, is six feet tall, and is twenty years old.

Strom has stormy gray skin, blond hair, a kite-winged structure, and is five feet five inches, making him the shortest gargoyle in the clan. Strom, of course, resents his height constantly, but when it comes to defending the castle, he doesn't let that fact bother him at all. Strom is nineteen years old.

Kaameeleah, I should let you know, is a special gargoyle. Actually, she's not a gargoyle: She's a Child of Oberon, so her age is unknown. Kaameeleah was supposed to be at The Gathering with the other Children, but being that she is one of Oberon's hardest working followers, he allowed her to stay with the clan as long as she likes. As a gargoyle, Kaameeleah has purple skin, gray eyes, white hair, and a height of six feet two inches.

Junip has green skin, auburn hair, six feet tall, and is seventeen. She is the mate of Zackary. Zackary has gold skin, jet black hair, six and a half feet tall, and is also seventeen. Both of them are the best fighter in the clan, behind Kayka and Baska. Junip and Zackary know every fighting technique they could find in the library, which could come in handy in a battle.

Paseacha has red skin, brown hair, seven feet tall, being the tallest gargoyle in the clan. She is twenty-two years old. Paseacha is known for being the most enthusiastic and most cool-headed in a battle. She doesn't let anything interfere her strategy planning when confronting an enemy. She calculates what to do and she does it.

Katsuhiro was the previous leader of the clan until he passed the job to Kayka, though he had a lot of years left that he could have led(that's another story). So now, he advises Kayka whenever possible. Katsuhiro is sixty-two years old with light lavender skin, gray hair, and six feet tall.

If you were to meet this clan, be sure that you're not a villain because if they learn anything about you that could endanger the clan, they will scare you out of the castle. And it that doesn't work...they'll have to kill you or insure that you'll never leave the castle. Ever. However, if you appear friendly and your record is clean, they will be friendly and treat you as a guest. In short, try to get on their good side. There's nothing worse than an angry clan of gargoyles on your heels.

The clan also lives with five humans. There is Amelia with green eyes, black hair, five feet two inches, and twenty-two years old. Chris has black eyes, blond hair, six feet tall, and twenty-three years. Chris is different, though. He seems to have a crush on Kayka, but then, Kayka has a crush on him. Todd, with blue eyes, brown hair, five and a half feet tall, and twenty years old, teases Chris constantly about his love for Kayka. Chris just ignores Todd's teasing.

Noel, who has green eyes, red hair, five feet ten inches, twenty-one years old, protects Chris from Todd's teasing as does Amelia, though Chris pays no attention to the teasing. Kurt, with brown eye and hair, six feet tall, and nineteen years old, pretty much stays out the group's arguments. But all five of them are good friends.

Amelia and Noel were busy hanging garland around the Main Hall, while the boys decorated the tree. After that done, they decided to go outside to talk with their friends.

"Hurry up, guys! I can't wait one minute longer," Chris called impatiently to his friends, who were trying to put their coats on as fast as they could. Chris had put his coat on in about one minute and was waiting for them. To him, they weren't going fast enough.

"Can't wait to be with Kayka," taunted Todd. Chris walked away, ignoring Todd's teasing as well as Amelia's and Noel's scolding.

Chris went immediately to the library that was on the other end of the castle. Which meant that Chris had to go outside, across the courtyard, and into the West Wing of the castle. Chris knew the library was Kayka's favorite place.

Chris liked the library, too and not because of Kayka. Chris loved reading, especially books about magic and myth, which was a lot of what the library supported. Sometimes, he found himself wishing that he wasn't human, but the same species as Kayka. That way he could love Kayka and not be teased about it.

"I thought you'd be here," Chris remarked as he entered the library. Kayka was sitting in a chair, reading one of her favorite books.

"Hello Chris. I was wondering if you'd be joining me tonight," greeted Kayka, looking at her friend, her eyes sparkling at the aspect of their daily ritual.

"I never miss a chance to read with you," Chris smiled, grabbing his favorite book, Creatures of Myth and Legend. Chris and Kayka read until half an hour to sunrise. The two of them went to the battlements, the clan's sleeping place which took fifteen minutes.

"Hello Kayka, Chris," Junip greeted as the two of them came up to the battlements.

"Hello Junip. Hello everyone," Kayka answered back. "Anything new?"

"Mr. Erickson's going to be here soon," Baska reported.

Jeff Erickson is another one of the gargoyle's allies. He is thirty-two yrs. old with blue eyes and black hair. Being that he is a business man, he signed a contract with Kayka promising to never force the gargoyles to do anything they didn't want to do.

"Don't count on soon. I'm already here," announced Erickson.

"What is it that you wish to discuss with us?" Kayka asked, getting right to the point. Kayka is the type of gargoyle to right to the point rather than striking up some friendly conversation before getting down to business. Erickson didn't mind this, though. He did similar things himself.

"I fear for you and your clan's safety. I want you to leave this castle and come live with me," offered Erickson. His offer actually had an ulterior motive, as you will soon discover.

Kayka sighed out loud, "We signed agreement that you would never make us leave."

"But, I'm doing this for your safety. That is my only concern," Erickson persisted.

"I'm sorry, but we must decline your offer. Now, the clan and I must sleep." Kayka, Baska, and the rest of the clan perched on top of their places and turned to stone. Their five human friends went inside.

Erickson's lip curled up in a sneer. "They will come with me. Once they do, I'll enslave them all," he thought savagely.

Throughout the day, Erickson plotted how to get the gargoyles to surrender in his office. He learned from the gargoyles' human friends three months ago that gargoyles are very strong. Using them for night labor would help speed up construction that takes five months with just daytime work. With the gargoyles, they could cut that time in half, or at least a third of the time. He finally came up with a plan. he would hire an attack squad to capture Kayka and demand to the gargoyles that they surrender of their leader would die.

At sunset four attack squad members had assembled in Erickson's office. He went over the attack, reminding them not to hurt anyone and to capture the leader quickly and alive. Then, he gave them a picture of Kayka. The squad turned and left the room to head to their destination.

They arrived at Angel Castle in a couple of hours. They slipped into the castle, but triggered the silent alarm. Amelia and Todd noticed the alarm and warned the others that invaders were in the castle. The gargoyles sprang into action.

When the first squad member appeared, Baska grabbed him and threw him across the tower with little effort. The second members was quicker and knocked Baska out from behind, then turned, and shocked Wisca unconscious.

Kaameeleah, during all this, quietly sneaked inside the castle. The clan was going to need her magical abilities. She changed into her true form, a purple dress, piercing blue eyes, and white gleaming hair.

Kaameeleah entered the fray with light blinding magic. The squad to see this strange woman, but recovered and started attacking again.

The first squad member regained consciousness and decided to search for Kayka like the boss said. He finally found her, standing on the tower above the fray, ready to swoop down and attack.

"I've got you now monster," the member muttered under his breath. He brought out his gun and fired an electric net over the female gargoyle.

The net shocked his prize and was unconscious. The member grabbed a remote control out of his belt and signaled for a helicopter.

The chopper arrived on autopilot and landed effortlessly before it's summoner. The pilot climbed into the seat, activated manual control, lifted the chopper up, then lowered a hook to snare Kayka and her net and hauled her inside.

The other three members saw the chopper and knew what they came for was accomplished. One member purposefully dropped a note before diving into the chopper with the other two and heading back to Erickson.

"That sure was a quick fight," Paseacha commented.

"Hey, what's this?' Noel asked, picking up the note. She handed it to Baska, who read it.

He dropped the note, then growled, "Erickson hired those humans to capture Kayka! Either we surrender of Kayka will die!"

"Well, we're not going to do either," Katsuhiro declared. "We have to rescue Kayka."

"Right. Let's go," Baska answered. The clan took to the air with five of them carrying their human friends.

Kayka was brought to Erickson in his office. He dismissed the team, then turned to Kayka, who by this time, had awakened. She looked around her, then spotted Erickson at his desk.

"Why am I here?" Kayka demanded.

"I'm using you as bait," Erickson explained. "Once your clan surrenders, I'll enslave you all!"

"They'll never surrender!" Kayka roared.

"They will or you'll die!"

"You're no longer an ally to the clan," the leader said, eyes glowing a scarlet red.

"That's fine with me!"

Suddenly the double doors burst open and there stood the clan.

"Release her, NOW!" Baska roared angrily.

"Make me," Erickson taunted, pushing a button to summon armed guards to his office. There was no choice, but to fight their way out. And so, another battle began.

Wisca ripped Kayka's net open and their leader was free. A guard landed on top of Katsuhiro, a dagger in his hand. Zackary threw the guard off and helped Katsuhiro up. Junip and Kaameeleah used teamwork to knock out two guards out.

Erickson grabbed a special gun and aimed it at Chris, who had just defeated a guard. Erickson fired and a dart landed on Chris's shoulder. Chris gave a little cry and as he pulled it out, he fell unconscious.

Kayka gasped, grabbed Chris, and said, "Let's get out of here, now!" The clan quickly finished the battle and fled back to Angel Castle.

Once back home, Kayka placed Chris down and everyone waited for the tranquilizer to wear off.

As they waited, something began to happen. Chris was growing wings, a tail, and claws. The dart had turned him into a gargoyle. Erickson planned to turn the five humans into gargoyles to increase the nighttime labor force.

At that point, Chris woke up. While he looked at his friends, he noticed they were staring at him funny.

"Why are you staring at me like that?' Chris asked, confused.

Amelia held up a mirror to Chris's face, wordlessly. Chris gasped when he saw what happened to him. His wish had actually come true. He was a gargoyle.

"Chris, we're so sorry," Kayka whispered softly. She felt responsible for this and she didn't know what to do to fix it.

"It's alright Kayka. Everything's going to be fine now," Chris assured her.

As he reached out his hand to hers, he looked at it, shocked. He had claws, but that wasn't the surprising part: He had five claws on each hand.

Kurt came up behind him. "It looks like a part of you is still human," he observed.

"Yeah, I guess so," Chris agreed.

Kayka took Chris's hands and embraced him, wings around him. Chris did the same. They remained like that all through sunrise, two lovers frozen in stone.

The End

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