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Welcome to Bergen, Norway!

Home of the Norwegian gargoyles!

You are brought before a rundown mansion in Norway. This had to be the place. You walk inside, somewhat grateful to the airport for bringing you directly to the homes of the gargoyles clans you visit. Once inside you decide to check out the library, where you would mostly likely find the clan stories and one of the gargoyles. Your decision is correct. There is an ebony gargoyle in the library, who like the others smiles. "Hello, my name is Venice, leader of the clan here. My clan was placed under a magic spell 1017 years ago, waking in 1988. Now in 1990 we meet a human cop who has kept our secret. We hope you will keep ours, too." You promise to keep their secret and you are shown the clan stories.

Clan Descriptions

Ten Gargoyles and a Cop

Norwegian History

Wings of the Night

Norway Meets Russia

Please Be Mine

A Special, Magical Night

Hunt of the Millennium

Comet's Selfless Act

Return to Airport