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Comet's Selfless Act

Christmas songs played throughout the mansion. A decorated Christmas tree stood proudly in the living room of Clan Norway’s mansion. Christmas was a week and a half away and the house was fully decorated. Garland was wound around the banisters, twinkling lights shone in the halls, and decorations of paper and crepe paper hung from the ceilings and walls.

Despite the coming holiday, Demon couldn’t work up any enthusiasm. Lately, he was feeling the loneliness of being alone. He knew exactly what he needed. Or rather who he needed. Someone to share Christmas with. Like Olivia and Gerry were doing. Sighing, he unfurled his wings and glided into the cold winter air.

Lisette had been watching the clan’s home for weeks, watching the male members in particular. Were any of them lonely for companionship? She had watched each male and found all of them to be handsome, by gargoyle standards. The leader seemed like a good choice, but her hopes deflated when she saw a white-haired female step up and give him a kiss. That had been around November 26.

Suddenly, movement caught her eye. A handsome, no, very handsome male gargoyle had just left the mansion. From where she was, she could tell that he looked lonely. ‘He’s the one. That is the gargoyle I will love. Oh, he is so handsome,’ Lisette thought.

She wanted to follow him, to introduce herself. But, she suddenly grew shy. Interesting, since she showed no shyness in her long lifetime before. And she knew why she was shy. He was different from anyone she saw. She couldn’t bring herself to follow him. Sadly, she began to wing her way home.

A shadowy figure watched Lisette and Demo. He saw Lisette’s wistful expression and knew that she wished to meet Demo and maybe fall in love with him. He could help bring them together. And he can start with Lisette. Closing his eyes, Comet focused his magic.

Lisette wondered about the gargoyles she saw. Would she ever get up enough courage to speak to him? To meet him? She looked at the stars and focused on the brightest one she saw. Closing her eyes, she whispered, “I vis’ (wish) teux meet t’e gargoyle I ‘ave seen tonig’t.”

Opening her eyes, she saw the shape of a gargoyle approaching her. A male gargoyle. Specifically, the one she had seen. Her mouth opened slightly. ‘That was a fast wish come true,’ she thought.

The gargoyle of her dreams came closer and saw her. His eyes widened at her sight. Gliding a bit closer, he said, “You are so veautiful (beautiful). V’at is your name?”

My-my name is Lisette. V’at is your name, gargoyle?”

“I am Demo.”

Comet inwardly smiled. This had to be the first selfless trick he has ever come up with. Pretending to be Demo was sneaky, yes, but it’ll do the trick. Of course, later on, he’ll be pretending to be Lisette. The plan was simple, but at the same time, complicated.

“I’ve veen vatc’ing you for some time,” Lisette finally spoke up.

“You’ve veen vatc’ing me?” “Demo” said.


“I must say t’at I’m very flattered.”

“Can I see you again. Say, tomorrov nig’t?”

“Sure. On t’e rooftop across from t’e mansion?” He pointed in the general direction of the rooftop he intended on. Lisette nodded.

“Alrig’t. See you tomorrov nig’t, Lisette.” “Demo” glided away, leaving Lisette sighing with pleasure. Turning in the wind, the immortal female glided for home.

Demo exhale softly. The night was beautiful. The wind currents were steady and smooth. No sudden shifts in currents or sudden drafts. That was all fine and well, but it would be even better if he had someone to share it with. Where was the mate he sought?

At that point, a female gargoyle appeared in the sky, yards from him. The female noticed him and seemed frozen with shock. He couldn’t help staring at her. Long black hair cascaded down her back ending at her waist. Blue-gray skin complimented her hair nicely. She was, in his opinion, very lovely. He moved towards her. She didn’t move, still surprised at seeing him.

At last, he was a couple of feet from her. “Do not be afraid. I vill not ‘urt you. I am Demo. V’at is your name?”

“I-I am Lisette.”

“Do you live ‘ere or someplace else?”

I’ve lived in Vergen (Bergen) all my life.”

“So ‘ave I.”

“I’ve seen you vefore Demo, vut I didn’t knov ‘ov teux approac’ you. I am somew’at s’y (shy).”

“I am glad t’at you ‘ad t’e courage teux talk teux me and not run off.”

“So am I.”

“Can I see you again?”

“Yes. ‘ov avout on t’e rooftop across from your ‘ome? Say, tomorrov?”

“Alrig’t. Tomorrov nig’t. See you t’en.” Demo gave a slight bow before leaving his new friend and returning home. His thoughts were in a whirl. Someone new had entered his life, someone he was certain he could fall in love with.

Comet watched Demo glide away as he changed back to his true form. He silently congratulated himself. He had done it. He had gotten two individuals together. Sort of. There was still the meeting tomorrow night. That is the test that’ll prove whether or not Lisette and Demo belong together.

“I’ll watch them tomorrow and see if I played my roles well or not.” Nodding, Comet went home to catch some sleep. Unknown to him, was someone watching him, listening and vowing to stop Lisette and Demo from falling in love. The gargoyle glided into the night.

Lisette yawned as she sat up in bed and stretched. When the fog in her brain cleared, she remembered her meeting with Demo last night and the one they were going to have tonight. She wrapped her arms around her legs, bringing her knees to her chest. “O’ (Oh), t’at Demo is so ‘andsome. I s’ould ‘ave looked at ‘is clan a long time ago.”

Getting out of bed, she pulled her bedroom blinds up and looked at the bustling activity below her. Christmas was in ten days and she needed to buy Demo a present. But what should she buy for a gargoyle, especially since she knew nothing about him, but his name and species? Turning from the window, she decided to get dressed and try to figure out a present for Demo. Maybe she’ll buy presents for Gerry and his son. Surely, that won’t be hard.

Steeping out of her house minutes later, she decided to stop at the bookstore that was just around the corner. She stepped into the sea of people and immediately felt herself being swept off her fee. The concrete was racing up behind her to hit her in the back.

Suddenly, a strong hand shot out and grabbed her, stopping her fall. She looked at her rescuer. It was Gerry, holding his son in the crook of his other arm. Taking a deep breath, she said, “T’anks, Gerry.”

“It vas my pleasure. People get crazy like t’is at C’ristmas.”

“Yes, t’ey certainly do.”

“Vere you going C’ristmas s’opping?”

“Yes. Especially for Demo. I met ‘im last nig’t.”

“I can ‘elp you vit’ finding a present for ‘im.”

“Do you ‘ave an idea on v’at ‘e vould like?”

“Yea’. I knov yust t’e t’ing. Come on. Follov me.” Gerry and Lisette walked down the sidewalk and right into the bookstore Lisette had planned to go into. Gerry led the immortal to a particular section and handed her a book.

“Demo’s veen saying avout ‘ov ‘e vould like teux read T’e Odyssey after ‘e read T’e Iliad.”

“’e likes teux read classic novels?”

“Vell, sometimes, ‘e reads certain types of vooks (books) v’en ‘e’s in a particular mood. T’is is t’e second time ‘e’s veen on t’is classic vook kick.”

Lisette laughed. So Demo liked to read, huh? Well, that would give her something to talk about at her meeting with him tonight. Thanking Gerry, she went to pay for the book. She glanced back at the cop and decided to buy a carrier for him and his son. It was the perfect present. Lisette turned back to pay for the book.

The sun slowly began to sink, its daily are across the sky, coming to an end. The sky began to change colors. It went from a brilliant blue to a blue sky streaked with orange, yellow, and red with a hint of purple and pink. The colors began to fade, the sky taking on a dark midnight blue.

Lisette watched this transformation from day to night with a feeling of happiness. A happiness she had not felt for almost a thousand years. It was love, pure and simple love. Her change from human to gargoyle did not hurt, so she was prepared to take flight as soon as the change was complete. Her wings unfurled, she leaped out the window and toward the planned destination, gift in hand.

Demo scanned the sky for a sign of the female he had met the night before. He hoped the female wasn’t a hallucination of his desire to have a mate. Suddenly, a dark shape appeared on the horizon. The shape got close enough for him to see that it was Lisette. So, he didn’t imagine her. She was real. Once again, he admired her hair and skin color. He pictured her features beside his own and admitted that they would make a cute couple together. Lisette alighted onto the roof and smiled shyly at him. His heart fluttered.

“’ello Demo.”

“’ello Lisette. It’s good teux see you again.”

“Same ‘ere. I...u’ (uh)...’ave a C’ristmas present for you.” She handed the wrapped book to him.

“T’ank you. I vis’ I ‘ad somet’ing for you.”

“Meeting is enoug’ for me.”

“I promise you. I vill ‘ave somet’ing for you vy tomorrov nig’t.”

“You don’t need teux.”

“I insist.”

“Very vell.” Lisette leaned forward, her head resting on top of his head, for she was a good half a foot taller than him. She felt the amber gargoyle’s arms wrap around her. She wrapped her wings around him. He did the same. Demo took one hand and used it to lower Lisette’s head down to look into her eyes. As she met his gaze, Demo closed his eyes and leaned forward. Lisette did the same. Their lips met and locked together. The stars above them twinkled brightly.

Comet sighed as he watched the scene below him. His plan worked. Demo and Lisette were falling in love. Just as he had hoped. He knew they were meant for each other. Both were lonely and wanted to share their life with someone. Especially Lisette.

“My work here is done,” Comet concluded.

“No, it’s not,” a singsong voice said. Comet whirled around.

A flesh-colored female gargoyle stood before him. Her delicate wings rose from behind her. Her hair was long and the color of the ocean. Comet’s eyes narrowed.

“What are you doing here, Veronica?”

The gargoyle began to change. She became shorter, her wings and tail disappeared, claws split into five fingers and toes which were covered with a pair of boots. Soon, the relation breaker fay known as Veronica stood where the gargoyle had been moments before. She smiled at her fay brother.

“Tsk, tsk Comet. Haven’t you learned about not interfering in mortals’ lives?”

“Lisette’s not mortal. That makes what I’m doing perfectly fine.”

“But, you’re interfering in Demo’s life. That’s not right.”

“You would know about interfering in mortals’ lives. With all the broken relationships you’ve caused.”

“Watch your tongue, Comet. Or I’ll report you to Oberon!”

“If you can find him!”

“Do you ‘ear t’at?” Demo asked. “It sounds like someone arguing vit’ someone else.”

“Let’s see v’o it is.”

The two gargoyles glided into the air and followed the voices. They came upon the fays’ rooftop. They looked on with fascination at seeing the two of them there.

“It’s Comet!” Lisette gasped.

“You knov Comet?”

“Yes. Vut v’o is t’e ot’er fay?”

“S’e’s called Veronica. S’e’s knovn for vreaking (breaking) up interspecies relations’ips.”

Lisette was amazed at what Veronica was capable of. She hoped Veronica didn’t plan on breaking her and Demo up just because she was human. The two of them continued to watch the fays’ fight with interest and in silence.

“I can find Oberon! I’ll bet you he’s on Avalon right now,” Veronica shouted. She shot a bolt at Comet, who easily dodged the bolt.

“You’re wrong. He’s not on Avalon. He summoned me last year from his home in the mortal realm.”

“You lie!”

“I wouldn’t lie about our lord.”

Veronica’s golden ruby eyes flashed and sparked with anger. She fired three bolts: One left, one right, and one in the middle. But Comet got out of the way of each one.

“Veronica, either your aim’s not very good, or you’re playing with me.”

“I’m not playing with you!”

“Oh, so you are serious about hitting me.”

“Enough!” Thunder and lightning rumbled and flashed as Veronica roared that word. “That’s it! You’ve pushed me too far, Comet! I’ve watched your activity in Bergen for centuries. Lord Oberon gave me the power to punish you as and when I see fit. That point is now. I will punish you by forcing you to spend 100 years in a mortal form.”

“Veronica, no! Please don’t do this!”

Veronica did not listen. Closing her eyes, she focused on the power Oberon bestowed upon her. She could only use it to punish Comet. That’s what her lord had said. A bright green glow surrounded her floating form. The wind blew her hair behind her.

“This is your punishment, Comet. No magic powers for you to use. May you learn humility and respect for me in you mortal form.” She let the power fly out of her and hit Comet. The magic created a flash at the scene.

Demo and Lisette shielded their eyes. Lisette felt sorry for Comet (because of the punishment Veronica was casting on him). He didn’t deserve this. Perhaps, she would take him into her home. That, of course, depended on the form, though.

The magic flash subsided after a couple of minutes, allowing Demo and Lisette to unshielded their eyes. They saw a floating Veronica a few feet away from a gargoyle with flesh-colored skin and green hair. Lisette gasped, “Poor Comet.”

Veronica whirled around and faced the couple. “I came here to go after you actually. Comet was just an extra bonus. I’m breaking you up.” The fay conjured up a bow and a quiver of arrows. Selecting an arrow, she put it into the cock of the bow and aimed. “Say goodbye to your boyfriend, Lisette!”

“No!” a voice roared from behind the fay. Veronica didn’t have time to react as she struck broadside by Comet. He pinned her down and growled, “I worked too hard to bring them together. I won’t let you ruin it!”

Veronica narrowed her eyes as a beam of light shot out and struck her adversary, sending him to the roof, unconscious. Cutting her losses of breaking Demo and Lisette up, Veronica vanished.

Lisette knelt beside Comet just as he woke up. Comet groaned as he put a hand to his head. Such pain. He never felt pain like this except from an iron chain.

“Comet, are you alrig’t?” he heard Lisette ask.

“Physically, yes. But not emotionally.” The former fay looked at the roof. “A hundred years as a gargoyle as punishment.”

“It could ‘ave veen vorse (worse),” Demon remarked.

“I suppose.” Comet wasn’t convinced.

“Comet, I vant teux say t’ank you for saving our relations’ip. As payment, I vant you teux live vit’ me. I vill protect you during t’e day.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes. Please accept my offer.”

“All right. I accept.”

“Good,” Demo said. He turned to the female. “I vill see you tomorrov nig’t, yes?”

“Yes. And I vill tell you everyt’ing avout me.”

“Alrig’t. I vill see you bot’ tomorrov.”

“Both of us?”

“Yes. I vant teux introduce Lisette to t’e clan and I vant teux explain v’at ‘appened tonig’t. I’ll need bot’ of you t’ere so t’e clan vill get t’e v’ole (whole) story.”

“All right. I’ll come.”

“Come on, Comet. It’ll be davn (dawn) soon. See you tomorrov, Demo.”

“Vye Lisette. Goodvye Comet.” Demo waved to the two gargoyles.

Comet and Lisette waved back before taking off. Comet was a bit unsteady on his wings, but his experience from last night helped him learn quickly.

Demo kept watching them until he could no longer see them. He sighed. Tomorrow was going to be a long night. He had Lisette’s present to give, his new mate’s explanation of herself, introducing her to the clan, and tonight’s escapade. It was a lot to do, but with Lisette and Comet, it could be easily accomplished. Demo turned and headed home.

The End

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