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Hunt of the Millennium

Lisette did a double take over her shoulder, causing her to lose the man she was tailing. Her eyes were now on the man who had brushed by her a few moments ago. This man was familiar to her.

'Where have I seen him before?' she wondered. She turned around and began to go after him, but very casually. She watched as another woman brushed lightly by him. He looked at her with a disgusted look, his eyes showing contempt.

Lisette's eyes grew wide. "It's 'im," she whispered to herself. "It's Devon!"

She knew that contempt look that Devon used when he was around her during their chase around the world. Eyes blazing with unsatisfied bloodlust, the immortal female changed her pace into a deliberate stalk. She didn't know nor care why Devon was human, she had only one thing on her mind. She was going to make Devon pay for his crime he did over 1,000 years ago: With his blood and her own.

Devon was still sulking. That little imp Comet was going to be sorry he turned him into a human. True, it had its advantages, but the advantage proved fruitless. Anyway. He may not be able to hurt the half-breed, but he can hurt the fay. He could even kill the fay. His lips went up in an evil smile at picturing Comet slowly and painfully dying, an iron chain tightly wrapped around him.

A human woman chose that moment to lightly brush by him. Disgusted by her touch, he shot her look that said just that. 'Filthy human,' he mentally spat. A dark-haired woman beyond the first one was looking at him with recognition. He recognized her, too.

Turning back around, he muttered, "S'oot, Lisette 'ere and s'e recognized me. I've got teux get avay." Looking behind him again, he saw his enemy changing her pace into a stalk. Panicking slightly, he quickened his steps.

Gerry stepped out of the baby store, juggling his son and all the items he bought. He could tell right now, that having a hybrid child was going to be difficult to care for. At least until the child could feed and clothe himself. Gerry wondered how Chris was going to feel when he learned about his dual heritage.

'I can't wait to tell Olivia about this. She'll be so surprised,' he thought, opening the passenger door to strap his son in. Then he dumped the packages in the back seat behind Chris. Then, he got in the driver's seat and pulled away into the uptown traffic.

As he drove into the lane nearest to the sidewalk, he noticed a strange scene. A dark-haired woman was stalking a man with brownish-blond hair. The man obviously knew he was being stalked because he was walking very quickly. Stalking wasn't right and he was just the one to stop it. Pulling up to the curb, he got out and grabbed the woman by the wrist.

"I'm afraid I can't let you stalk t'at man," he told her.

"You don't understand," the woman said. "T'at's no man. 'is name is Devon and 'e's a monster!"

Gerry recoiled. "Did you say Devon?"

"Yes. Do you knov 'im?"

"I most certainly do. 'e's t'reatened my relations'ip vit' my girlfriend tvice (twice) and kidnapped my nevvorn (newborn) son lat nig't. I'll 'elp you catc' 'im."

"T'ank you, uh..."

"Gerry. Lieutenant Gerry Clouds. And v'o mig't you ve?"

"I am Lisette."

"Come on. Ve'll use my car to catc' 'im." The cop led the immortal to his unmarked police car and opened the left back door for her and she slid in. As they drove off to chase Devon, Lisette said, "'ov did you meet Devon?"

"Vell, you see, I'm friends wit' a clan of gargoyles."

"You knov avout gargoyles?

Gerry chuckled. "Yes. Devon vas a vanis'ed memver of t'eirs. 'e 'ad found t'e clan out and vas planning teux kill t'em one nig't."

"I sav 'im c'oking a male gargoyle t'at nig't."

Gerry started to sweat slightly. "V'at did t'is gargoyle look like?"

"'e 'ad fles' colored skin and red 'air."

"You may not velieve t'is vut I vas t'at gargoyle."

"You? Vut t'at's impossivle!"

"No, it's not. A fay named Comet vas ordered vy Devon teux get rid of me, so 'e turned me inteux a gargoyle. 'ov did you knov Devon vas c'oking me, vy t'e vay?"

"Comet made me a gargoyle at nig't so I could c'ase Devon easier."

"You vere t'e one v'o save my life!?"

"I vas focused on killing Devon. Ve are immortal. If I kill Devon t'en I die too. Comet vas t'e one v'o made us immortal."

"So, you're goal is teux die?"


Gerry's care came to a halt about half a block ahead of Devon. Lisette climbed out of the car and thanked Gerry for helping her.

"S'ould I stay in case 'e gets avay again?"

"No, t'at von't ve necessary. I knov v'ere 'e lives. I can follov 'im teux 'is 'ome."

"Okay. Good luck." Gerry and his son drove away.

Lisette waited in some dark shadows. She wondered if the hunt would finally come to an end. Would she finally kill Devon? She watched the crowd of people pass her and at last she saw him. She stepped up behind him, grabbed him, and pinned him to a brick wall on one side.

Devon had relaxed his pace when he saw Gerry stop Lisette. As much as he hated the human, he was glad that he was there. He knew that Gerry didn't recognize him which made it all the better. He walked for awhile, glad that he got Lisette off his tail. Suddenly, he felt someone grab him and pin him to a brick wall. He looked at his attacker. It was Lisette!

She smiled smugly at her external foe. "Finally, deat' vill ve mine," she said in a low, satisfied tone. Suddenly, a handsome man walked by.

"'old on a sec," she told Devon. She let go of him to turn and smile charmingly at the man. He smiled back and continued on his way.

Lisette turned back to her foe and pinned him again. "Nov v'ere vere ve?" she said. "O' yes. I vas avout teux kill you."

"I seriously douvt (doubt) t'at," Devon retorted.

"'ov's t'at?" she asked.

Before he could respond, a woman who, Devon imagined, looked like Olivia was approaching them. If Olivia was human, at least that's he thought she'd look like.

"Could you 'old t'at t'oug't?" he asked, wrenching Lisette's hold of him off. He smiled at the woman the way Lisette had smiled at the man earlier. The woman returned his smile and continued on her way.

"V'at do you t'ink you're doing?" Lisette exclaimed as Devon allowed himself to be pinned again, a loving look on his face.

"S'e's cute," he commented as the woman turned the corner and was gone.

"I t'oug't you 'ated 'umans," she said, wondering if Devon's attitude towards humanity was changing.

No such luck. Devon broke out of his thoughts with a horrified cry of, "V'at vas I doing? I vas smiling at a 'uman!"

Lisette couldn't help laughing at her enemy's reaction. It was too funny. Unfortunately, she was laughing so hard, she had released her hold on Devon, giving him the chance to get away. He slipped away from the wall and into the crowd. By the time Lisette had stopped laughing, he was long gone and so was her chance to kill him. In her haste of wanting to be alone, she had lied to Gerry about knowing where Devon lived. Stomping a foot in frustration, the queen went back to her man-watching in order to alleviate the pain of death cheating her.

Gerry parked the car and carried his son up the steps of the mansion. After sleeping and feeding his son, he thought about how well-behaved Chris was. He didn't wake his father up with an ear-splitting wail, but rather with a soft whimper that was loud enough to be heard by the cop. Gerry wondered how gargoyle children let their clan members know they were hungry. He was going to have to ask the clan about that. He unlocked the door, walked in, then locked it behind him. Now that Devon was human in daylight, he didn't dare leave the door unlocked where their enemy could just walk in and kill the clan. He walked up the stairs that led to the roof and stood at the top behind the gargoyles and waited for sunset.

As the sun's last rays faded in the distance, the familiar cracking of stone resounded through the air. The cracking gave away to a chorus of roaring and yowling. The clan was awake.

Olivia looked at her empty hands and told herself not to panic. Did Gerry already take their son before they awoke? She turned around and smiled with relief when she saw the bundle in her beloved's arms. She hopped off her place and walked over to them.

"Good evening Gerry," she said, greeting him with a kiss.

"'ello Olivia," he greeted back. "I've 'ad an interesting day."

"V'y don't you tell us inside? Ve don't vant our son teux catc' a cold, do ve?"

"No, ve certainly don't." Walking inside with their son, they went to find the clan so Gerry could tell them what happened that day.

Lisette watched the proceedings from a distance. So, that was his girlfriend? That female gargoyle? She was pretty. Their son must be a hybrid. Interesting.

Maybe the companion she's looking for isn't a human, but a gargoyle. She might have to spy on the clan to see if any male gargoyles are lonely and wanting companionship. Satisfied with her decision, Lisette took wing and headed for her home to get some sleep.

The End

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