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A Special Magical Night

The leaves on the trees were turning brilliant colors of red, yellow, orange, and brown. Halloween night had given away to November a week and a half ago. Diams sighed dreamily. Fall was such a beautiful and somewhat colorful season. But she couldn't tell Olivia that, even thought she shared her love of nature. Olivia was too busy worrying about her pregnancy to pay attention to anything else.

Gerry had been very helpful in telling the young gargress about human pregnancy, at least the best he could. He didn't know everything about it since he's a guy, but during the last nine months what he told Olivia has helped greatly. Both Olivia and the unborn child were fine so far.

The clan was eagerly awaiting the birth of the possibly first hybrid of a human and a gargoyle in the world. During October the clan played a guessing game on what the child would look like. Some of them guessed that it would be mostly gargoyle with five claws and colored eyes. Others said it would be mostly human except for five claws, wings, and a tail. Gerry and Olivia did not participate in the game, however. They played their own game: making a list of names. The list consisted of both human names and gargoyle names. The two mates agreed not to name their child until they've looked at it and picked a name that fit its looks.

Across from the gargoyles' home, Comet was keeping watch over the clan. He usually watched them during the day when the clan and Gerry were asleep. The last couple of months, though, had changed his schedule. The baby was due to arrive any time soon and he wanted to be there to help.

"I hope nothing happens to the happy couple or their child," Comet said to himself as he settled down to get some sleep. What he didn't realize was that someone had overheard him. That someone was Veronica. She smirked silently. Comet must be crazy. A human and a gargoyle can't produce any children. But, maybe she should keep an eye on Olivia and find a way to interfere.

A Week Later

"V'ere's Gerry? Ve need 'im nov!" Venice called throughout the mansion.

" 'e's on 'is vay. 'e'll try teux get 'ere as soon as 'e can," Libra said calmly.

"Vut, v'at if 'e can't?" Gravas asked.

"Then, I'll help," a new voice spoke up. Venice looked at the new voice.

"Comet! V'at are you doing 'ere?"

"I'm here to help Olivia deliver the baby if Gerry can't make it in time."

"T'en do it. Olivia's vater yust vroke (broke)!" Diams cried out.

"All right. All right. I'm on it." Comet zoomed into the room that the clan used as an infirmary and found Olivia on one of the beds, moaning and groaning.

"Have no fear, Olivia. I am here to help you."

"Comet," Olivia said before moaning again. Comet took his place at the gargoyle's side and proceeded to deliver the baby.

Gerry beeped his car horn impatiently. He had woken up late and ended up getting caught in rush hour traffic. He wanted desperately to see Olivia and this traffic was not cooperating. He wasn't sure why he wanted to see her so badly, but he hoped it wasn't something bad.

"Come on, Olivia. One more push," Comet coached.

"Vut, t'e vavy's not even out," Olivia protested between breaths.

"I know. One more push will bring the head out, though."

Olivia pushed hard. A head with pointed ears and flesh-colored skin appeared.

Comet gently placed his hand under the head. "I've got the head. Keep going, Olivia."

Gerry pulled up in front of the mansion, scrambled out of the car, and ran inside the clan's home. The first gargoyle he met was Venice, who looked relieved to see him.

"Venice, v'at is vrong?" the cop asked.

"Olivia is delivering t'e vavy."



Gerry headed for the infirmary, ignoring Venice who was calling his name.

Bursting into the room, he looked about breathless. Gerry gasped and blinked. He shook his head with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and looked again. There, standing between his mate's legs, was the very fay who had give them all their happiness. The fay looked over his shoulder, saw Gerry, and smiled.

"Hey, Gerry. Come over here and place a hand on Olivia's stomach. I can't press on her stomach and receive the child at the same time."

Gerry obliged and, as he went to his love's side, he caught sight of a tiny head between Comet and Olivia. He wanted to shout with joy at this sight, but restrained that feeling as he placed a hand on the gargoyle's belly and gently pressed down.

About half an hour later, a gargoyle wail resounded through the mansion. the sound brought the entire clan running. When they reached the infirmary, they found Olivia hold a white bundle with Gerry and Comet on either side of her, gazing at the child.

"It's a boy!" Comet exclaimed happily but softly. The rest of the clan crowded around to see the child. They saw a flesh-colored gargoyle with black hair, eyes that matched the hair, and five claws on each hand.

" 'e's so 'andsome. V'at's 'is name?" Starz squealed slightly.

Looking at each other, Olivia removed a list from her belt and passed it to her love. Gerry held the list so both of them could read it. After a few minutes of pointing and discussing, they came to an agreement.

" 'is name is C'ris (Chris)," Olivia announced.

"Let's give the happy couple some time alone," Comet suggested, shooing the clan out of the room and closing the door behind him. Unknown to all was someone invisible, watching them. Chris' birth would be interesting information to a certain gargoyle she knew. Veronica teleported herself to Devon's home.

Devon roared in anger. His Olivia couldn't have produced a hybrid child. It was impossible. But, Veronica had told him that Comet was involved, so, therefore, he could make it possible.

"Are you going to do something about this?" Veronica questioned.

Growling, Devon replied, "Yes. I'm going teux kidnap t'at c'ild and kill it." And with that, Devon glided out the window and headed for the clan's home. Veronica grinned satisfactorily.

Gerry and Olivia were still looking at Chris, when the window to their left shattered and Devon appeared in the room. Growling, the immortal gargoyle's eyes swept across the room and landed on the baby in Olivia's arms. When she saw who Devon was looking at, she tightened her grip on the child.

Devon rushed over to the bed, growling, "Give me t'e c'ild!"

"No, you can't 'ave 'im," Olivia retorted (Author's note: Does that line sound familiar to you Gargoyles fans, hmm?). Gerry stood between Olivia and Devon determined to protect his family. Devon swatted Gerry away like a fly, sending him toward the opposite wall. He fell unconscious. The male then wrenched Chris from Olivia, giving his ex-mate a push with his body in doing so. Then he glided out the shattered window, just as Comet burst into the room.

It was fun being with a clan of happy gargoyles, especially when a birth had occurred. Venice was thanking Comet for blessing Gerry and Olivia when the fay sensed that Chris was in danger. Jumping up from his seat, he burst into the infirmary in time to see Devon leaving with Chris.

"NO! I will not let him harm that child!" Comet bellowed. Flying out the window, he followed the gargoyle.

Devon glanced over his shoulder and saw Comet coming after him. Chuckling under his breath, he looked down at the newborn in his arms. He was so handsome, it was a shame that it was an abomination. Holding the infant by the white towel, he held him up in the open air, ready to drop him. He began to open his closed hand...

...but his claws refused to open. They remained in a closed position. Devon then noticed that he was frozen in mid-air. Comet flew in front of him and levitated Chris into his arms. Looking at the gargoyle with flashing eyes, he said, "This child was made possible by me. Attempt to harm or kill him and you face my wrath. For your crime, I will punish you." Closing his eyes, Comet chanted:

"Though you are a gargoyle true, Be flesh when sky is blue Try again to harm this kid, You will not succeed You will not harm him as you bid."

Opening his eyes, magic flashed from them and surrounded the frozen immortal. Devon vanished, being sent to his home. Still holding Chris, Comet flew back to the clan's home.

Olivia had never been happier in her life than the moment she saw Comet with her son, unharmed. She rushed over to them and the fay handed her son to her. While the other gargoyles crowded around Olivia and Chris, Gerry approached their son's rescuer.

"T'ank you for saving our son."

"I helped give you Chris. I felt it my duty to defend him."

"It vould ve nice for C'ris teux 'ave someone else teux protect 'im."

"Then it's agreed?"

"Yes. And I'm sure Olivia vill agree."

Devon brooded in his house, thinking about the spell Comet had cast on him. He knew the last part was a protection spell on the baby, but what did the first part mean? 'Though you are a gargoyle true, Be flesh when sky is blue'. What kind of punishment is that? Releasing a gargoyle from his stone sleep is a gift, not a punishment. Well, it would be dawn soon. Devon walked over to a window and watched the sun start to rise.

Suddenly, Devon clutched his stomach and slid to his knees. One hand now clutched the window sill while the other held his stomach. Was this Comet's punishment? Causing him pain in order to be flesh in daylight? Oh, well. He could live with that. When the pain had faded, Devon pulled himself and faced the window. The warm sun fell on his face and he closed his eyes in pleasure. Sighing, the immortal turned from the window. Lifting a hand to brush back some stray hairs, he stopped, hand half-raised. His hand was white and five-fingered. Examining himself, he found himself to be human. This was the punishment! Comet had turned him into a human during the day. But, he could turn this to his advantage. He could finally kill his clan and that annoying human. Exiting his house, he headed for the mansion.

Gerry locked the front door of the mansion the best he could while holding a baby. The last few minutes had been startling, but Gerry recovered. Comet had told him and the clan about the protection spell on Chris, omitting the part about Devon's change into a human. Dawn was coming, too, so the clan filed out of the room and up to the roof, Gerry in tow.

Setting Chris in Olivia's arms, Gerry watched the clan turn to stone and was about to leave when Comet stopped him.

"Do you plan to let your son starve today mister?" Comet scolded in his best "parent voice". Blinking in confusion, Gerry wandered over to Olivia and saw a human boy in her arms. Chris had become human. And a nice one at that. Flesh-colored skin, black hair, and green eyes. Looking at the green-haired fay, he said, "V'y is 'e 'uman?"

"It's part of being a hybrid. Or at least this hybrid." And then, Comet left.

Gerry sighed, wondering how he was going to drive. Climbing into the driver's seat, Gerry gaped at the passenger seat. A baby seat had been fastened to it. A present from Comet. It had to be. Strapping Chris into it, Gerry closed his car door, fastened the seat belt, drove into uptown Bergen.

Devon stood in front of the clan's mansion. He had made a slight detour to rob a man of his clothes before arriving. Grinning to himself as he climbed the stairs, he thought how foolish that human was to wander into downtown Bergen. It was quite a blow he gave the human, too. Grasping the doorknob, Devon turned it this way and that. Locked. He walked down the steps and checked the two sides of the building. No fire escape. Every way up to the roof had been sealed off. Comet's doing, no doubt. Frustrated, Devon walked away, too busy sulking to realize that he was heading toward uptown Bergen.

Lisette was man-watching. Looking for the right man to date, who would accept the fact that she was a gargoyle at night. That is after he calmed down. She flashed a smile at a handsome brown-haired man. He smiled back and nodded.

'This one has potential,' she thought. She silently followed him, trying not to appear as if she was stalking him. Lisette was so focused on her possible boyfriend that she almost didn't see a brownish-blond haired man brush by her.

Looking at the man for a second, she returned to the object of her attention. Then, Lisette did a double take over her shoulder.

The End

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