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Please Be Mine

Nine clan members swarmed around her. She paid no attention to them. It was February, the most romantic month of the year and she had no one to share it with. Except Gerry. But, even so, the two of them couldn't do all the things that human couples did. The only thing they could do was watch a movie in a secluded spot of the theater and then maybe a nice dinner at the clans' home. But, to her, it wasn't special. Olivia sighed and walked off toward the library.

The trickster watched the young female walk away. He saw the wistful expression on her face when she had stared out the window. Love and hopefulness were in that one expression as well. Maybe he could help her. Would she accept his help or turn him away? Well, he would never find out unless he asked. Comet silently and secretly followed her.

Across town, someone else had also caught the love bug. Only, his lifetime goal kept the one he loved from him. Maybe, if he tried hard enough, he could persuade her into convincing the others to forgive his rash attack last year and accept him back into the clan. Or make her realize that loving a human is a hopeless cause. They couldn't have any offspring together. Besides, Olivia was his. His for life. He was going to find a way to separate his love from the human she confessed to loving. He would not give up until Olivia was his again.

Gerry stifled a yawn as he drove to the gargoyles' home. His shift was over and he wanted to say hello to the clan before they all went to sleep for the day. As Gerry pulled up in front of the mansion, he could hear Oslo's barking from inside. It was a good thing that the whole area was deserted, otherwise the police would have been called in to stop the "dog" that was disturbing the peace. The police officer walked inside and was greeted by about 500 pounds of happy doggoyle. He quickly stepped inside to avoid being barreled into the floor. Patting Oslo's head, he said, "I'm glad teux see you too, voy (boy)." The two of them walked up the stairs to join the rest of the gargoyles.

"'ello Gerry," Venice greeted their friend as he appeared at the top of the stairs.

"I came teux say 'ello and 'ave a good day's sleep."

Venice smiled and nodded just as Olivia came out of the library, a bright smile on her face. She went up to Gerry and planted a kiss on his cheek before bounding away.

Gerry gaped at the retreating figure. Touching the cheek she kissed, he looked at the gargoyle leader. "Did s'e yust kiss me?" he asked. Venice nodded, pleased to see their human friend shocked for a change. The two people walked up to the rooftop where the gargoyles spent their days in stone sleep.

The other nine gargoyles were already on the roof when Venice and Gerry arrived. All of them except Olivia were on their perches, getting ready for sunrise. Olivia was watching the proceedings with great interest, like a child on Christmas Day looking at the mountain of presents under the tree. Gerry wanted to ask her what she was so excited about, but decided that it could wait until sunset. The young man watched as the posed gargoyles reverted from their array of colors to the same gray stone. Stifling another yawn, Gerry turned to leave.

A movement on the roof caught the cop's eye. He quickly drew his gun, cocked it, and aimed it at what caught his eye. He froze. Before him was a beautiful young woman. Her eyes were huge and green like his own with long black hair that came to her waist. She was so stunning that he momentarily forgot why he had his gun aimed at her. Then, it all came back in a rush. Re-aiming the gun that had faltered a moment ago, he called, "Don't move!" The woman looked at him in surprise then said, "Gerry, v'at are you doing?"

Her voice stopped him cold. It was so familiar. Looking at her appearance again, he thought feverishly who she reminded him of. While he thought, his eyes drifted from the woman to the gargoyles on their perches. There was Venice, Starz, Demo, Diams, Gravas, Oslo, Libra, Aquarius, Judice, and...where was Olivia?

Remembering how she acted before sunrise, he widened in shock as he looked at the woman. Putting away his gun, he approached her, and said hesitantly, "O-Olivia?" The woman smiled and nodded.

"V-vut 'ov? 'ov is t'is possivle (possible)?" Gerry asked, still shocked.

"It vas Comet. 'e knev 'ov muc' ve love eac' ot'erk so 'e offered teux make me 'uman for one day."

Gerry was elated. His love wanted to be with him so she had Comet make her human. Smiling he led Olivia out of the house and into his car. He instructed her on how a seatbelt worked, and then he buckled up. Igniting the engine, Gerry drove the car out of the abandoned area and into the heavily populated areas. Olivia's eyes drank in the sights of a part of Bergen that she had never seen except on patrols. Tall factories, houses in perfect condition, and stores of various shapes and sizes.

Gerry smiled as he watched the young female look at the scenery that whipped by them. Olivia's fascination of this city made him realize how much of the city he took for granted as well as his humanity. How he could just drive into any part of the city and walk into a store without anyone shooting at him just because he wasn't human. He pulled up in front of a clothing store and killed the engine.

Olivia looked at him. "V'y did you stop?"

"I t'oug't ve could stop and get you some nev clot'es. Yust for today."

Olivia smiled as she and Gerry walked into the store. She was somewhat aware of the fact that people were staring at her unusual attire (she was wearing a tunic). Gerry paid no attention to them as he led her to the women's clothing.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes, they found an outfit for Olivia to wear: A simple red dress that came just below her knees with a gold trim at the hem, around the collar and the sleeves. Some tights, high heels, and a coat completed the look. Gerry had the tags clipped off and rung up while Olivia put her new clothes on over her usual clothing in the dressing room. Gerry was certain that Olivia knew how to wear the clothes they bought, so he didn't worry. If she didn't, there were assistants to help her.

Exiting the store awhile later, they climbed into the car and Gerry drove them to a romantic cafe for a cozy breakfast for two. All during the ride, Olivia couldn't seem to tear her eyes away from the city's sights or Gerry. She knew how much in love she was with Gerry, but could it work? Could she really love a human and get that love back from him?

In the cafe, Olivia and Gerry sat at a two-person table facing each other with menus in front of them. Gerry decided on coffee with the cafe's morning special: Scrambled eggs, one sausage, a piece of bacon, a biscuit, and two pancakes. Looking over his menu, he caught Olivia looking back at him.

"Somet'ing vrong, Olivia?"

"Um, I uh..." she stammered. Glancing down at her menu, and then looking back at Gerry, she said, "I can't seem teux make up my mind."

"'ere let me 'elp you." Sharing Olivia's menu between them, they decided on apple juice with the Sunrise Scramble: scrambled eggs, two sausages, and a biscuit.

A waitress appeared at their table and the two of them gave their orders. Then the waitress turned and left. Now with the deciding and ordering of breakfast was over, the hardest part was about to take place: Making conversation.

Gerry decided to make the first move. Clearing his throat, he said, "Olivia, ve (be) 'onest. 'ov do you feel avout me?" Almost at once, Gerry wished he could take that back. Cheeks slightly red with embarrassment, he looked at the young woman across from him.

Olivia smiled, "Gerry, I never t'oug't you'd ask. I feel some sort of love tovard you. Some kind of love I 'ave never felt vefore."

"I feel t'e same vay."

Now it was Olivia's turn to blush. She looked down at her lap. "I never t'oug't you felt like t'at."

"Vut I do."

Just then, the waitress arrived with their order. The plates and drinks were placed in front of them and the waitress left. There was no need for Gerry to show Olivia how to eat properly. She did it with her clan all the time.

After breakfast, the two climbed into the car and took off down the street. The next stop was St. Mary's Church. Olivia was enchanted by the church's beauty even the stone gargoyles that adorned it (though, she didn't like how they looked). Afterwards, they enjoyed a romance movie. Olivia, of course, was not too surprised at the movie screen, but rather how different it looked on the ground. The rest of the day flew by in a blur and soon it was time to head back to the mansion.

As they approached the roof, Olivia (who had removed the clothes she wore that day) looked at Gerry and said, "Gerry, I vant teux t'ank you for t'e vonderful day."

"It vas my pleasure."

Together, they stood on the roof and watched the sun set beneath the horizon. Gerry watched as the other gargoyles woke up and as Olivia made an effortless and painless shift back to gargoyle shape. She smiled at the human while the others went inside. The two lovers stayed outside stargazing and hold hands.

Meanwhile Devon had awakened in his private home and immediately thought, 'It's Valentine's Day. Tonight I am going to make Olivia love me again.' He spread his wings and glided off into the night toward the clan's home.

As he got close to the roof of the clan's mansion, he could make out the shapes of Olivia and Gerry. The closer he got, the more details he saw. They were alone, side by side,...holding hands!?! Devon gaped in shock and surprise. Could it be?

That human had actually realized Olivia's love for him and accepted it? No, he would not have it! Not when he had a way to stop it.

"Comet," he called. Instantly, the little fay appeared next to him.

"You rang?" the trickster grinned teasingly.

"Tell me v'at you see," Devon pointed a talon at the two lovers below.

"I see a human and gargoyle holding hands." Comet sighed. "What a beautiful sight."

Devon roared in anger and disgust. "I vant you to make Olivia mine again."

"I'm afraid I can't do that."


"Well, you see, I made Olivia human today so she could spend the day with Gerry." Then, Comet disappeared from sight, yet he was still there. Devon just didn't know that.

Devon groaned in disappointment. "Nov, 'ov am I going teux make Olivia fall in love vit' me?"

"I can help you," a femine voice spoke up behind him.

Turning in the wind, Devon faced the owner of the voice. He saw a young girl wholooked human, except for the pointed ears and blue hair. Her eyes were also unusual. They glittered like golden rubies.

"V'o are you?" the immortal gargoyle demanded.

"I'm Veronica," the girl answered. "I can help you win the gargoyle you love."

"Do it," he ordered. Then, as an afterthought, he added, "Please."

Nodding, Veronica floated closer to Gerry and Olivia until she was ten feet behind them. Conjuring up a bow and arrow, she placed the arrow into the cock. She aimed and released the arrow, letting it hit Olivia in the back, between the wings. She didn't even flinch.

The effect that happened after the arrow hit, was immediate. One minute, Gerry's holding Olivia's hand, deeply in love. The next minute, he feels Olivia jerking her hand away from his. Looking at her in confusion, he asks, "V'at's vrong, Olivia?"

"You vere 'olding my 'and," she replied.

"I t'oug't ve vere in love."

"Vell, ve're not. Gargoyles 'ave only one mate for life. And I already 'ad one vefore you vere even vorn (born): Devon. I'm going teux find 'im and tell 'im t'at t'e clan vas vrong teux vanish 'im." Without another word, Olivia glided off the roof, leaving Gerry alone on the roof, feeling shocked and rejected. Grinning, Veronica teleported herself back to Devon.

"V'at did you do?" Devon asked when she appeared.

"I broke up the romance between the gargoyle and the human."


"Devon!" Turning around at hearing his name, the immortal saw the person of his affection gliding towards him, a look of pure love on her face. Gliding toward her, they embraced. Devon ran his claws through her hair, stroking it. She did the same with his.

"I missed you so muc'," Devon whispered.

"So 'ave I," she whispered back, pressing a cheek on his arm.

"Come vit' me. I vant you teux see my 'ome."

"I vould love teux." Devon and his spellbound love glided away from the clan's territory and toward his.

"V'y vould s'e do t'at?" Venice asked.

"I don't knov. It's very strange," Gerry replied. After Olivia left him on the roof, he went inside to tell the others what happened. He wished he knew why she did that.

"She's under a spell. That's why she acted strange," an unaccented voice said.

Turning toward the voice, they saw Comet floating in the air.

Green eyes flashing angrily, Gerry demanded, "Did you place her under a spell?"

"No, no. It wasn't me. It was a different fay. Her name is Veronica. You could say that she separates interspecies relations and pairs them up with their own species. If you want, I could help you get Olivia back."

The clan and Gerry huddled together and discussed Comet's offer.

"S'ould ve trust 'im?" Starz asked.

"'e sounds sincere," Demo reasoned.

"I knov 'e's telling t'e trut'," Gerry said.

"'ov do you knov? You accused 'im of putting Olivia under a spell."

I yust rememvered t'at Comet did Olivia a favor last nig't and it 'elped our love." Separating from the clan, Gerry said, "Ve accept your 'elp."

"Good. And I just learned that Devon is showing his home to Olivia."

"Can you shov us t'e vay?"


The clan and Gerry followed Comet by air (Diams carried Gerry) to another desolate part of the area. Lights in the window of one of the houses stood out plainly in the dark abandoned place. It was obvious that the lights, gas, water, and sewage were never shut off and was never billed when used. The eleven rescuers entered the house one level below where Devon and Olivia were.

They quietly crept up the stairs, except for Comet who flew over the stairs. At the top, they stopped and peered around the corner. They saw Olivia admiring the artifacts Devon collected over the centuries, while Devon talked to a female fay.

"I am vey 'appy vit' v'at you 'ave done, Veronica," they heard him say.

"It was my pleasure. I knew that Gerry wasn't the one for her," the fay Devon called Veronica answered.

"Veronica," Comet spat angrily, appearing in full view.

"Comet," she said sweetly. "How nice to see you."

"You've messed with mortals' love lives for the last time. I'm going to make sure that Oberon knows what you're doing."

"But he'll just assume that Cupid is having an off year as always."

"No, this time he'll know it's you."

While they argued, Devon had sneaked up behind Comet and wrapped an iron chain around him tightly. Comet cried out as he felt the cold metal hurt him terribly. He fell to his knees, and then passed out.

"Good yob (job) Veronica," Devon complimented.

"Sure. And if you need me again just call." Then the relation breaker left.

Suddenly, Devon felt a weight on his back. Turning his head, he saw Gerry's angry face. The cop had managed to catch him unprepared for an attack. While he struggled to get Gerry off him, he saw the clan rush in and free Comet, who was still weak from the iron. Devon then found the strength to throw his wings back and send Gerry across the room toward the clan.

Gerry got back to his feet and charged at Devon again. Devon leapt to the side as Gerry ran past and knocked the cop off his feet with his tail. Olivia stood by watching this fight for her love.

Devon pinned Gerry to the floor. The human looked at him. "Nov, I knov v'y Olivia reyected (rejected) me. S'e's under a spell."

"Yes. And t'ere's not'ing you can do avout it." Devon's hands went to Gerry's throat. "Good-vye 'uman."

Just then, Olivia said, "Devon v'at are you doing?"

Looking at his love, he smiled coldly. "Yust making sure t'is 'uman vill never bot'er us again."

'Vut, you're going teux kill 'im."

"It's t'e only vay tuex make sure ve von't ve vot'ered vy t'is 'uman."

"You can't kill Gerry."

"V'y not?"

"Vecause...vecause...I love 'im."

Devon gaped at her. "No-no you don't," he stammered. "You-you love me."

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do. Veronica 'it you vit' t'at arrov."

"Her true feelings broke the spell," a weak voice spoke up. It was Comet.

Olivia pulled on Devon to get away from her human love. Devon remained on top of Gerry. The rest of the clan finally got over the shock of Gerry fighting Devon and together pulled Devon off Gerry. Olivia pulled him to his feet.

"Are you alrig't Gerry?" she asked.

"I am nov." Gerry pulled Olivia toward him and they embraced.

Devon stared at them in surprise and disgust. "'ove cna you ve in love? You can't 'ave any c'ildren."

The two of them looked at each other sadly. He was right. It was impossible for them to have children. They were two different species.

"Come you tvo. Let's go 'ome," Venice said. The clan and Gerry started for home.

On the way Comet, who had recovered, looked at Olivia and a smile came to his lips. Silently, he chanted a spell and he sensed the effects working. Grinning, Comet couldn't wait until the clan was back home so he could tell Olivia the news.

"You did v'at!" she exclaimed. "You made me pregnant!"

"Of course. Though it's a hybrid, it'll have to be born through live birth."

"You mean t'e c'ild's 'uman and gargoyle," Gerry said.

"That's right. I'll leave you two to work things out. Bye." Comet disappeared.

"I'm afraid I don't knov muc' avout 'uman pregnancy. Could you tell me, Gerry?"

Gerry turned red. "Vell, I knov it only takes nine mont's for t'e vavy (baby) teux ve vorn."

"T'at's not very long."


"Gargoyles lay eggs in ten years and ten years after t'at, t'e egg 'atc'es."

"Twenty years?"


Gerry was amazed at how short nine months seemed to a gargoyle. Smiling at his love he said, "Vell, don't vorry, Olivia. I'll 'elp you t'roug' t'is pregnancy. It'll ve fine."

"T'ank you, Gerry. I love you."

"I love you too."

The End

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