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Norway Meets Russia

" 'ello Gerry. 'ov are you?" asked the gargoyle leader as their human friend came up the stairs that led to the roof.

"Muc' vetter (better), t'anks," replied the lieutenant.

A whole day passed since Devon's attack and Gerry was still trying to convince himself that he really hadn't been turned into a gargoyle for a short while. But, the clan had told him that it was true. They all saw it. Still...

Gerry shifted his train of thought to the other gargoyles. He saw Libra and Aquarius head for the kitchen to make dinner, Judice heading for the library, and everyone else, except Olivia, heading for the rec. room. Olivia seemed very sad.

"Is somet'ing vrong (wrong), Olivia?" Gerry asked, going over to her.

Olivia sighed, "I can't 'elp t'inking avout t'e fact t'at my clan is t'e last of our kind in t'e vorld (world)."

"You don't knov t'at for sure," Gerry countered.

"T'at's true, vut 'ov vill ve knov t'ere are ot'er gargoyles in t'e vorld?"

"'ov avout ve all go on a trip teux find ot'er gargoyles?"

"Ve could, vut vould Venice approve?"

"Of course 'e vill. And I'm sure I can get a fev days off from vork."Olivia and Gerry spent the next three days talking to the clan and the police force (Gerry actually talked to the police) about taking a two week trip. Both of them got an "all right", then they planned to leave the next night.

The following night, Gerry met up with the clan on the roof. He had a suitcase with him. Libra grabbed the case and Olivia carried Gerry. Venice carried Oslo. The Norway clan spread their wings and glided off toward the east. The search for other gargoyles had begun.

It took two nights before they reached the big country of Russia. They searched the small towns, then St. Petersburg. The clan reached Moscow just before sunrise. The clan landed on a plateau near a castle and turned to stone. The castle was, in fact, Angel Castle.

Todd and Paseacha had just finished their transformation and went inside to gather their equipment for a picnic on the plateau near the castle. The hike up the plateau was long and hard. When they reached the top, they could not believe their eyes.

There was a man with ten stone gargoyles! Apparently, the man had been asleep, but now he was awake and aiming a gun at them.

Gerry was sleeping peacefully when his sensitive cop hearing heard footsteps. In an instant, he was on his feet and pulled out his gun, as two humans came into view. He aimed at them. Then, the male spoke.

"Whoa, there. Easy, we're just having a picnic."

" 'ov do I knov?" Gerry asked, even though the picnic basket was in plain view. He had to protect his friends.

"Are you Norwegian?" asked the woman.

"Yes, I am.”

"I suppose," Gerry continued. "you're vondering 'ov t'ese gargoyles got up 'ere."

"Oh, that's easy. They glided up here and turned to stone," Paseacha explained.

" 'ov did you knov t'at?"

"Well," said the man. "If we're going to talk to each other, we might as well introduce ourselves. I'm Todd and this is my girlfriend, Paseacha."

"Gerry. Nov," he turned to Paseacha. " 'ov did you knov?"

"Simple. We know about gargoyles. We live in that castle over there."

Gerry was thrilled. There were other gargoyles and right here in Russia.

" 'ov many?" he asked. Gerry saw Todd and Paseacha exchange a look.

"Is somet'ing vrong vit' t'at question?"

"Well, no not exactly," Paseacha replied. Her voice started to sound odd.

"It's just that...well, you better sit down because I don't think you'll believe us," Todd jumped in.

"I don't velieve you," stated Gerry a while later.

"I knew you wouldn't."

"You're tellin me t'at Paseac'a is really a gargoyle and you're really a 'uman. Vot' of you love eac' ot'er so muc' t'at you asked a C'ild of Overon teux make you 'umans in daylig't and gargoyles at nig't," Gerry said.

"That's right."

"I don't t'ink so."

"You'll see," Paseacha said, as the sun started to go down.

Gerry watched in amazement as he saw Todd and Paseacha transform into a brown-skinned gargoyle and a red gargoyle, just as the clan started to awake. The Norway Clan saw their human friend with two gargoyles.

Judice gasped, "T'ere are ot'er gargoyles."

"Everyone, I vould like you teux meet Todd and Paseac'a," Gerry introduced.

Venice introduced himself and the clan to Todd and Paseacha, then asked if there were others around.

"Yes. There are nine other gargoyles and three humans in Angel Castle," Paseacha replied, pointing to the nearby building.

"May ve see t'e ot'ers?"


Todd and Paseacha glided off the plateau and waited as Libra, Olivia, and Aquarius picked up a suitcase, Gerry, and Oslo. Then they led them to the castle courtyard. When they landed, Paseacha turned to the group.

"Wait here. I'll get the clan." Paseacha disappeared into the castle and ten minutes later, reappeared with nine other gargoyles behind her.

"Kayka, this is the clan I told you about," they heard Paseacha say.

A turquoise-colored female stepped forward from the group. Venice did the same.

"I am Venice. My clan and I are from Norvay," the ebony gargoyle greeted. He turned to his clan.

"T'ese are my clan memvers. My second-in-command, Starz. Demo, Aquarius, Oslo, Livra, Yudice, Olivia, Diams, and Gravas."

Kayka smiled, "A pleasure to meet all of you. Let me introduce you to my clan. My second-in-command Baska, my third-in-command Wisca. Strom, Kaameeleah, Junip, Zackary, Katsuhiro, and Chris. You already know Todd, Paseacha, and myself."

"Ve also 'ave a 'uman friend." Venice motioned to someone. He stepped forward. "T'is is Gerry."

"We have three humans. They are in the dining hall. Follow us." The Russian clan led their guests through the large, spacious halls and into a huge, vast dining area. At one end of a long table were three people. Kayka called to them and motioned them over. "These are our human friends. Amelia, Noel, and Kurt."

"The truth actually," Kayka continued. "is that Chris and Todd were born human."

"T'en 'ov can t'ey ve gargoyles?" asked Venice.

"Chris was changed by genetics by an enemy awhile ago. Todd was changed by magic. He says it's only at night, though."

The Norway clan found that some of the Russian clan was practically his or her equal. For example Strom and Gravas, Kayka and Venice, and Baska and Starz.

Two weeks passed. It was time for the Norway clan to return home. There was an exchange of addresses (Angel Castle and Gerry's house) and gifts.

Kaameeleah walked in the study after the Norway gargoyles left and settled down with a Russian mythology book. About ten minutes after she settled down, she heard laughter. Kaameeleah looked up sharply.

"Who's there?" she growled.

The laughter became louder and the form of a man appeared. The man wore a violet tunic and a turquoise sash.

"Oh, hello Comet," Kaameeleah said in a dull tone.

"Well, hello to you, too." the fay said sarcastically. "How's one of my favorite sisters?"

"I'm in better condition than you're going to be in."

"What does that mean?"

"I mean, Oberon's not going to be happy that you linked a pair of mortals, like the Weird Sisters did."

As if on cue, a voice in the study thundered, "COMET!" In the blink of eye, Comet vanished. Now, it was Kaameeleah's turn to laugh.

The End

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