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Wings of the Night

In uptown Bergen, Norway, Lisette, immortal queen of Norway was plotting. she had chased Devon all across the globe since his betrayal and he ended up back in their homeland. Since Devon hid himself in Norway in 1750, she spent the last 240 years doing all sorts of jobs, each time using a different name. Finally, in 1980, she decided to settle in Bergen, using her real name. With the valuable treasures she saved since 1750, she became one of the richest women in the country.

Now,(with the help of people that were told by Lisette of hunting for Devon), she finally was in the same city as her enemy. Her only problem was that every time she caught up with him, he would glide off into the sky, leaving her to call after him that he couldn't escape forever. Devon would just laugh at her. That was when she told her mercenaries to track down the male gargoyle.

Across the city, in a deserted area, Devon was also plotting, but it wasn't against Lisette. It was against his clan. Especially Olivia. He had several ways, but one way kept occurring in his mind over and over. He decided to attack and kill his clan! Devon spread his wings and took off. He was unaware that mercenaries were watching and following.

A radio transmitter on Lisette's belt crackled to life. A voice on the other end said that they had the gargoyle in their sights. Lisette said to keep following until she gave the peel off order. Then, she turned to a table that contained three items: a long iron chain, stardust, and a gold bell.

Since Lisette did not have enough money to build a helicopter strong enough to withstand a gargoyle's claws, she decided to summon the same fay that linked her and Devon: Comet. Unlike Devon, she could not simply call the fay when she wanted to, but these items would bring him to her just as well.

Lisette picked up the gold bell and rang it five times. She then began reciting a spell in ancient Norwegian. Halfway through the spell, she grabbed the stardust and threw it into the air. The dust began to take the shape of a little man. Before the shape completely materialized, Lisette threw the iron chain around it. A flash of light later and Comet appeared in the room.

Comet was annoyed. He had been taking a nap in nice, warm bed, then, poof, he was in front of Lisette, bound in iron chains. He glared at the immortal.

"What do you want?" he asked, irritated.

"Not muc`, yust(just) a request," the young woman answered.

"Well, what is it?"

Lisette sighed and turned around. "I've venn trying teux kill Devon for t'e last t'ousand years. Every time I get close teux killing 'im, 'e gets avay. I vant you teux give me a pair of vings(wings), so I can follov 'im v'en(when) 'e takes off."

Comet, at first, was bored listening to Lisette until she mentioned her request. A grin lit up his face. So, she wants a pair of wings? Oh, Comet was going to have fun with this.

"Can you do it?" asked Lisette, facing the fay.

"Of course," replied Comet. He floated into the air, crossed his arms in front of him, and closed his eyes. He chanted a rhyming spell which didn't make much sense to Lisette. At last, he stopped chanting and opened his eyes.

"It is done. Your wings will appear at sunset and disappear at sunrise," explained the fay.

Lisette smiled. She could feel the weight of her new wings on her back. She took the chain off Comet and told him he was free to go. The fay disappeared.

Lisette turned to the full-length mirror to admire her extra appendages. She looked at her reflection and screamed. The image before her was a steel blue-gray gargoyle. She was a gargoyle! Lisette was so enraged at Comet for twisting her request, she smashed the mirror and glided out the window.

It had been thirty minutes since their boss told them to follow Devon. Just then the radio crackled to life.

"All mercenaries, peel off!" ordered Lisette.

"Yes, ma'am," replied the captain. He looked at the rest. "Peel off men." the group headed back to Lisette's house to wait for her to pay them for their job tonight.

The black-haired immortal was still furious at Comet for turning her into the one thing she hated more than her immortal life. No, she corrected herself, she didn't really hate gargoyles. Just Devon. Lisette was amazed that she could glide and that she had never done it before. Well, she got her wings, she might as well use them for the purpose she had in mind.

Diams was out on patrol of the city along with Gerry. The evening seemed peaceful, which a little unusual. Criminals preferred committing crimes in the nighttime. The two friends returned to the clan's home.

As Diams landed on the roof, she saw the shape of a gargoyle nearby. She swooped through a window and headed to the rec. room where the rest of the clan was.

"Everyone, I sav a gargoyle near t'e mansion!" she exclaimed.

"S'ov me t'is gargoyle," Venice ordered.

Diams led Venice to the window. The rest of the clan followed them. Diams pointed outside and everyone looked. The gargoyle was close enough to see that it's shape was male. The male landed on the roof next to their home. Now, they could see the features clearly. The horns, skin, and the face. The clan gasped softly. It was Devon!

Gerry came up the stairs and saw the clan by a window. They appeared to be in shock.

"V'at is vrong?" asked the lieutenant.

"A memver of our clan from long ago 'as survived. 'e is on t'at roof over t'ere." the leader replied.

Gerry looked at the window and at the gargoyle. He did bore a resemblance to the clan.

"Let's go over teux 'im and greet 'im. You knov, yust say t'at ve're glad e's' alive," suggested Olivia.

"Take caution, Olivia," said Venice as they took off to greet their banished clan member. Libra carried Gerry.

Devon landed on a rooftop to anticipate his next move. Just then, a shadow passed over him. He looked up. It was his clan and one of them was carrying a human male!

Venice landed on the roof, folded his wings and stepped towards the immortal. "Devon, it is good teux see you 'ave survived," the leader greeted.

"Aren't I still vanis'ed?" Devon asked.

"Yes, vut t'e clan is villing teux forget t'e past," Venice said. "V'at do you say?"

"No, I am going teux kill you for vanis'ing me," Devon roared.

"V'AT!" shouted the clan.

"And," continued the gargoyle. "I vill start vit' your 'uman friend." Devon lunged for Gerry.

Olivia saw her ex-mate lunging for her new love and tackled Devon before he could land on Gerry.

"Leave 'im alone! I love 'im," Olivia growled.

"T'en I vill kill you," Devon yelled (author's note: Has a one track mind, doesn't he?). He pushed her away and lunged for her, only to be sidetracked by Gerry. The males rolled and tussled. Gerry kicked Devon off the roof. Devon spread his wings and sailed upward.

"COMET!" roared Devon. Almost instantly, the fay appeared.

"You roared?" the fay asked.

"Yes. Get rid of t'at 'uman," Devon ordered, pointing at Gerry.

"How should I do it?" asked Comet.

"Anyvay. Send 'im avay a fev vlocks, c'ange 'is form. Anyt'ing."

"As you wish," Comet floated above the group, spotted Gerry, and began chanting. At the last line, Comet fired a green light at Gerry, which came from his eyes and mouth.

The light struck Gerry and nearly blinded everyone. When the flash was gone, everyone looked and gasped. A red-haired, flesh-colored gargoyle stood before them. It was Gerry!

Comet went back to Devon and reported that Gerry had been taken care of. Devon glided to where the clan was and saw what Comet had done. He turned to the little trickster with glowing eyes.

"V'y did you turn 'im inteux a gargoyle?" he demanded.

"You didn't tell me not to."

Gerry blinked and shook his head. What happened? He looked down at himself. Then, he saw he had talons instead of fingers. He was a gargoyle! He looked at the clan with scared, confused eyes.

Olivia went over to him, held him, and told him that they were going to find a way to change him back. Gerry relaxed, knowing that the clan would do that.

Suddenly, a battle cry pierced the night. Devon was attacking. He aimed for Gerry again, sensing that the cop wouldn't be able to fight while he was in a different form. Was he in for a surprise!

Gerry pushed Olivia out of the way, stood his ground, and locked hands with the evil gargoyle. But, he was no match for a gargoyle who had a thousand years of practice. Devon soon had Gerry in a chokehold and the clan couldn't get past Devon to help him. That was when a blue-gray blur came out of nowhere and hit Devon with terrific force. The blow caused the hold on Gerry to be released. They mysterious rescuer and Devon tumbled over the roof and up into the sky.

Devon looked at his new attacker and gaped. It was Lisette, but she was a gargoyle, too. Without warning, the queen charged at him. Devon turned and glided away. Lisette followed. The chase continued until it was almost dawn.

Gerry and Olivia could not stop looking at each other. Even when they went inside the mansion, they still stared at one another. A bright light caused everyone's attention to be diverted. A little man floated above them. He flew down in front of Gerry and Olivia.

"Sorry about turning you into a gargoyle, but I was given an order."

"You did t'is?" asked Olivia.

"Yes, but now I will undo it." The fay vanished in a flash of light and when the light passed, Gerry was human again.

As dawn's first rays lit up the sky, the gargoyles turned to stone. Except for Lisette, who became human again.

The End

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