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Norweigan History

Hairline cracks appeared on a stone gargoyle perched on a castle parapet. The cracks multiplied until they burst into bits and pieces. Underneath the stone was a living, breathing gargoyle. A new night had begun.

Devon roared and stretched as he burst from his stone bond. He looked at his clan who was also waking up. The clan were the protectors of their home, Castle Fire. Devon was fifteen in the year 956 AD. He was planning to go to the woods and be alone for awhile. He spread his wings and glided off for his destination.

Upon reaching the forest, Devon killed a deer and ate some meat. Afterwards, he drank some water from a pond nearby. Looking into the water, he saw his reflection. Goldenrod skin with two horns cresting on either side of his head. He tossed back some of his brownish-blond hair that fell in his face.

Devon stayed away from the castle for a week. While he was away, he did two horrible things. He stole food from a few humans that were camping in the woods. He even killed two of the humans and laughed while the others fled from his crazy laughter. What Devon didn't know was that these humans were from Castle Fire! The remaining campers returned to the castle and immediately reported their experience to Venice. When they left, Venice called the clan together.

"Devon 'as vetrayed our clan vy killing tvo(two) 'umans. Ve can not allov Devon teux(to) go unpunis'ed. Ve 'ave no c'oice vut(but) teux vanis'(banish) 'im from t'e clan and t'e castle." Venice informed them.

While he talked, Venice glance at nine-year-old Olivia. Devon was to be Olivia's mate once she was old enough. But now that Devon was being banished, Olivia had no mate to bear hatchlings with.

As Devon returned to the castle, Demo and Aqarius seized him and brought him before the entire clan.

"V'at's going on?" Devon asked, struggling against his captors' grasps.

"Ve 'ave veen informed t'at you stole from some 'umans and killed tvo of t'em.

Gargoyles are not supposed teux kill innocent 'umans. You 'ave dis'onored t'e clan. You are vanis'ed from t'e clan and Castle Fire. Go nov!" Devon looked at Olivia, who had a confused look on her face. Devon thought, 'She's not really confused. She knows exactly what's going on. Some future mate.'

Demo and Aquarius led their former clan member to the castle gates and sent him on his way. Aquarius called to him not to ever come back. Devon told them not to worry because he won't.

Five Years Later-961 AD

Olivia was fourteen and mateless. Her rookery sisters already had mates, but she didn't have anyone. She saw Devon leave the castle five years ago but he didn't come back. She remembered the gathering of the clan before he left a second time, but she did not comprehend any of the words Venice said. She decided to ask the leader about the event. Olivia saw Venice in the courtyard and rushed up to him.

"Venice, may I ask you somet'ing?"

"You may."

"V'at 'appened five years ago? You knov vith(with) t'e large clan gat'ering?"

Venice's face became grim. He looked at the young gargoyle. "Olivia, you knov you don't 'ave a mate, rig't? Vell, t'e reason is t'at Devon dis'onored t'e clan five years ago. 'e's provavly(probably) dead nov(now). I am sorry."

Olivia was stunned. Her mate was dead. Probably. She thanked Venice for his time and walked off. Now, she knew why she didn't have a mate.

Ten Years Later-971 AD

The humans of Castle Fire were in an uproar. Venice managed to find the prince in the chaos and asked what was going on. The prince told Venice that a curse had been place on the castle that morning and everyone is evacuating before something terrible happens. Venice nodded and took his leave of the prince.

Once again, the clan gathered around their leader. Venice told them what was happening and that the clan was not abandoning the castle, despite some the members' pleads. Instead, they were going to be in a deep sleep until they were in a new world. No one questioned the leader's decision and they let him go to the court magician to ask his request.

Minutes later, Venice returned. The request had been accepted. The magician decided to let the clan sleep for 1017 years. The clan went to their places and poised as the spell was cast. The gargoyles of Castle Fire were frozen in stone.

A whole day passed. The following night, a lone gargoyle glided towards the deserted castle. It took advantage of this fact and swooped in. Devon had returned to the castle.

Devon gasped when he saw his clan frozen in stone at night. He was so enraged at this discovery that he grabbed a discarded mace and swung blindly, not caring what he hit. In his rage he smashed fifteen of the twenty-five gargoyles there. He, then, dropped the mace and glided off. Only ten gargoyles remained. Among them, was Olivia.

Seventy-Three Years Later-1044 AD

A tall, graceful young woman stood in front of a full-length mirror. She ran a brush through her black hair, occasionally pushing a few strands out of her crystal blue eyes. Putting her brush down, Lisette grabbed her crown, placed it on her head, and headed downstairs. Another night as queen had just begun.

After a feast that had been held in the Great Hall, Lisette decided to get some fresh air. She walked out to the balcony and stood there for a few seconds when she suddenly felt someone push her from behind. She fell over the balcony railing and started to fall. Lisette clawed wildly at the air and grabbed the railing with one hand.

The eighteen-year-old queen squinted at the darkness, trying to see her assassinator, but no one was there. The person had left. Lisette felt her finger slipping from the railing.

'Oh I'm going to die,' Lisette thought helplessly. Her fingers slipped off the edge and she started to fall again.

Suddenly, a strong hand reached out and grabbed her hand. With almost no effort, the person pulled her up and over to the safe side of the rail.

"T'ank you," Lisette said, looking at her rescuer. Her eyes widened. Before her was not a human, but a gargoyle! She owed him more than a thank you, that was for sure.

The gargoyle bowed. "You are quite velcome...," he trailed off.

"Queen Lisette," the female replied. "And you are?"

"Devon." was the reply.

"I ove you my life, Devon."

"If you feel a devt(debt) of gratitude tovards me, t'en I vill keep it in mind and return 'ere s'ould suc' a devt need teux ve repaid."

With that, Devon unfurled his wings and glided away. Lisette watched him leave. He looked very old, yet he sure didn't act his age, which looked about 103. She shrugged and went back into the castle.

Six Years Later-1050 AD

Devon landed on the balcony where he saved Lisette's life six years ago. He was back for a debt that Lisette would repay him for. Lisette happened to be in the dining hall, just near the balcony. She looked outside, recognized Devon and went out to him.

"You're 'ere. I take it t'at you knov hov I can repay you."

"Yes. I vant you to 'elp me teux restore some of my yout'.”

"Vut, t'ere's no vay I can do t'at. I'm sorry."

Suddenly a new voice spoke up. "I can help you fulfill his request."

Looking up, the duo saw a small man wearing a violet tunic and a turquiose sash over it. He had green hair and long ears. The man floated down to where the two stood and looked at them. He came up to Lisette's waist, as far as height went.

"V'o are you?" Lisette demanded.

"The name is Comet. I will tell you right now and get it over with. I'm a fay and I have the ability to help you fulfill Devon's request. What do you say?"

Lisette considered the fay's offer. Is it wise to accept the offer? Well, she said she would repay Devon for saving her life, what harm could it cause?

"Do it," answered the queen.

"Yes. Do it," echoed the gargoyle.

Comet spun around the couple, chanting a spell. As he chanted, Devon's age reduced until he was thirty-three. Lisette, however, was the same age as before.When the two of them realized this, they turned to Comet with questioning looks.

"I took the years of Lisette's future and subtracted them from Devon's current age. But now, the two of you are immortal until one destroys the other...other, other," Comet's voice echoed as he disappeared from view.

Lisette offered Devon and any other gargoyles that he knew to stay at her castle. She also suggested an alliance between the two clans. Devon agreed and the next night, he returned with fifteen other gargoyles behind him.

Twenty-one Years Later-1071 AD

Lisette was still as young as she was when Comet linked her to Devon. She didn't mind being immortal. And dying would probably be easy. Have Devon agree to die and then kill him. That would be the plan. If he agreed. But, for now, she needed to have a conference with her husband and the advisors.

Her husband King Stephan and two advisors were waiting for her in the Main Hall.

"Lisette is 'ere. Ve can vegin(begin) nov," Stephan announced.

The king, queen, and advisors took their seats. The advisors addressed various matter that concerned the people. Such as taxes, clothing, and food. then, came a matter concerning the gargoyles.

"Your 'highness, t'e people are starting teux fear Devon and 'is kind. T'ey vant teux rid t'e castle of t'em," one advisor said to Lisette.

"No. Ve vill not vetray t'e gargoyles," protested Lisette.

"Vut, dear, ve must. T'e people are vorried avout t'eir safety," Stephan reasoned.

"T'ey are perfectly safe as long as t'e gargoyles are 'ere," Lisette argued.

"If ve keep t'e gargoyles, t'en ve vill not 'ave allies, s'ould a vattle(battle) come and it is daylig't."

Lisette sighed. What to do? Kill Devon's clan in order to have allies or vice versa?

"All rig't. Ve vill get rid of t'e gargoyles. Vut, I vill do it." Lisette sighed again.

Dawn arrived and Lisette smashed every single gargoyle, except Devon, who had gone to inspect the land of any intruders. He was sleeping in a perfectly concealed part of the woods, where no one would be able to find him.

Night fell across the fields, then the castles of Norway. A solitary stone gargoyle awoke in his hideout. His inspection was finished and he headed for home to report his findings to Lisette.

When he arrived, he saw broken stone fragments. Curious, he picked one up and turned it over. The face of his mate, whom he called Sunbeam, stared back at him. He gasped and dropped the face. All around him was his clan, dead. Devon's scream was long and loud. It is said that the faint sound of a scream could be heard in Scotland.

Devon wondered who was responsible for his clan's death. He climbed down to the balcony and hid behind the draped hanging there. There, he learned that Lisette was responsible for smashing the stone gargoyles.

"Vell, since s'e killed my clan, I vill kill 'er's," muttered the angry gargoyle. He crept silently into the castle, found King Stephan, and killed him, slashing him five times. Two of those slashes were focused on the heart. Then he slayed the advisors, the people, and then he made his way to where Lisette’s ten-year old daughter was sleeping.

He reached the door, eased it open and there on the bed, laid the Princess Gloria. Her black hair surrounded her head like a cloud. A shame she was going to die, but she was part of Lisette's clan.

Devon crept closer and closer, savoring every moment of this death. Just as he reached the bed, a voice screamed, "V'at do you t'ink you are doing?!!" The voice woke Gloria up.

Devon whirled around. Lisette was standing in the doorway, tears running down her cheeks and a spear in her hands. The door had been left open. Devon silently cursed himself for his carelessness as he approached his immortal partner.

"You killed my clan. Nov I am killing yours. Only your daug'ter remains. Soon, s'e vill ve gone," Devon growled, eyes blazing white. She threw her weapon.

Devon leaped out of range. He leaped over the bed and headed for the window. Out the window and into the night went Devon. Lisette ran to the window and stared into the sky.

"I vill find you no matter v'ere you go. I'll find you and kill you like the murderer you are," the broken-hearted queen shouted at the retreating figure.

Nine hundred and Seventeen years later-1988 AD

Stone skin that was 1017 years old exploded from ten stone gargoyles. Underneath the skin came living breathing beings. To their amazement, they were not at the castle, but an old mansion. Apparently, someone moved from them from the castle to the mansion. The rest of their clan was gone, too.

The clan swooped off their perches and entered the house. It appeared to actually be deserted. They examined every square inch of the house and though it was clear no one live there, it was in perfect condition.

"V'at I vant to knov is, hov did ve get 'ere?" asked Starz.

"I do not knov, vut ve don't 'ave anyv'ere else teux go," Venice replied. Venice looked at the clan, who looked at him for their next move. He took a deep breath.

"I propose t'at ve remain 'ere. T'e place appears teux ve deserted, as is t'e rest of t'e area. No one vill vot'er us."

And that's exactly what happened. No one bothered them for two years. Then, in May 1990, Gerry Clouds came along and discovered the gargoyle clan of Castle Fire of medieval Norway.

The End

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