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Opal (episode 37f)

Disclaimer: Only Ali/Albany, Rose, Nathan, Cougara, and Opal are mine. This is the final sub-story in the Timedancer plot. It's been fun writing these stories and I hope you enjoyed reading them. So, without further ado, I present the final chapter.


I woke up to a sickening feeling in my stomach. Throwing back the covers, I stumbled over to my door and opened it. From there, I headed to the bathroom and lost last night’s supper in the bowl. I wiped some sweat off my face as I rinsed my mouth. This was the fifth time in one week that I couldn’t hold down my dinner. It wasn’t a stomach virus. My temperature was at the human and gargoyle norms.

I remembered feeling like this when…I was pregnant with Albany. Crouching down, I dug through the cabinets until I found what I was looking for: an extra pregnancy test. I carefully read the instructions and then proceeded with the test. I felt nervous as I waited for the results. When the + sign appeared in the square, I stared at it hardly believing it. I was pregnant. My mind drifted back to three weeks ago:

Three Weeks Ago- July 7th

“Do you really want to ?”

“It can’t hurt to try.”

“But it might hurt you. Even kill you.”

Tygra and I were seriously thinking about having a child of our own. The only problem was our different species. I wanted to change to a Thundercat, but the memory of when I was a Thundercat, made me feel uneasy all over again. So, I adapted to try as a human. Except Tygra didn’t want to do it if it would kill me.

“Jasmine, you know I love you.”

“Yes. I do.”

“Then, believe me when I say that I would rather have you and the two children we have now then have two children and not you.”

“I understand.” Tygra held me close to him, even though we were the same height. Our height reminded me of Brooklyn and me. The two of us were the same height also.

“So you two long for a child of your own, huh?”

The voice was familiar. I’ve heard it before on Avalon. Tygra and I looked up and to the left. There, floating in the air, was a man in his thirties with dark hair, wearing black jeans and a black leather jacket over a white shirt. He floated down to our level and studied us intensely. I recognized this man instantly.


He smiled at me. “What a nice welcome. Different from the greetings Puck receives."

“But,” he continued. “I didn’t come here in hopes of getting a warm greeting. I came to help the two of you in conceiving a child.”

“How can you do that?” Tygra asked.

“By making your reproductive systems compatible for say, the next forty-eight hours.” Coyote smiled again as he chanted a language the must have been Hopi. I felt the magic swirling around my love and myself. The magic dissipated as quickly as I had felt it.

“You have forty-eight hours to conceive Go to it.” Coyote began to fade.

“Wait. Why did you help us?” I called.

“You’re a part of the Maza family even though it’s through mating rather then blood.” Coyote was gone. I didn’t dwell on it long because Tygra took my hand and led me to my room.

Present Day-July 28th

I walked out of the bathroom, feeling nervous. I had to tell Tygra and ask Cheetara about Thunderian pregnancy. I wasn’t sure if I would be giving birth in more or less time than I had with the other two.

I stood outside of the room that Tygra, Lion-O, Panthro, Lynx-O, Wily-Kat, and Bengali were in. I breathed deeply in order in calm myself down. Exhaling, I knocked on the door. I heard Lion-O say to come in. I opened the door and stepped inside.

“Hello Jasmine,” Lion-O greeted. His warm smile soon became a frown when he saw my thoughtful expression. “Jasmine, is something wrong?”

“No. Nothing’s wrong. Tygra, can we talk alone for a moment?”

“Of course, we can.” He led me back into the hall, closing the door behind him. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“I just discovered that I’m pregnant.”

“That’s great news.” Tygra hugged me, which was followed by a sweet kiss. “Now, how long does it take for humans to give birth?”

“Nine months.”

“That’s about how long it takes for a Thunderian female.”

“Really?” I was relieved. I didn’t have to worry about asking Cheetara after all.


“I can hardly wait. I wonder what the baby will look like.”

“So do I. We’ll have to pick a name as well.”

“We can write to each other with suggestions and we can make a choice after I have an ultrasound.”

“What’s an ultrasound?”

“It’s a device that determines the baby’s gender. It’s perfectly safe.”

“But, right now, let’s tell the others.”

“All right.” Tygra and I shared a brief kiss before breaking the news to the clan and the Thundercats. The kiss was sweet, Tygra’s lips were soft and warm. I could still feel them hours later.

Nine Months Later-April 19th (nighttime)

I was writing another letter to Tygra and the Thundercats. It was filled with the latest news from the clan, the Thunderian/human hybrids, Brooklyn’s occasional drop-ins, and of course my pregnancy. Earlier, on my fourth month, I learned I was expecting a girl Thunderian/human. Tygra and I traded suggestions back and forth before deciding to name her Opal.

I had just sealed the letter in the envelope, when I felt my water break. A wave of panic washed over me. There was no one with me to help. I had to try to get to the infirmary on my own. I stumbled out of my room and hurried the best I could down to the infirmary.

The labor pains were getting worse as I got closer to my destination. At one point, the pain forced me to my knees. I stayed in that position until it passed. I struggled back up and went a few feet before I was back on my knees.

I heard the sounds of a heavy footfall behind me. But, I was in too much to glance over my shoulder. It didn’t mater because I heard a voice say, “Jasmine, what’s wrong?” It was Goliath. I couldn’t get in much of an answer, only a tense growl.

“Is it the baby?” my leader asked.

This time I managed to get a “yes” out. I felt myself being lifted and the hallway rushing past me. There was a push of the double doors and I was in the emergency room. Goliath placed me on one of the beds and called for Dr. Wolfe. While he was calling for the doctor, I was mentally calling for Coyote. ‘Coyote it’s time. I need Tygra here. It’s time.’

“I’m here Goliath. You can take it easy and get the rest of the clan.” Dr. Wolfe’s voice interrupted my mental message as he shooed Goliath into the waiting room. He turned to me and said, “Let’s get this show on the road.”

About half an hour later, I was following Dr. Wolfe’s instructions. I was pushing as hard as possible without hurting my soon-to-be-born daughter. The strange thing was that I was pushing, but I didn’t feel any major pain that I felt during the first two births. What was going on?

“I’ve got the head. Keep going.”

I pushed more and more. With almost every push, the doctor announced the part that came out. I gave one last push and the doctor called, “I’ve got her!” Silence occurred after his announcement.

I felt a wave of worry. “She’s not crying! Is she dead?”

“Hold on.” The doctor gently thumped one of newborn child’s feet a few times. His attempts were rewarded with…mewing!?! That shot my worry up another notch. “Why is she doing that?”

“I…don’t know. But, I’ll take it that she’s alive.” Dr. Wolfe cleaned her up and cut the cord before handing her to me. “I’ll go announce the birth and hopefully have the father come in.” He stepped out into the waiting room.

I was filled with a load of worry. Did Tygra forget to mention some things to me? Maybe it was my fault for not bringing it up because I didn’t consider how different it might be.

The double doors swung open and Tygra came in, looking concerned. His concern turned to relief when his eyes landed on me. He came up to me and hugged me before sitting down in the chair beside the bed.

“I was worried when I didn’t hear you crying out,” he said.

“It wasn’t hard to get her out. I was worried when she didn’t start crying. And she mewed after Dr. Wolfe thumpd her feet.”

“I’m sorry. That’s how Thunderian cubs act after being born.” With the explanations done, we looked at our daughter.

Her eyes were brown and cat-like. The majority of her skin was orange with black striped. The parts that weren’t like that was the color of my human skin. Her hands and feet were clawed. She had Tygra’s mane on her head, except the back of her head indicated the start of black hair. She was beautiful.

“Our little Opal,” Tygra said softly. He stood up. “I better let someone else come in.” He kissed me before he left. Goliath was the next one to come in.

For the next half an hour, the clan and the Thundercats came in one at a time to look at Opal and talk. The Thundercats each told me of the activities they planned to do with me. For example, Panthro planned to teach me to drive the Thundertank, which he guessed, wouldn’t take long.

After the last guest left, my daughter and I relaxed as we prepared to go to sleep. As I drifted off, I thought, ‘Thank you Coyote. You’ve given Tygra and me a beautiful daughter.’ Just before I completely slipped away, I thought I heard Coyote say, “You’re welcome Jasmine. My half-sister.”

"The End"

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