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A New Friend to the Clan (episode 9)

Disclaimer: Gargoyles and Jasmine belong to their respective companies. The character Benjamin is my own creation. This story takes place somewhere between "Shadows of the Past" and "MIA".


I was dreaming. I dreamed about how the gargoyles and I became friends. I had ventured up to the clocktower to get out of the cold. When I reached the top, I saw the scene just like in the Gargoyles series. The gargoyles were real!

I heard footsteps and when I turned around, there was Elisa. We introduced ourselves and I assured her that I knew the gargoyles existed. We went outside and you can probably guess what happened.

As the dream faded out, I woke up. While I yawned and stretched, four other gargoyles did the same: Hudson, Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington. I knew as well as the others that Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx had been missing for about a week.

"Goliath, Bronx, and Elisa have been missing for a week now," said Broadway, practically reading my mind.

The five of us went inside and as Broadway prepared breakfast, Brooklyn pulled me aside.

"Jasmine, since Goliath's missing, I guess I'm in charge," Brooklyn started.

"I'm sure you'll do fine," I said.

"Yes, but I want you to be my second-in-command," Brooklyn continued.

"Me? But I-," I started. I wasn't sure about being anyone's second. I had purposely stayed out of the trio's contest for Goliath's second because I still felt new to the clan.

"I know, but I feel that you're perfect for the position," reasoned the young gargoyle.

"I'll do my best," I responded.

"Hey, you two. Breakfast is ready!" called our chef.

"Come on. Let's go," Brooklyn said.

We joined the rest of the clan and as the table was being set, Matt Bluestone, Elisa's partner, came up.

"Hi, Matt. Anything about Elisa?" Broadway greeted.

"Nothing, I was hoping you guys heard anything."

"Sorry, we didn't hear anything. But thanks for stopping by," Broadway said as Matt left.

Later that night, Brooklyn and I went to patrol uptown and part of midtown while Broadway and Lexington did the rest of midtown as well as downtown. As Brooklyn and I glided over uptown, I saw a shadowy, strange-looking figure. I pointed it out to Brooklyn and we agreed to check it out. We glided down into the alley the figure had disappeared into.

When I landed, I looked at the figure. It was a male gargoyle! He looked at eighteen years old with black eyes and blond hair. Now, I knew all gargoyles have black eyes. Even my brown eyes turned black when I became a gargoyle. As I approached this strange gargoyle, I saw a frightened expression on his face.

"Go away. Please. Go away," he said.

"No. We're your friends. We won't hurt you," I insisted.

"But, she will," the gargoyle cried, pointing a talon at a spot behind Brooklyn. The two of us turned around and saw Demona with a laser gun. When she saw me behind Brooklyn, her eyes glowed red.

"YOU! I will destroy you!" Demona exclaimed, lunging at me. I stood my ground and fought her. Brooklyn helped me fight her. Finally, we had her pinned.

"Why is this gargoyle afraid of you?" demanded Brooklyn.

Demona looked smug. "He's not a gargoyle. He's really a human injected with a gargoyle formula."

We released Demona and she left us with the gargoyle. Brooklyn turned to him and said, "There's no way you're staying here. You better come with us."

We helped our new friend glide and led him back to the clocktower. Broadway and Lexington were back from patrol when we arrived. Hudson was outside with them.

"Who's that?" asked Lexington, gesturing to the gargoyle as we landed. Brooklyn and I looked at each other. We didn't ask that question.

I turned to the newcomer. "What's your name?"

"I'm Benjamin."

"My name is Jasmine. This is Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Hudson."

Benjamin told us that he was supposed to be part of a medical research team for Nightstone Unlimited, a new company. One day his boss Dominique Destine, whom he later found out was Demona, called him to help her with something. They injected a shot into him and the next thing, he knew, he was a gargoyle.

I felt sorry for Benjamin. He was in the same situation I was in. I was angry at Demona for doing such a thing. Sunrise was approaching and the five of us held a conference and decided that I would stand watch during the day, in case Demona found her way up to the clocktower. I put my amulet on and watched as the clan and Benjamin turned to stone. I went inside to get some rest and to watch for Demona. Hours passed. No Demona. Sunset came and went, too. Still no Demona, but I wasn't worried since the clan was awake.

Benjamin stood at his roost, while the others joined me inside. About ten or fifteen minutes later, Broadway peeked outside and said, "Benjamin's gone!" The rest of us rushed to look and sure enough, Benjamin was not there!

"Where could he have gone?" Lexington asked.

We all thought hard, then it came me. "He must have gone to get a cure."

"Of course. That has to be it," Brooklyn added. "Broadway, you and Lex go to Demona's home. Jasmine and I will go to Nightstone Unlimited." The four of us took to the air and split into our respective groups.

The Nightstone Unlimited stood a few feet away from us, massive and tall for an average skyscraper. There also appeared to be a figure on the roof. As we got closer to the roof, we saw Benjamin there, looking for a way in. We landed beside him. He looked with an alarmed expression, which relaxed when he realized that it was just us.

"Need some help?" Brooklyn asked.

"Do I ever."

The red gargoyle tore off a section of the roof for an opening and we jumped in. The three of us found a genetics lab, which was on the floor below the one we entered on. Inside, we saw Servarius, looking over a sheet of paper. We burst into the room, startling him.

"All right, Servarius. Cure Benjamin right now or...," Brooklyn threatened, his eyes glowing. He growled.

Knowing that he couldn't defeat three gargoyles without tranquilizer guns, Servarius got out a gun. Immediately, I was suspicious. Was that a tranquilizer gun or something else? He shot Benjamin with one of the darts, who lost consciousness. Brooklyn and I turned to the doctor, talons threatening and eyes glowing. We must have been like this for a few minutes, before movement got my eye. I looked and saw Benjamin rousing. And he was human.

Getting out of my defensive pose, I walked over to him. He turned around and saw the most beautiful blue-green eyes in my whole life. "Jasmine, if you would like, I can have Servarius cure you as well," Benjamin offered. The clan had told him their story of arriving in Manhattan and I told him mine. Except for one little detail.

I looked at him. "I forgot to mention that the spell was permanent. No amount of science can cure me."

"Too bad. I was wondering what color your eyes were," whispered Benjamin.

"If you want to know, they were brown," I whispered back. Benjamin nodded.

Brooklyn and I helped Benjamin out of Nightstone and onto a well-lit, empty street, then we headed home, for sunrise was approaching and more adventures laid ahead, waiting to happen.

"The End"

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