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A Gargoyle Christmas (episode 8)

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Disney and Buena Vista.


Dec. twenty-second, 1995. I was sitting in Hudson's armchair, talking to Matt and Elisa about their shift the night before. I was interested in learning about what was going on in the human world. A world I was no longer a part of.

"You know, I don't see any Christmas decorations, much less a tree," Matt observed.

I nodded. "Elisa, didn't you tell the gargoyles about Christmas?"

Elisa shook her head. "I wasn't sure if I should."

"Well, we should tell them this year," Matt declared. "Jasmine and I will look for a tree and you can get the decorations."

Matt drove to discount tree farm while I carefully followed by rooftop and air. It felt strange to be moving in daylight, especially since gargoyles are not used to the sun. I was, though. Matt and I found the perfect tree. I headed back to the clocktower, while Matt loaded the tree up and drove it back to the tower.

When we got back, Elisa was waiting with three boxes full of decorations. Matt set the tree into a tree stand and covered it with a tree skirt.

Elisa popped a Christmas tape into a tape player and we listened and sang along while we decorated the tree, the tower, and wrapped whatever presents Elisa had brought over.

Towards the end of "Jingle Bells", we heard the sound of roaring and the cracking of stone. The gargoyles were awake. The door opened and the clan entered just as the tape started playing "Silent Night" (A/N: Ironic, isn't it?).

"What is going on?" Goliath wanted to know, looking around the tower.

"It's Christmastime, Goliath," Elisa answered.

I dug through a box, found the object of my search, and walked up to Brooklyn. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I then quickly held the mistletoe above his head and kissed him before anyone knew it, except for Elisa and Matt. I had wanted to do that since this past spring, when we admitted that we loved each other.

"Jasmine!" cried Broadway and Lex, in shock of the scene before them.

"What?" I said innocently. Looking at Brooklyn, I could tell that he was thrilled and surprised at being kissed.

"Toss it over here Jasmine," Elisa called. I tossed the mistletoe to her, then she hung it up, oblivious to the fact that she was standing under it. Matt noticed this too. He went right up to her and kissed her.

"Matt!" Elisa cried.

"What?" Matt replied with the same innocence that I had put on earlier.

"Hey, what's with all the kissing?" Broadway interrupted.

"It's a tradition to kiss or be kissed if you're standing under the mistletoe. This only happens at Christmas, though," Matt explained.

Elisa looked up. She realized that she had been under the mistletoe all this time. Elisa blushed a deep pink.

"What's Christmas?" Brooklyn asked.

"It's a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ," Elisa answered.

"I do recall something like this centuries ago," Hudson said.

"Whose presents are those?" asked Lex, pointing under the tree. "Jesus'?"

"No, they're for you guys," I said. "At Christmas, humans buy presents for one another and open them on Christmas Day."

"Cool," Broadway commented. "But we can't get anything for anyone."

"Don't worry. Matt and I will do the shopping. We got a few days off from work," Elisa offered.

"Well, thanks," Lex said.

"Let's make lists right now," Brooklyn suggested.

In a few minutes, the trio were writing their wish lists, as well as something for each other. That was when everyone became aware of the Christmas carols still playing. We heard "The First Noel" loud and clear in the quiet tower.

"What is this?" Goliath asked, eyeing the tape deck.

"It's a tape of Christmas carols. Most sing of the birth of Jesus, others of modern Christmas or of the Lord," Matt explained.

"Why don't you and Hudson write lists, too?" Elisa suggested.

Soon, the two of them were settled, writing. That left Elisa, Matt, and I to finish decorating. I also wrote a small gift list. I didn't ask for much. I had everything I needed for my life in Manhattan.

Three days later, it was Christmas. The nine of us were around the tree. No one was sure who would make the first move. At last, Elisa picked up a present and examined the tag.

"To Hudson from Broadway," Elisa read aloud, handing it to Hudson. Hudson looked at it, then at Elisa.

"Go ahead. Open it," Matt urged.

Hudson did so and inside was a head pillow for the armchair.

"Thank ye lad," Hudson said to Broadway.

"No problem," Broadway said.

I picked up a present and read the tag. "To Lexington. From Jasmine." I handed it to him. "Merry Christmas."

"Thanks," Lex replied as he ripped the present open. "Wow, a new computer game! I like it."

"This one is to you Goliath. From the trio," Elisa said.

Goliath opened the gift. Inside was a new book. "Thank you, all three of you," Goliath said, looking at them.

"Here's one to you from me," Brooklyn said, handing a gift to me. "Merry Christmas Jasmine."

I felt the shape. It was a book. And a thick one at that. I carefully opened it. I stared at the cover. On it was the title... "A Thousand and One Arabian Nights!" I gasped. "Thank you Brooklyn. I love it!"

"Open the cover," Brooklyn instructed.

I did so...and something shiny fell into my lap. I picked up the object. It was a gold locket.

I looked at Brooklyn. He looked at me with loving eyes. He took the locket and put it around my neck.

"Merry Christmas again Jasmine. I love you," Brooklyn whispered.

"The End"

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