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The Start of a New Life

Disclaimer: All the characters of this story are not mine. They belong to their rightful companies. This story takes place after Gargoyles "Legion" and before "A Lighthouse In The Sea of Time."


Another beautiful day had just begun at the Castle of Lions. The Voltron Force and I were gathered at the breakfast table together for the last time. I had finally decided to leave Manhattan and finish my tour. After an exchange of goodbye's, the force went to practice the lions and patrol the city, leaving me by myself to pack for my trip and plan when to say goodbye to the gargoyles.

I spent the day reading books and watching TV once all the packing and planning was done. I had a light dinner with Coran. We both said that we would miss each other, but I promised to visit another time. Maybe get Father's permission to move to Manhattan. Then, I decided to watch the coming sunset in the conservatory for the last time.

As I headed there, I felt a little queasy. The feeling soon passed. I sat down, watched the sun set, and quickly sketching it while I watched. After the sun went down, that queasy feeling returned.

I started to stand up, hoping that I was just nervous because I was leaving. Suddenly, I sprouted wings. What was going on? I was becoming a gargoyle! I saw my hands change color and fingers become claws. I was lucky that my shoes were off, otherwise they would have been destroyed. Knee and elbow spikes appeared, ripping my pants at the knees. A tail also appeared, punching a hole in the back. Who was responsible for this? It couldn't be Hagger or Lotor. Trying the same kind of plan twice just wasn't their style.

The change was complete. I was a gargoyle. Looking at the conservatory windows, I saw that my skin was a blue lavender color. Like a mixing of Goliath and Demona's skin color. My eyes widened. That's who was responsible: Demona! She wanted to get rid of me earlier, so she changed my form. I needed to find her and get her to undo her spell. First, though I needed to get a sun amulet to prevent my stone sleep, just in case I was in the air when the sun rose.

I walked to my room, which took some time since I was not accustomed to walking on my balls, hoping no one was in the halls. No such luck. The Voltron Force was walking down the hall toward me. They would turn the corner and see me. I looked to my left, then the right. Nowhere to hide. How would I be able to explain this? Simple, the best I could.

As they got closer, I got a little more nervous. Before I could leap out the nearest window and learn to glide, they rounded the corner and saw me.

The Voltron Force, startled to see a strange gargoyle, drew their laser guns. Keith stepped in front of the others.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Keith asked. I didn't say anything, not sure how to answer. Keith repeated his question and still I said nothing.

Hunk got restless of waiting for my answer and charged firing his gun and yelling like a barbarian. My first reaction was to defend myself. Using my tail, I flicked the gun out of Hunk's hand. He was surprise by this action, but recovered quickly and threw himself on top of me. I struggled, but Hunk's grip was too strong for me to get up.

I gave up struggling and as soon as I did, Hunk loosened his grip. When he did, I took my legs and pushed him off me. I got back on my feet. When I looked at the force, they looked ready to fight.

"Wait, we're friends, remember?" I said.

"We don't remember being friends with a female gargoyle," objected Lance.

"It's me, Jasmine," I answered. The force stared at me.

"Jasmine? How did this happen?" Allura asked, taking one of my clawed hands in hers.

"I think this evil gargoyle, Demona did this," I said. "I have to find her and get her to undo her spell."

"We'll go with you," offered Keith.

"No, I need to do this myself," I insisted. I didn't add that if they came with me, Demona might change them as well. I didn't want to feel responsible for that.

"All right, go then. And good luck!" said Allura gently. I went to my room, grabbed an amulet, fastened it on good and tight, then jumped out the window. Since my wings were already open, they caught the wind and I went soaring into the sky. For my first time, I was doing pretty good. Like I was born as a gargoyle. A tiny part of me wanted to stay this way. I always wanted wings. Now, that I had them, I wanted to get rid of them. Ignoring that tiny part, I began my search.

I wasn't sure where Demona's house was, but I wasn't giving up. I searched for a good hour and a half, then stopped on a rooftop to rest my sore wings. While I rested, two gargoyle shadows passed overhead. Ducking behind a wall, that held a door to the roof, I looked up and saw Brooklyn with Broadway. I watched them land and look around.

"I thought I saw someone on this rooftop. Another gargoyle it looked like," Broadway said, confused.

"It's probably Demona," replied Brooklyn, his voice full of anger.

I saw Brooklyn turn in my direction and I ducked behind the wall. I had a feeling that I hid too late. I backed away from the corner slowly. Then, I felt someone grab me in a bear squeeze from behind.

"I got Demona, Brooklyn!" I heard Broadway call.

As Brooklyn stepped in front of me, I said, "Brooklyn, it's me Jasmine."

"Jasmine?" Brooklyn whispered faintly. He looked at me closely. Then he said, "Broadway, let her go." He did so.

"Jasmine, who did this to you?" Brooklyn wanted to know. I noted that his voice was full of concern.

"I think Demona's responsible for this," I replied angrily.

"And I think we should help you!" Broadway insisted.

"All right," I agreed. I certainly could use their help in finding Demona.

The three of us took to the air. I could feel the two males looking at me with shock at how well I could glide. I just smiled at them and let them lead the way to Demona's house which didn't take long to find.

"I'll go in by myself first. I'll call if I need you," I said to them. They nodded as we landed on the balcony and I went inside. I searched all the rooms on the third floor and the attic. Then, I started on the second floor. I found her sitting in the living room, probably planning humanity's downfall, if I remembered correctly from what the clan's told me during our first meeting of each other.

"Demona?" I called, as I stepped into the room. Demona turned at hearing her name. When she saw me, her eyes glowed red and she lunged at me. I turned and ran from the room. But she tackled me and had me pinned to the ground.

"Demona, wait. I want us to be friends," I pleaded, hoping this would get her to change me back.

"I'll never be friends with a human," Demona growled.

"Am I human right now?" I challenged.

"No, but your outward appearance does not matter. Inside you're still human," Demona answered.

She then picked me up and hurled me across the hallway. The force of me hitting the wall knocked me out temporarily. When I came to, I saw the entire gargoyle clan in front of me, facing off Demona. I shook my head, then put a clawed hand to head to ease the headache I had.

Demona was fighting Goliath and Hudson before ducking into a room and out of sight. Goliath and Hudson followed. Several minutes passed.

Then we heard Goliath and Hudson's battle cries. Broadway and Lexington went in to help. Minutes after they went in, they came out with Goliath and Hudson...wounded!

"We better!" cried Broadway.

Brooklyn turned to me. "Jasmine, you better come with us." I followed Brooklyn and helped him carry Bronx to the clocktower.

When we got there, Broadway and Lexington attended to Goliath and Hudson while Brooklyn talked to me in a separated part of the tower.

"You know it might take awhile to get Demona to undo her spell," Brooklyn explained.

"I understand. I'll wait as long as it takes."

"Until then, I think you should stay with the clan until the spell is reversed. I'm sure Goliath won't mind extra company." I agreed to this and I was considered a part of the clan during my stay.

Two and a half weeks passed. During that time, I became very good friends with the trio, especially Brooklyn. However, Brooklyn seemed to act as if there's was more between us than friendship. Or maybe not. The four of us also designed a plan of attack to get Demona to reverse the spell.

Two nights later, the trio and I were ready to put the plan into action. We glided to Demona's house and quietly crept inside.

We carefully searched the house. When we found her, she had her back turned to us, which was perfect. Broadway and Lexington sneaked in and grabbed Demona. She struggled for a moment, then gave up.

Brooklyn stood in front of Demona and said, "Alright Demona, undo that spell you placed on Jasmine."

"The spell is permanent," Demona answered.

"Come on, you know it's not," insisted Brooklyn.

"It is. There is no counterspell," Demona announced, sounding somewhat proud.

I felt like my stomach had turned to ice. No counterspell! I was stuck as a gargoyle forever! This was terrible.

"You can search the place, but you won't find one," Demona continued. Brooklyn searched the house from attic to basement, but found nothing.

"She's right. I didn't find anything." Brooklyn said sadly.

The four of us headed for the clocktower like we were heading to a funeral. We didn't know what to say. On the way to the tower, we stopped at the Castle of Lions. I told the force that I had to quit the team. They asked me not to quit, but I insisted. I gathered my things from my room then rejoined the trio for our trip back to the tower.

When we finally reached the clocktower, Broadway and Lexington told Goliath and Hudson what happened while Brooklyn tried to comfort me. I wasn't really listening, I was just thinking about how I could never return home. I was stuck in Manhattan. Goliath came up to us and said that I was a part of the clan from now on. When the time came for us to get some sleep, I chose a spot between Brooklyn and Lexington. I compared my skin color to Goliath and Demona's again. I came to the conclusion that we could be related, but decided to keep it a secret, since I might be wrong.

I put my amulet with the rest of the amulets, went to the pedestal and tuned to stone.

"The End"

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