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A Visit From the Outside World (episode 4)

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are not mine. They belong to their respective companies: Walt Disney, Buena Vista, or World Events Productions. This story and all others that follow the plot are purely for fun. This takes place after "Broken Stone" during spring, so it would also be after Gargoyles "Metamorphosis" and before "Legion".


The sun slowly started to set as another day ended in a quiet section of Manhattan, New York. I sat in my room, watching the sun set and thought about my gargoyle friends that I met, plus Elisa Maza, before I met the Voltron Force and became a member. I had cast a spell to break their stone sleep and I can tell that they enjoy seeing the sun and not turning to stone.

I went to sleep, my thoughts turning to dreams while I slept. Little did I know what would happen the following day and how it would be dealt with.

The next morning I got up pretty early and watched the Gargoyles series for an hour. I then got dressed and headed to the dining hall for breakfast.

"Good morning, Jasmine," greeted Keith. "Sleep well?"

"Oh yes. Thank you," I answered, sitting down at my place. Coran, Allura, Keith, and I waited for the others to arrive.

Hunk was the last one down. He came down groggy and sleepy-eyed.

"Went to bed late, Hunk?" Pidge teased.

"No, I think I was sleep-deprived. I could sleep all day," Hunk replied. I thought that was kind of strange. Usually if I'm sleepy in the morning it's either because it was too early or I stayed up late. But this was Hunk. If he was still sleepy after was to bed on time and had trouble sleeping, I was sure he would have a good sleep tonight.

The seven of us ate breakfast, then went our separate ways, until about late afternoon. We had an early dinner, then went to the Lounge room to unwind from dinner. We talked and laughed about how Nanny had a fit when Cheddar and his friends stole some cheese from the dinner table.

Then, Lance said, "I think I might be coming down with something, I've got a major headache."

The rest of us walked Lance out of the Lounge and to the Control Room, to use the intercom and tell Coran about this. As soon as we reached the Control Room, Hunk said, "Now, I've got a headache."

"Me too," Pidge added.

"So do I," Keith put in. The four of them looked at Allura and me.

"Well, I feel fine," Allura said. I was about to say the same, when the four of them started to double over as if in pain. Sweat started to dot their foreheads.

Allura and I watched as they started to sprout wings. But these weren't just any wings, they were gargoyle wings. They were turning into gargoyles! But how could that be? I continued to watch as tails sprouted from the base of their spines, claws replaced fingers as well as their feet. Sadly, their boots were destroyed as the clawed toes burst right out of them.

After almost ten minutes, they finally stood erect. The four of them were completely gargoyles. Allura looked as if she would faint. I took hold of her hand, to comfort her.

Coran and Nanny came in just then. Nanny took one look at the males, who were looking at their claws in confusion, screamed, then fainted. Coran dragged Nanny out of the room.

"Keith, you all are, are-" Allura started.

"Gargoyles. You're all gargoyles," I supplied. Boy, that was going to raise some questions on how I knew that. I was right.

"How did you know that?" asked Allura. Before I could answer, a voice from the view screen spoke up.

"I see that Hagger's plan worked perfectly," the voice said. Turning to face the screen, an image flickered on it for a moment, then a very distinct face appeared. It was Lotor!

"So, you did this," Allura said, hate in her voice.

"Yes, I did. Hagger made the potion. I broke into the castle and put it in the water cups in your rooms. Except for Allura and the rest of the castle. Now, Voltron is dead. At sunrise the four of you will become stone statues," Lotor answered. Then, he disappeared from the view screen.

"That's what he thinks," I said angrily. I stormed out of the room and toward my room. As I walked, I thought over what Lotor said. Obviously, he didn't know that gargoyles are flesh and blood every night, so if a nighttime attack was to happen, Voltron would be there to stop it.

I entered my room, headed for my dresser and picked up the communicator that the gargoyles had given me the first time we met. I put it on and said into it, "Brooklyn, can you hear me? It's Jasmine." Good thing I told my friends about the Voltron Force.

"Jasmine? It's great to hear from you!" Brooklyn's voice came through the receiver part.

"Listen, I need to ask you something," I said.

"Ask away," replied Brooklyn.

"Do you think you, the clan, and Elisa can come to the Castle of Lions? We have a situation here," I asked.

"Sure, no problem. We'll be there," Brooklyn responded. Then, there was static. I put the communicator back on the dresser and went back to the Control Room.

"You sure left in a hurry," remarked Allura when I returned.

"I called for a little help," I answered.

"Why?" Allura asked, horrified.

"Well, you asked how I knew about gargoyles, right? The truth is that I made friends with six gargoyles and their human friend Elisa," I explained.

I went to a part of the Control room on the right, pushed a button , and a shelf with several amulets with string weaved through them appeared out of the wall. Sun amulets. The gargoyles I met in Guatemala trusted me with the secret of making sun amulets. I spent late night hours some days ago, making them. I didn't know that I would actually be using them. I grabbed four amulets and turned around.

"Catch guys," I called, tossing the magic necklaces in their direction. They each caught one and looked at me quizzically.

"Put them on. You won't turn to stone as long as you wear them," I explained.

The guys put them on and then I heard Brooklyn's voice call, "Hello?" I rushed out of the Control room to greet my friends.

I found them standing to the front hall and went up to them. "I'm glad you're all here."

I briefly described the situation and how the Voltron Force might need help in adjusting to their forms until we could get a cure out of Lotor.

"I'm ready," Brooklyn replied.

"So am I," Broadway piped up.

"Show us the way," Elisa requested.

I agreed and led them to the Control Room. As my friends and I entered, Allura saw the gargoyles and I knew she was trying not to be frightened.

"Allura, these are my friends. Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, Bronx, and Elisa. Everyone, this is Princess Allura," I introduced.

"Hi Allura," Brooklyn said, rather friendly.

Allura waved back shyly. The rest of the trio, however, caught sight of the Voltron Force.

"Is that the Voltron Force?" asked Lexington.

"Yes it is," Allura replied, finally able to speak.

The trio immediately jumped into helping in any way they could.

As the night wore on, my gargoyle friends and the Voltron Force began to mix and talk comfortable with each other.

As dawn approached, the ground began to shake. A robeast was coming out of the ground. The force of the earthquake sent Keith to the floor. When Keith got to his feet, he turned to stone!

I gasped and Allura and I ran over to Keith.

"What happened?" asked Allura, touching Keith's stone face.

I looked at Keith's neck and saw that the amulet was gone.

"The amulet's gone! Everyone, stay where you are!" I exclaimed.

Allura, the Voltron Force, and I immediately got on the floor and searched for the amulet.

"There's no time to look for the amulet. We need to launch the lions," Coran said, who just came in.

"Jasmine, take the Blue Lion," Allura commanded quickly.

I nodded and we headed for the lions. The five lions took to the air.

We attacked the robeast with missiles, rockets, and lasers. Then we formed Voltron and quickly destroyed the robeast. No sooner had Voltron destroyed the robeast, then Lotor's ship appeared.

"I don't know how you formed Voltron, but that won't matter," Lotor's voice echoed from inside the ship.

"You give us the cure. Right now!" Allura demanded.

"Only if you agree to marry me," Lotor replied.

"Never!" answered Allura.

"Robot ships, attack Voltron!" ordered Lotor.

Suddenly, something swooped through the air, distracting one of the ships. It was Keith and the gargoyles!

Voltron joined in the attack. With our friends' help we destroyed the robot ships. Once they were destroyed, I saw Goliath and the trio claw their way into Lotor's ship. When they came out, Goliath had Lotor in his claws and was carrying him to the Castle of Lions.

When the rest of us got back, Allura ran to Keith and asked where the amulet was at. Keith said that it was right under him. The clasp wasn't fastened properly. "All right Lotor. Cure them now!" Allura commanded. The guards let Lotor return to Planet Doom, so he could face his father. Keith went over to Goliath. "Thank you for helping by finding my amulet," he said to him. Goliath nodded.

My friends and I walked to the front doors of the castle. We said our goodbyes and I promised to visit again soon. And with that, I went back inside the Castle of Lions.

"The End"

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