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Responsilbility (episode 33)

Disclaimer: All characters except Rose are not mine.


The different areas of Manhattan passed below me. Northeast area, Midtown, and then finally the southeast area. The Voltron Force’s mansion was within my sights. Cradling Rose, I folded my wings and swooped in through the Control Room window.

I was in luck. Everyone was there. No one knew I was coming. I had three surprised for them. One of them was in plain view. All my friends looked up, gasped in surprise and greeted me.

“Hi, everyone. I’ve have a few surprises and decided to drop by before I gained anymore,” I grinned.

“Who do you have there?” asked Hunk, pointing at the flesh-colored gargoyle.

“This is my daughter Rose,” I told everyone.

“When?” Allura wanted to know.

“April 1997.”

“Can she talk?”

“Only a few words. But she can walk.”

“I bet this was one of your surprises.”

“Yes, it was. Can you guess the second one?” I casually looked down at my abdomen, already into the third pregnancy month.

“You’re pregnant!” gasped Allura.

“My third month. It’s going to be a hybrid.”

“A hybrid of what?” Keith asked. Keith's question earned him a whap on the back of his head, courtesy of Lance.

I smiled at Keith's 'punishment' as I replied, “Human and gargoyle.”

“Can I hold Rose?” asked Pidge.

I smiled as I handed the young gargoyle to him. Everyone wanted to hold Rose and soon she was being passed from one set of clawed hands to another. I glanced out the window.

“It’s almost sunrise,” I said loudly so everyone heard me.

Lance’s cheeks turned slightly pink, as he turned to me.

“Um, Jasmine, do you have another amulet? I…lost mine.”

“Sure,” I dug on out and handed it to him.

“V’at avout yours? You’ll turn teux stone vit’out it,” Sven pointed out.

“You’ll see,” I said with a secretive smile. I saw the sun’s rays peek over the horizon and concentrated on my human form. I felt self-conscious about someone seeing my turn from gargoyle to human. It’s not exactly a pretty sight. I should know, I’ve seen Brooklyn’s transformation. When it was done, I saw my friends staring at me, open-mouthed.

“You’re-you’re human again!” Romelle stated obviously.

“Well, I can choose to be human or gargoyle at sunrise, but I’ll always be a gargoyle at night.”

“Is this another surprise?” asked Lance.

“Part of a surprise, actually. You see, I can help you be human at sunrise.”


“Well, with me, my body absorbed some of the spell’s magic and turned me into a part fay being.”

“You mean one of Oberon’s children?” asked Keith.

“How do you know about Oberon?”

“It was when your friends were here for the first time.”

“Oh. Well, you’re right anyway Keith. But, none of you will be part fay.”

“Jasmine, before you do anything, we have a surprise for you,” Allura said.

“What is it?”

Allura turned to the dark Control Room doorway. “Come on out and meet Jasmine,” she beckoned to a shadowy figure.

Slowly, the figure stepped into the light. It was a male gargoyle, with purple skin, and white hair. His wings had black on the outside and a lighter shade of purple on the inside, his eyes had a yellow cat’s eye look. I studied the gargoyle’s face and clothes, which was familiar somehow. Suddenly, the recognition hit me.

“Lotor!” I exclaimed angrily. I clutched Rose (who was stone) a little bit tighter. I had to protect my daughter, my unborn child, and myself from the danger before us. I knew humans weren’t as strong as gargoyles, but I had more strength than an average human woman. I vocally growled at my enemy, feeling hot white light glow in my eyes.

“Jasmine, calm down! Lotor’s a friend now,” Allura said defensively.

My eyes returned to normal, I stepped growling, and my grip on my daughter loosened. “Is he really your friend?” I asked calmly.

“Yes, he is. We’re hoping that you two will be friends, too.”

“I’m always willing to have a new friend,” Lotor put in.

“So do I,” I added, stepping closer. I noticed he was wearing Lance’s old amulet. “Sorry about my behavior earlier. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve already made friends with three enemies.”

“Apology accepted.”

“So, um, how did you become a gargoyle?” I asked.

“Well, Father was disappointed at me for my failures of destroying Voltron, so he ordered Hagger to use her magic on me. She decided that changing me into one of Earth’s creatures was a suitable punishment.”

“But gargoyles are one of nature’s best creations,” I protested.

“She didn’t know that though. After she mixed the potion, she dumped it on me. Since it’s always dark, the spell took effect immediately.” Lotor’s face looked pained. “Oh, it hurt so much. It was like pieces of me were stretching to their limit.”

“That’s exactly how it felt when this evil gargoyle changed me,” I exclaimed.

“Anyway,” Lotor continued. “When it was complete, Hagger pushed me into a coffin and I felt the fuel lines igniting and lifting. Hours later, I crash landed near the castle. I got out of the coffin moments before it exploded. The force of it sent me toward the ground and my head hit a rock.”

“The explosion caught out attention so Keith, Lance, and I went to investigate,” Allura added.

“Yeah,” chimed in Lance. “I was really shocked when I saw Lotor as a gargoyle.”

“ ‘ello. Mayve ve can get on vit’ t’e spell,” Sven interrupted.

“Of course.” I said.

“Hold it, Jasmine,” Nanny said. “If you knew the spell already then why didn’t you come earlier?”

“I didn’t know it until this past January,” I protested.

“Then, why didn’t you come after that?”

Before I could answer, Allura spoke.

“Nanny, it doesn’t matter when she knew it, what matters now is that she’s going to cure us now.”

“All right. Sorry about that.”

“Could this spell cure me as well?” That was Lotor.

“I’m not sure. We could give it a try.” I explained the spell’s details and how it worked, specifically.

All ten of them stood together in a tight cluster. I stood in front of them and began chanting in Latin. As I reached the last line I spread my hands and moved them back and forth in front of my friends.

When it was over, they were still gargoyles. Everyone was calm, except Nanny.

“We’re still gargoyles!” she exclaimed.

“Nanny, the spell won’t happen until sunrise tomorrow,” Allura assured.

I pulled out my communicator and contacted Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn, I’ll be spending today and tomorrow at the Castle of Lions. I’ll be back tomorrow night.”

“Are you sure it’s okay?” he asked.

I sighed. “Brooklyn, I’ll be fine. See you tomorrow night.” I signed off and put it away.

“What was that about?” Hunk asked.

“Brooklyn’s being overcautious. My pregnancy really has him worried as is the rest of the clan, except Elisa. She helps me convince the clan that I’m not helpless. At least not yet.”

The rest of the day and night passed without any problems. Sunrise was coming.


prepare yourselves, the sun’s about to rise.” We all closed our eyes and concentrated. I felt the familiar tingle run through my body. Opening my eyes, I saw my human form. I turned around and saw a human Allura.

“You can open your eyes now,” I told them. They did so and I heard cries of “I’m human again!” and “It worked.” I remembered Lotor and turned toward him, expecting the worst.

Lotor still had his eyes closed, apparently concentrating very hard. What I noticed was that he had no wings or tail. He was back to his old self! The spell worked on him, too!

“Lotor, open your eyes. It worked,” I said. Lotor’s eyes popped open and looked at his hands. Delight filled his eyes.

“You did it,” he cried, grabbing my arms. “You did it, Jasmine!”

Turning to the others, the half-human exclaimed, “The spell worked on me!” Everyone crowded around him telling him that this was great and all that.

Coran turned to me. “Would you care to join us for a celebration breakfast?”

“Sure Coran,” I replied. Coran turned to everyone else.

“Let us go to the dining room for a celebration breakfast. In Jasmine’s honor for her gift.”

I blushed as we headed out of the Control Room. But Coran was right. My gift did help them regain their humanity in daylight.

"The End"

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