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The Lord and His Queen

Disclaimer:None of these characters, except Dr. Wolfe and Veronica, are mine.


I sat on the examination table in Dr. Wolfe’s office. It was my usual six-month physical, but for some reason, it was taking Dr. Wolfe longer than usual to get the results. At long last, he came out.

“Jasmine, you’re in perfect health, but I suggest taking it easy for the next few months.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“You’re pregnant.”

“I am?”

“Yes. And it looks to me like a hybrid.”

I thanked Dr. Wolfe and left his office, feeling dazed. I was pregnant again. It must have been those big sessions Brooklyn and I did back in February. He was human and I was a gargoyle. I learned that if it had been the other way around, Brooklyn might have killed me. Anyway, apparently we got carried away once too often.

I wondered up to the towers outside. I went up to Brooklyn’s statue and sat down next to him. I folded my wings and leaned my head on Brooklyn’s stone shoulder.

“Well, Brooklyn, it looks like we’re going to have a son or daughter in a few months.” Just then, a voice interrupted the moment.

“Aw, isn’t this sweet?”

I turned around and sighed. “Puck.”

“Don’t sound so thrilled to see me,” the fay said sarcastically.

“What do you want?” I crossed my arms, glad that I had chosen my gargoyle form. I couldn’t do any magic if I wasn’t human.

“Pack you bags. We’re going to Avalon!”


“My queen convinced Lord Oberon to let me visit Avalon for a week, seven hours their time. But, I need to bring another fay being with me and Alex can’t come. His parents would miss him.”

“The clan will miss me,” I protested.

“But you’re old enough to leave them for awhile. Leave a note to them, then we’ll be off.” Then he disappeared.

I sighed. Obviously Puck wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. I went to the library, wrote a short note to the clan, and put it in a long envelope. Then, I wrote a personal letter to Brooklyn about my being pregnant, sealed it with tape, and put it in the envelope with the other not. I sealed it and put it in the TV room where they could find it. Then, I went to pack.

Just as I finished re-brushing my hair, Puck appeared. He was set to go, so I set my brush down and waited for him to teleport us to Avalon.

“Jasmine, before we go, I want to tell you a few things,” Puck said.


“First, you’ll have to present yourself to Lord Oberon and Queen Titania. Every fay, full-blooded or half, must present themselves to the lord and queen."

“All right.”

“Second, I told the queen about what a lovely voice you have. She might ask you to sing. Third, I also want you to meet some of the other tricksters of Oberon. Now, off we go.”

Moments later, we were standing on a beach. The weather was warm and summery. Off in the distance was a castle. A full moon shined beyond it.

“Welcome to Avalon, princess,” Puck said. He floated in front of me, his back turned. I heard him murmur, “Tearose.”

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Tearose,” Puck repeated, his back still to me. “She’s my daughter.”

“Your daughter!” I gasped. I didn’t know Puck had a daughter. The idea of Puck being a father was somewhat funny.

“Yes. She’s about your age. Maybe a couple of years younger. Now, let us go to Oberon’s palace.”

The two of us walked (I insisted) towards the castle and up the stairs. I saw gargoyles circling the sky. They were obviously Angela’s clan. I recognized the gargoyle Gabriel, whom Angela has described many times.

Puck and I walked across the bridge, past the gates, and then we stood in the doorway of a large and vast throne room. Dozens and dozens of fays occupied most of the area along the walls. A long, red carpet began at the doorway and all the way up to the stairs that were just below two thrones. And on those thrones, were the Lord and Queen of the Third Race themselves.

I couldn’t move. I realized I had cold feet. I didn’t know how to introduce myself properly. All the drilling and practicing Father had taught me left my mind. Then, I saw that everyone was staring at us.

“I can’t do this,” I whispered to Puck, who floated beside me.

“Come on. Don’t be afraid. They’re not going to hurt you. They just want to meet you.”

I took a deep breath and started down the carpet to the thrones. Puck stayed by my side the whole time.

At last, we reached the three steps that led to the thrones. I was actually standing in front of them. Now, what do I say?

It didn’t matter because Puck spoke first. “May I present to you, the half-fay Princess Jasmine.”

I kneeled before Lord Oberon and Queen Tatiana, all the teaching I learned came flooding back to me. “My lord, my queen,” I said.

“Rise, child,” Oberon commanded. I did so. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you. Puck has told Tatiana all about you that I decided that it was time to meet you. My queen convinced me to let Puck visit as well. Perhaps eternal banishment is a bit harsh. I will tell you my decision before you leave.”

Tatiana then spoke to me. “Puck has told me that you have a beautiful singing voice. Maybe you could give us a sample. Just one song.”

“Well, okay.” Tatiana motioned for me to move to the center of the room. With a wave of her hand, the queen began the music for “Forget About Love.” A few minutes later, I began to sing. My voice filled the cavernous room. I eventually forgot about my audience and I began to sing my heart out plus add a few dance movements. When the song was done, I heard clapping. Startled, I saw the entire Third Race applauding.

“Beautiful. Could you do one more?” Tatiana asked.

I agreed and the song “A Whole New World” began playing. I sang my part. Once again, I forgot about my audience. And, of course, the clapping occurred again at the end of the song.

Oberon and Tatiana told everyone to go back to what they were doing. Then, they told me to meet the other children. Puck took me through the crowd and introduced me to Raven, Anazi, and Coyote. Plus, I met Grandmother, Anubis, Odin, the Banshee, and the Weird Sisters. I even recognized another trickster called Veronica, whom I’ve written in one of my stories (Norway clan). I didn’t even know she existed.

Puck and I, after talking to the other children, were soon engaged in a deep conversation about fay magic. I told him about my pregnancy and he congratulated me.

Just then, a voice called, “Father!” Turning, we saw a red-haired, blue-eyed young woman heading our way. She must be the Tearose Puck spoke of earlier. She did bore a resemblance to Puck. She had a trickster’s face, yet resembled what looked like a fairy though she had no wings.

“Tearose!” Puck exclaimed giving the woman a small hug. “How’s my girl?”

“I’m fine. I missed you. I was wondering what happened to you.”

Puck cleared his throat and proceeded to tell Tearose about Alex, ignoring Oberon’s summons to attend the Gathering, his “punishment” (if you want to call it that), and some of the lessons he taught Alex. Then, Tearose saw me.

“Who is that, Father?” she asked, pointing at me.

“This is Jasmine. She is also my student, along with Alex. Jasmine, this is my daughter, Tearose.”

“It is very nice to meet you,” I said.

Tearose smiled. “Nice to meet you, too.”

Tearose and I spent a couple of hours talking to each other. She told me of some of the things Puck did while he was visiting her on Avalon and of her life story (so far). I told her my life from my world tour to now. I even told her a few things Puck did that he hadn’t told her. During our conversation, Puck told us that his eternal banishment was lifted, but his powers were still restricted. We were happy that Oberon changed his mind.

A few hours later, Puck told me that it was time to go. I was amazed. Seven hours had already gone by. Tearose and I promised to see each other some time soon. Then Puck and I disappeared and returned to the outside world.

There was a flash and we were on the outside of the castle. It was nighttime. Puck transformed into Owen and went inside without saying where he was going. I shrugged, went in, and headed for the TV room.

When I entered the room, I saw the entire clan there. Everyone looked at me. Next thing I know, I was surrounded by all my clan members. Brooklyn grabbed me by the waist and swung me around.

“Jasmine, I read your note and told the clan. This is wonderful news!” my mate exclaimed.

“A hybrid. So it is possible,” Elisa commented.

“Are you going to have a test to determine the sex of the baby?” asked Angela.

“Well, I would like to be surprised,” I told her.

“So do I,” Brooklyn put in.

“How was your Avalon trip?” Goliath asked.

“It was interesting, that’s certain,” I answered. “Did any of you know that Puck has a daughter?”

“A DAUGTHER!” exclaimed everyone, except Angela who nodded.

“How is that possible?” said Hudson.

I smiled as I told of how Tearose came to be and of my Avalon trip.

"The End"

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