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New Worlds (episode 24)

Disclaimer: You all know that any characters, except Rose, are not mine. On a different note, I just want to say that adding the Thundercats to the plotline was the best idea I ever came up with. The story came out great in Meiou Setsuna's opinion.


It was a quiet night at Castle Wyvern. My clan was patrolling and I was in my room looking over the pictures I had taken when I had gone back home a couple of weeks ago. I was staying behind to guard the castle since Bronx wanted to go with the clan.

I was getting bored looking at my pictures. Rose was asleep and Zazu had gone with the clan. I knew Puck was giving Alex a lesson which I had avoided since I decided to sleep in stone that morning. I overheard Xanatos say to Fox that Alex had been stubborn all day and refused to learn his lesson. I found that funny. Wondering out of my room, I decided to go to the library and read.

As I approached the library’s double doors, a portal opened up in the ceiling above me. And it was trying to pull me in! I sunk my taloned feet and hands into the stone floor and folded my wings so the wind wouldn’t catch them. The force of the wind grew stronger. I felt my grip get looser and looser. Suddenly a big gust of wind pulled my claws out of the stone and I flew up into the portal, which promptly closed behind me…

And I crashed into some bushes. Getting up, I saw trees thick with leaves, as were the bushes. The whole place was in springtime. That was all I noticed before I turned to stone.

Bursting from my stone casing with a roar, I looked around me wildly. I was in a storage room from the looks of it. Metal crates were stacked in the room with other assorted items. But, I recalled being in a forest before I fell asleep. Who could have moved me? More importantly, how could they have moved me? I weighed about a quarter of a ton in stone according to Xanatos. Oh, well. I’ll just leave, become human at sunrise and use a spell to get back home.

Looking at my surroundings again I saw there was no window. Okay, I’ll just use the door, then sneak out a window. Walking up to the door I felt the surface and the wall on either side looking for something to open the door. Nothing. Okay, now I was pissed! Nobody was going to keep me trapped here! With a loud roar, I pounded the door with my fists, succeeding in only making dents in the door. The metal the door was made of was strong. Probably thick steel or even titanium.

I pounded harder and harder. More dents were my only results. I roared in frustration. Then, I heard a set of footsteps approaching. Then another set, two more sets, and two more. I backed away from the door, getting into a defensive stance, wings flared, talons extended, eyes glowing white, fangs bared.

The door slid open to reveal six cat-like people standing behind it. That’s what they looked like except they didn’t have tails or fur and they walked erect like humans. They had skin, all but one had their skin flesh-colored. The one that was different had a dark blue color. All six had five clawed hands and they had some type of covering on their feet. Two showed that their feet were like their hands, five digit and clawed. Furthermore, five had hair, one didn’t and they had clothes like humans. From the looks on their faces, they didn’t expect to see a gargoyle in their storage room, ready for an attack.

The first one, flesh-colored with red hair, I assumed to be the leader, had a sword in his hand, ready to use it should I attack. I laughed inwardly. I would never attack without being attacked first. That was the gargoyle way when surrounded with no way out, which was this type of situation.

The red -headed cat said, “Who are you? What have you done with the statue?”

Returning my eyes to normal and relaxing my stance, I started to laugh lightly. I laughed because he was asking what I had done with the statue when I was the statue. It was just too funny to me.

“What’s so funny?” the red-head demanded.

Stopping my mirth, I looked right at him. Crossing my arms, I said, “What’s so funny is you’re asking me what I’ve done with a statue. Do I even look familiar to you?”

There was a pause, then an answer. “No, should you?”

“I should because I am the statue.”

“Impossible,” said one of the other cats. He bore a resemblance to a tiger.

“Obviously you haven’t heard of gargoyles. We turn to stone at sunrise, but are flesh and blood at night.”

“But what is your name?”


“Well…Jasmine. I am Lion-O, lord of the Thundercats. This is Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, Wily-Kit, and Wily-Kat.”

I nodded a hello to them. Each of them had names that reflected the type of cat they were, which made the names easier to remember.

“What I would like to know,” I asked. “is how did you find me and get me here?”

“How about we go to the counsel table so we can get more comfortable?’ Lion-O suggested.

“Sure,” I said, glad to have a chance to leave this room.

“But first,” Tygra said entering the room. Bending down, he picked up a piece of my stone skin. “Mind if I keep this? Just to see what it’s made of?”

“Go ahead. But let me warn you. Don’t use that skin to alter someone’s form. I know what happens when someone does.” I shuddered remembering what happened to Derek Maza when Servarius mutated him.

“Uh…okay. It’s a deal.”

Satisfied, I asked Lion-O and the others if we could leave the storage room. They agreed and followed them down the hall. I had to admit this place was nothing like the castle back home. This place seemed to be made of mostly metal whereas Castle Wyvern was composed of stone and wood.

The seven of us entered a room and I saw a table with six chairs around it. The Thundercats sat down in the chairs while Lion-O pulled up an extra one for me. Gesturing for me to have a seat, I walked over to it. I could feel them watching how I walked. I probably did walk funny compared to how they walked, flat-footed. I’ve noticed that there’s a slight bounce in a gargoyle’s walk. Humans have a little bounce in their walk, but not too noticeable. I managed to find a position where I could sit in the chair with my wings folded and not have my tail squashed.

“Now to answer your questions. We were surveying the area of the forest near Cat’s Lair. As we were passing a patch of bushes, we heard a cracking sound,” Lion-O began.

“That must of been me turning to stone.”

“Yes,” Cheetara answered. “We decided to investigate the sound. Parting the bushes, we saw you, stone. Of course we assumed you were just a rare statue and decided to take you back to the lair.”

“But how? I was told that I weigh about a quarter of a ton in stone. That’s heavy, you know.”

“That was easy,” Panthro put in. “We used the Thundertank. Of course, we had to lift you into the tank. But, we’re pretty strong so all of us had no problem getting you in.”

This gave me a lot to consider. Obviously, the Thundercats and gargoyles had some things in common. Both were stronger than humans. There was also the claws, except gargoyles had four thick claws while Thundercats had five thin, human-like fingers. Hair was another similarity. Gargoyles either had hair or didn’t. So did the Thundercats.

An alarm sounded breaking into my thoughts. Turning my head, I saw a red light flashing on the wall behind me.

“Everyone, to the Control Room,” Lion-O commanded. The six of them left. I hesitated. Should I follow? They could use my help. I quickly followed them to their Control Room, which reminded me of the Control Room in the Castle of Lions.

Panthro flipped the screen on. The screen showed the front of the lair being attacked by two strange-looking creatures on some sort of air attack vehicles.

“Those mutants are on the attack again!” Panthro said.

“Slithe must be on the ground on the nosediver,” Tygra guessed.

I didn’t know who Slithe was or what a nosediver was, but the point was that the lair was under attack. My warrior instincts surfaced. Those “mutants”, as Panthro called them, had to be dealt with. And I think I’m just the gargoyle for the job.

Turning around, I started for the door. Lion-O called, “Wait. Where are you going?”

Facing him, I replied, “To deal with those mutants.”

“But you don’t have any weapons,” Cheetara protested.

“I’ve got all the weapons I need right here,” I flexed my claws to show them. Flashing a fanged smile, I ran out the door, and went up to the mouth of the lair. Unfurling my wings, I glided into the air. I soared up through the clouds, then down them. I ended up behind one of the mutants. This one looked like a monkey.

Gliding closer, I reached out and grabbed the monkey. I lifted him off his plane and it started to descend, exploding on the ground.

“My skycutter!” the monkey shouted.

Ignoring him, I went after the second skycutter. This pilot looked like a jackal. I repeated the same procedure and the skycutter was likewise destroyed.

Turning his head to look at me, the jackal said, “You’ll be sorry for this you…monster.”

“Well, look who’s talking,” I retorted. On the ground, I saw a reptile riding a ground vehicle that was hovering above the ground. That had to be Slithe on the nosediver. Getting above him, I dropped the mutants on top of him. My drop was perfect. Slithe was knocked off the nosediver which didn’t blow up.

“Monkian! Jackalman! Get off me!” Slithe hissed at his companions. Pushing them off, Slithe got to his feet as I landed on the ground a few feet in front of him.

“I don’t know who you are,” Slithe said. “but no one’s going to stop us from entering the Cat’s Lair.” From behind his back, Slithe withdrew what looked like a laser gun. Reacting quickly, I went down on all fours, spun around, and knocked him down with my tail. The gun flew through the air and landed in my hands. Waiting until Slithe got to his feet, I stood there, eyes glowing, my throat reverberating a growl.

When he did get to his feet, he looked at the gun in my hands. Slowly I squeezed the gun until it was a useless lump of metal. Flaring my wings, I let out a full-blown roar, sending the three mutants running into the forest.

Dropping the crushed gun, I folded my wings, stopped glowing my eyes, and turned to see my new friends coming up to me.

“Wow! I like how you handled the mutants,” Wily-Kit complimented.

“Thanks,” I replied.

While we walked back to the lair, I told them of my world tour, meeting the gargoyles, joining the clan, and everything from there to arriving here which I learned was called Third Earth.

I didn’t realize that the night was almost over until I saw the sky starting to become light with the morning’s sun. I stopped right where I was, confusing my friends.

“What are you doing?” Panthro asked.

I didn’t answer because my eyes were closed and I was concentrating on my human form. I felt the sensation of limbs absorbing into my back, claws splitting into fingers, and other things. When it was over, I opened my eyes and saw the Thundercats gaping.

Smiling I said, “I told you it wasn’t a pretty sight.”

Breaking the moment, Lion-O said, “I guess you’ll be heading back to your world now.”

I nodded. “As soon as I find the right spell,”

We walked to the Counsel Room and sat at the table. While the Thundercats discussed other affairs, I sat in my chair murmuring Latin phrases and rhyming lines to myself. This went on for a bit, then I sat bolt upright in my chair, catching the others’ attention.

“I’ve got it!” I told them. Well, that started an exchange of good-byes. Lion-O said, “You will come back.”

“Of course. I might even bring one of my clan members with me.”

I recited a Latin spell aloud and a portal like the first one opened up in front of me. Waving one last time, I allowed myself to be pulled inside…

And I ended up in Alex’s bedroom. Noting that it was daylight, I was about to leave when I saw Puck with Alex.

“There you are! Where were you?” Puck asked.

Scowling at the fay, I opened the door and went into the hall without answering. Both of them followed.

“Hellooo? Anyone home?” Puck called.

Whirling around, I said, “I don’t know what spell you taught Alex, but I ended in another world.”

“Really?” Puck grinned. “Where?”

“Third Earth.”

“Did you meet the Thundercats?” Puck obviously sounded excited.

“Yes.” A smile came to my lips when I recalled the event. “Maybe you should let Alex work on that spell. I plan to visit another time.”

“Good for you.”

“How long was I gone?” I asked, the thought occurring to me.

“You left last night. So, about a day.”

I nodded. “I guess I’ll have some explaining to do.”

Leaving Puck and Alex in the hall, I went to my room to get some sleep before sunset. As my head hit the pillow, my thoughts of the Thundercats turned into dreams.

"The End"

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