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Coming Home (episode 23)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters aside from Rose.

The sounds of cracking stone, yells, roars, and yowls surrounded me as I burst from my own sleep with a loud roar (which sounded like Goliath’s and Demona’s). I stood on my roost, oblivious to the rest of the clan as they went inside the castle. I slid down until my legs dangled over the edge. There, I sat and thought.

A whole month had passed since the clan and I battled Mozenrath. The last sentence Genie had said, replayed itself over and over in my mind. And my promise to visit. Visit. I was so deep in thought, that I didn’t hear Brooklyn come up behind me.


Brooklyn’s voice made me jump. I looked behind me and sighed with relief at seeing someone familiar.

“You startled me,” I accused.

“Sorry,” Brooklyn apologized. “You have been outside every night for a week. Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing’s wrong. It’s just…I guess I feel a little homesick.”

“Well, maybe you could go back for a few nights. I’m sure Xanatos would like to take you there.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Maybe Aladdin would like to come.”

“How about you go to Athens and ask him and I’ll see about Xanatos taking you back to your home late tonight.”

“All right,” I agreed. I glided into the sky and made my way to Athens Incorporated.

As I approached the building, a tall gargoyle flew into my path. He looked at me.

“Jasmine,” the gargoyle said. “Why are you here?”

“Hello, Lazarus,” I replied. “I’m here to see Aladdin.”

Lazarus nodded. “Follow me.” The ebony gargoyle led me to Athena’s and Dr. Ares’ office level, then, after going in, Lazarus pushed an intercom button and asked for Aladdin.

A minute later, Aladdin’s voice, came through the speaker. Lazarus told him to come up to the office level. An “okay” was the answer.

Minutes after, an elevator chime sounded and the doors opened. Out stepped a light blue gargoyle with thick black hair. Aladdin.

“Okay, I’m here. Now what- Jasmine!” Aladdin exclaimed.

“Hello, Aladdin,” I replied. “I’ve got something to tell you.”


“Would you like to visit Agrabah? I know, you can’t go in and look around, but just visit in general.”

“I’d love to visit. When do we leave?”

“Later tonight. Brooklyn’s already asking about transportation.”

“I just need to tell Athena and Dr. Ares that I’m going to be gone for awhile.”

“I will tell them Aladdin,” Lazarus spoke up. “You can go ahead and leave now.”

“Thanks, Lazarus. I just need to get a few things.”

“I’ll be waiting outside,” I told him. I leaped out the window and waited.

About ten minutes later, Aladdin appeared at the window. He glided up to me and we headed for the castle. Once we got there, I went to my room and packed my cloak, shoes, brush, and amulet in a bag. I was set. Xanatos agreed to take us to Agrabah, he and Fox were actually going with us, but staying in the helicopter.

At one-thirty in the morning, everyone was in the courtyard, near the chopper. The clan was there to say good-bye. I hugged or clasped hands with all of them. Brooklyn hugged me for the longest time. Our wings were around each other. At last we let go. I grabbed my bag and followed Aladdin into the helicopter.

Before the door closed, I turned around and looked at the clan. I waved one last time.

“Come back safely within four days!” called Goliath.

“We will,” I called back.

The door closed. I sat down with Aladdin. The helicopter took off, and we were on our way. Xanatos popped a cassette into the player and the first chords of “Arabian Nights” came through the speakers.

When the opening for “One Jump Ahead” came on, Xanatos, Fox, and I urged Aladdin to sing. He did so. The tape played and came to “A Whole New World” which we both sang.

At an hour before dawn, the city lights were before us. The whole place was ablaze with lights. The copter landed a few feet from the city walls.

“Well,” Xanatos said. “We’re here.”

We stepped outside and stretched our arms, legs, and (in two cases) wings, and tails. Once we finished stretching, we began to set up camp. We brought out two big tents, set them up, then placed blankets, sheets, and pillows inside them. Once that was done, it was almost dawn.

I grabbed my bag, and told the others that I was going to surprise the palace. I clawed up the city walls and glided to my bedroom balcony. As I landed, I looked to the east and the signs of sunrise coming. I concentrated and changed into a human. Then, I slipped my cloak and shoes on.

I silently walked into my bedroom, looking for my pet tiger, Rajah. I spotted him near my bed on the side where it was oblivious to the balcony. I grinned to myself. This was going to be good.

I walked closer to my bed and called, “Hi, Rajah.” Rajah’s head jerked up. When he saw me, his eyes lit up, he popped to his feet and knocked me down, licking my face. I laughed while playfully telling him to get off and pushing his mouth from my face.

The sounds of our reunion brought the guards running in. I heard Razoul say, “What is going on here?” Rajah looked at Razoul and leaped away from me. I got up and turned towards the door. I saw not only Razoul, but Vasal, too.

“Princess,” gasped Vasal. “You’re back!”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m only visiting. I didn’t come back for good,” I said.

“What do you mean?” asked Razoul.

Before I could answer, I heard Genie say, “Hey, what’s going on?” When he got into the room and saw me, his jaw dropped.

“Jasmine. What are you doing here?”

“I’m visiting.”

“I’m glad you’re here. I can finally introduce you two.”


“Sorry,” Genie apologized. He turned into the hallway. “She’s here!”

A minute later, I heard flapping. One minute more, then someone perched itself on Genie’s shoulder. And rather regally, I might add.

I took a real good look at the being on Genie’s shoulder. It was a bird. A male hornbill, in fact. Blue feathers of two shades covered him as well as white feathers from under his neck and down to his feet. He looked familiar, but at the moment I couldn’t place his features with a name. That was when the bird spoke.

“Did I hear you say Princess Jasmine’s here?”

Then the realization came to me. It was Zazu from Disney’s The Lion King! I looked at Zazu and noticed that he was looking right back at me. Then, he flew over to me and perched on my shoulder.

“Jasmine, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to come back to the palace just so we could possibly be best friends,” Zazu addressed me.

“You want to be my best friend?” I replied, shocked.

“Of course.”

“I’d love for you to be my best friend.”

“Good. Wherever you go, I will go.”

“Even when I leave to go back to my new home?”

“Even that.”

I looked at Genie. “Genie, can I talk to you, alone?” I asked.

“Sure. Let’s talk in the hall.” Genie and I walked out of my room.

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

“Genie, Xanatos and Fox brought me here. They also brought Aladdin. And we’re leaving in three days after today,” I explained.

“Al’s here!” exclaimed my blue friend.

“You can see him tonight. Right now, I want to go shop in the marketplace.”

“You got it.”

I spent the rest of the day in the marketplace with Razoul, Vasal Genie, Iago, Abu, Carpet, and Zazu.

I became more and more apprehensive as sunset drew closer and closer. Genie asked if I should be leaving. I told him yes. He told me, I better ditch the guards. I nodded. I turned to my two escorts.

“I have business to attend outside of the city gates. I’ll be back tomorrow morning.” I turned to leave.

“You’re not leaving our sights anymore,” Razoul called.

I whirled around, my face felt a shade paler. “W-What?"

“You’re not leaving the city without us.”

I looked at Genie. Genie gave me a look that said that there was no way out of this. I looked back at the guards.

“Can you two keep a secret?"

“What kind of secret?”

“Follow me and you’ll see.” I led them out the gates and towards the camp site. At a camp fire was Xanatos, Fox, and Aladdin. Xanatos walked up to me, looking relieved.

“I’m glad you got here before sunset,” he said.

“Sorry, but I have two guards who refused to let me go,” I said, motioning at the two dumbbells behind me.

“At least you’re here,” Aladdin stated.

“Al!” Genie shouted.

“Genie!” Aladdin shouted back. The two friends ran into each other’s embrace and stayed that way for a few minutes.

Zazu looked at me. “What’s all the fuss about sunset?”

“Yes. What is the fuss about?” echoed the guards.

“I guess you’ll find out soon,” I sighed.

I took off my cloak and shoes. Razoul and Vasal stared at my pants. I didn’t blame them. There were rips at the knees where my spikes were to be at.

As the sun disappeared, I gasped and fell to my knees. My skin changed color, my hands turned into claws, my tail appeared, and my wings sprouted from my back. When the change was complete, I stood back up. Razoul and Vasal gaped at me. Razoul recovered, however. He frowned and crossed his arms.

“So, this is why you didn’t come back. You turned yourself into a monster. Just like your boyfriend,” he said in a cross manner.

I stepped back and held one cheek like he slapped me. Then, I got angry. My eyes glowed, as I stalked over to him and grabbed him by the top. I lifted him up.

“Now listen,” I growled. “I didn’t turn myself into a gargoyle. Someone who didn’t like me, permanently turned me into one. Then, someone else gave me the choice to become human at sunrise. That was the only way I could come here. Understand?”

Razoul nodded and I dropped him. I turned away from him, feeling guilty that I had to talk to him like that. I looked at my friends. Abu was on Aladdin’s shoulder, Iago was on Genie’s shoulder. Carpet just flew around everyone. I caught Aladdin’s eye and he wandered over to me.

“Hey, Jasmine, is something wrong?”

“Not really.”

“How about we catch some air?”

“Sounds great.”

Aladdin and I climbed the wall and glided into the sky. Once we were in the air, I started to feel better than I was a few minutes ago. Once we landed, Razoul walked up to me.

“Jasmine, I’m sorry for calling you, and Aladdin, monsters. I didn’t think that gargoyles were more than rainspouts.”

“It’s all right. Your shock was understandable.”

The next three day after were the same. I would spend the day human, talking to citizens, taking pictures for my friends and myself. At sunset, I would leave with the guards and friends, and change to a gargoyle. Razoul and Vasal even saw Aladdin wake up from his stone sleep.

On the third night, it was time to leave. I bid the guards, Genie, Carpet, Iago, and Abu good-bye. Zazu flew into the copter as I stepped in and closed the door. Then, we finally headed back to Manhattan.

When the helicopter landed and I opened the door, there was a welcoming committee waiting for us. Not only was the clan there, but also Matt, Gemini, Demona, Cassy, Owen, and Alex.

Aladdin and I jumped out of the helicopter and ran to our mates, who were standing under a painted banner with the words “WELCOME HOME!” in black, blue-lavender, and light blue. The rest of the guests crowded around us, except for Demona.

I broke from the crowd and went over to her. Demona flashed me a mother’s smile, and we hugged each other. After we promised to see each other some other time, Demona left the castle.

I went back to the group, and we laughed and chatted. The trio told what had happened at the castle, Cassy and Gemini told what happened at Athens, and Matt told about his police work.

Finally, Aladdin, Cassy, and Gemini left to return home. I told the remaining committee members what happened, leaving out Zazu purposefully.

“While I was visiting, I made a new friend,” I began.

“A new friend? Who is it?” asked Broadway.

I turned to the copter. “Come on out and meet my clan.”

Slowly, Zazu poked his head out and flew over to me. I heard Elisa, and Matt gasp as they recognized my new friend.

“Jasmine, isn’t that-“ started Elisa.

I nodded. “Yes, it’s Zazu from The Lion King.”

“He came here?” Matt said, astonished.

“He said that he would come back to Manhattan with me.”

The entire clan welcomed Zazu to our home and our city. Zazu accepted their welcomes, and we headed inside the castle, so I could give a more detailed visit story, and Zazu could tell his story of coming to Agrabah. I sighed. I was finally back with my clan.

"The End"

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