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Families (episode20)

Disclaimer: Gargoyles and Aladdin characters are not mine. The characters of Athena, Dr. Ares, Cassy, Eric, and Gemini belong to Ryan "Proteus" Stout and Scott "Macbeth" Mercure. Thanks to you both for letting me use your characters in this story and in the future stories "Father and Son" and "Children". Now on with the story that takes place after "Worlds Collide".


A warm evening breeze flowed over Manhattan. The warm breeze could be felt best on Manhattan's tallest building. I was on the battlement tower with Goliath and Hudson. Rose was in Goliath’s arms. Rose wasn’t in Goliath’s arms for more than 5 minutes, then she started crying.

“I don’t think the lass likes you, lad,” Hudson observed.

“Maybe you should hold her,” Goliath replied, handing Rose to him. Hudson took Rose, then he started tickling her under the chin with one of his talons.

Hudson looked at Goliath, a tiny smirk on his face. I gave a little smile at this scene.

Below, in the courtyard, the music for “A Whole New World” was playing. A few seconds, I heard Brooklyn singing along. I let out a gasp. Brooklyn could actually sing! I stood right where I was and started in on my part. When it was over, I smiled, then turned back to Goliath and Hudson, who were gaping at me.

“That was beautiful, lass,” Hudson commented. Goliath nodded his agreement. As I blushed, I saw a gargoyle figure gliding toward the castle. I just knew it was Demona. I leaped off the tower and glided toward the figure.

I met Demona in the middle of our paths. “Demona, it’s nice to see you,” I greeted.

“It’s nice to see you, too. I was planning to see you and your daughter,” Demona explained.

“Of course. Come on,” I led the redheaded gargoyle to the battlement. As I landed, I closely watched my friends’ reactions. Goliath let out a low growl. Hudson covered Rose with his wings.

“Demona. What are you doing here?” Goliath growled.

“Can’t a grandmother see her granddaughter?” came Demona’s answer.

Hudson handed Rose to me and carried her to Demona. “Her name’s Rose,” I whispered lovingly.

“She’s beautiful,” Demona murmured. Just then, Brooklyn came up. “Jasmine, I’m glad I surprised you with that song. Demona!” Brooklyn exclaimed, when he saw who was behind me.

I stood in front of Demona, “ Brooklyn, wait. Demona just wanted to see Rose.”

“WHAT!?” Brooklyn roared.

“It’s true, but I think I better leave,” the blue gargoyle stated, “I’ll see you later…my daughter.” Then she turned and left.

“Did you and Demona forgive each other?” Brooklyn gaped in amazement.

“Yes. Immediately after Rose was born,” I answered.

Suddenly, a new, urgent voice spoke up, “Jas, Jas!” Turning around, I saw…Genie! Genie was here!

“Genie! What’s wrong?” I asked, worried.

“Al disappeared from Agrabah in January. We haven’t seen him since. We reasoned that he came here. Abu, Iago, and Carpet are looking for him,” Genie explained.

“Then, I’m going to help look for him,” I insisted.

“Well, okay. Say, who’s this?” Genie said, looking at the bundle in my arms.

“This is Rose, Genie,” I said, showing my daughter to him.

“You mean you…When?” Genie sputtered.

“April. Yes, I had her,” I answered. I passed the child to Brooklyn, “Well, I’m going to look for Aladdin.”

“Take Angela with you,” Goliath advised. I glided to the courtyard, told Angela the situation, then we took off toward the city.

We stopped at Athens Incorporated to ask if anyone saw Aladdin. Angela and I met Straussmore (a.k.a. Dr. Ares) and Athena on the top floor along with Cassy and Eric.

“Hi. We came by to ask a favor,” Angela began.

“What is it?” Athena asked.

“We’re looking for a young man. Brown eyes, black hair. His name’s Aladdin. He’s been missing since January. He’s somewhere in Manhattan,” I informed the four of them.

“Is he a gargoyle?” Dr. Ares asked.

“No, he’s human,” I corrected.

“I think that’s changed,” Cassy said, motioning to someone in the shadows. The figure stepped into the light. I gasped and took a step backward. I gripped Angela’s hand. Before us was Aladdin with his head hanging, his skin was light blue, and his eyes were black. The inside of his…wings were black, but the rest were a light blue, his…tail was long, about seven feet long, and thick. But, he was a gargoyle! How could this be?

“Aladdin, who did this?” I gasped.

“It was Mozenrath. He threw a potion on me in November. The effects kicked in, in January. I headed here, knowing I would be accepted,” Aladdin explained.

“We found him crouched in the alley near the company in February,” Cassy added, “He wasn’t sure how to approach you, which is why he didn’t come to see you.”

I went up to Aladdin and we embraced. How was I going to tell the others? Well, with it being Mozenrath’s doing, they would understand. I hope. We broke our embrace and stared into each other’s eyes, now the same color.

“Aladdin, I had the baby in April. Her name is Rose,” I whispered.

“What? Already?” Aladdin gasped, astonished.

“Yes. Already,” I giggled at his amazement.

“Can I see her now?"

“Of course.”

Before the three of us could leave, Cassy pulled me aside. “Jasmine, have you noticed the resemblance between Aladdin and me?” she whispered.

“Yes, I have. Are you saying that he might be your son?” I whispered back.

“That’s what I’m saying. What about you and Angela? You almost look like sisters.”

“Actually, Cassy, we are sisters.”

I returned to the window, where the other two had already leaped outside. I joined them and glided next to Aladdin.

“Aladdin, are you…happy at Athens?”

“Well…I guess so. Actually, you wouldn’t mind if I stayed there, would you? I mean, what with the companies being rivals?”

“As long as they don’t fire at each other, we can visit one another.”

“Great. Because I have to confess that I’ve gotten attached to Gemini.”

“That’s okay. I’m attached to Brooklyn.”

As we landed on the top tower, I saw Goliath and Hudson’s shocked expressions at seeing Aladdin like this. I explained how it happened and they got over their shock, but only a little. Brooklyn didn’t seemed shocked at all. Just surprised. I wonder why.

I led Aladdin to Brooklyn, who was still holding Rose and showed her to him. Aladdin was simply enchanted by her.

Suddenly, I realized that it was going to be sunrise soon, so I pulled an amulet out of my pouch and put it around Aladdin’s neck.

“What’s this?” he asked, holding the gem in his talons.

“It will prevent you from turning to stone. Without it, you won’t make it back before sunrise,” I explained.

“I think I’ll stay here today. I’ll go back tomorrow night.”

“All right. I’ll hold it until then. But after that, it’ll be your responsibility to watch it.”

Aladdin nodded. Just then, Genie and the others showed up.

“I know it’s getting late, but… Al?” Genie gasped.

“Mozenrath did this Genie,” I interrupted.

“I’m going to hurt that guy,” Genie vowed.

“Genie, I can handle it. Trust me,” Aladdin said.

“Well, okay Al. If you say so,” Genie relented.

Sunrise came and with it, a long day’s sleep.

"The End"

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